flame nail art

Started some fanart for @missyplatina ’s beautiful nalu fanfiction Virtual Flames cause I just love that scene from the latest chapter and had planned to draw fanart of that fanfiction for some time :D
So I drew Natsu beeing proud of having beautiful nails that Lucy put polish on and showing it off to Gray xD

I would love to color it asap but my scanner is broken and won’t be repaired for a couple days so I’ll have to delay this :/

Fiery Flame Nail Art Tutorial based on these nails I did a while back.

1. Paint your base coat of yellow
2. Using a makeup sponge, paint generous stripes of dark yellow, orange, and red.
3. Lightly press the sponge on your nail. I did this a few times before getting the vibrancy I wanted.
4. Use a dotter and black polish to make about three dots in the middle of your nail at varying heights.
5. Extend the lines upwards from the dots, eventually meeting in points. This creates the tips of your flames.
6. Fill in the rest of the top half of the nail with black polish.

Finish off with a clear coat and enjoy!