flame sign

Signs as metal bands
  • Aries:Megadeth
  • Taurus:Pantera
  • Gemini:Mastodon
  • Cancer:Iron Maiden
  • Leo:Slipknot
  • Virgo:System of a Down
  • Libra:Metallica
  • Scorpio:Slayer
  • Sagittarius:Lamb of God
  • Capricorn:In Flames
  • Aquarius:Judas Priest
  • Pisces:Black Sabbath
To those who belong to Fire,

(As a fellow flame, I also speak for myself.)

They say we are destruction, impulsive. That we are danger and deadly embers.

We’re potent, and if you’re not careful, you can choke on the smoke surrounding us. This means you do not fully know us.

We are warmth. We are campfires and crackling wood.

We bring people together, draw them near. We’re a dazzling sight, we’re the life of the party.

We are torches, lighters, and flares; a guide in the darkness.

We are destruction, but we are also creation.

We’re passion and desire, with the intensity of a forest fire and the distant charm of the blazing sun itself. 

We are the lava pits of the very earth we live on, and the morning shine that opens everyone’s eyes.

~Love, Nina Mari~


i’ve a drowning grip on your adoring face ; i love you, my responsibility has found a place

im probably gonna be 80 years old, in my rocker, and these two will still make me emotional lmao

Zodiac Signs as Adventure Time characters

Aries: Flame Princess

Taurus: Jake

Gemini: Ice King / Peppermint Butler

Cancer: Gunter

Leo: Lumpy Space Princess

Virgo: Fionna

Libra: Cake

Scorpio: Marceline

Sagittarius: Finn

Capricorn: Lemongrab

Aquarius: Princess Bubblegum

Pisces: BMO