flame pokemon

TSinktober Day 5 - Halloween Treat Pokemon!

Hermint, the frosty fresh crab pokemon - type: ice - abilities: shields down, snow warning

Where i live, halloween isn’t hugely celebrated - kids go trick or treating but it’s nothing like it is in America (and the rest of my family really isn’t big on it either) so I don’t have much halloween treat experience but I saw some really cute witch themed mint choc icecream cones and really wanted to use them as my theme for today!

Some edgelord who only has a cursory knowledge of Pokemon lore: What if Pokemon were REAL then they’d only have animal-level intelligence and ATTACK people! Haha, not so fun now, is it?

Actual lore of Pokemon: Phantump is the soul of a dead child possessing a tree, Lampert hangs around hospitals to suck out the life force of sick and dying people, Gorebyss sucks all the body fluids out of its prey and is literally described as cruel in the Dex, Sliggoo can accidentally melt its friends with acid…yeah Pokemon was already pretty dark.

488- Flame Charge

Fire Type: Enchantment. Enchant a piece of jewelry (or what have you) with fiery energy to keep away those who you don’t want to be near.

What You’ll Need~

  • Something wearable, such as jewelry, a watch, or a headband
  • A match


  1. In your hand hold your unlit match. Concentrate your burning energy into it, in your mind igniting it. Focus on ferocity and intimidation.
  2. Envision the match lighting, producing a bright flame powered by your intent.
  3. Bring the match to the item you want to enchant, and spread the envisioned flame to it, letting it be consumed by the fire.
  4. Your item now holds this energy, and will to continue to burn with it until you decide to put it out, in which case you cup it with both hands, and squeeze, extinguishing the flames.


  • You can use this match again, if you want, for other rituals. It is now charged with your energy, and could be used for another purpose.