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240317 SWC V Dallas

Key told us the story about his costume in Vancouver “MY GUCCI BURNED”
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Key was saying he took off his clothes & his stylist left it on a lightning device & it went up in flames 
Key: My Gucci burned.. I wondered what the burning smell was. It was my Gucci.
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(next ment)
Taemin was sayin he hasn’t had time to relax & Key interjects “& my Gucci burned in Canada” 
Taemin: We’re not talking abt that 🤣
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Key sees his next costume: “Oh my god, I hate this set.” The coat is too stiff.
Minho: “I like my coat, it’s soft.”
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The SHINee fanboy just screamed and Jonghyun and Key immediately noticed him and got excited. “It’s you right?”
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Taemin: It’s like war over there. 😂(Talking about backstage, changing costume)
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Onew: Our next song is Selene 6.23. (in the cutest possible way with his arm at the back of his head)
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Key: I was worried about the weather bec it was raining again.
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Jonghyun: I hope this becomes memorable for you bec it’s our first concert in the states.
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Minho: english very good me too (Minho’s so cute trying to keep up with Kibum lmfao)
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Jjong and Onew are saying how their American tour is going really well 😢 they’re so happy
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Key jokingly said our Korean must be better than his and Minho said “and English better than mine”
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Key didn’t turn his mic off when back stage so people heard him complaining about his outfit lmaooo
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Jonghyun: it was all because of your big cheers that we could finish the concert well. This is our second time in Dallas. I hope that if you cheer more, we can produce more great music.
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Taemin: I’m very happy that we could perform on this huge stage and visit Dallas for a second time. From this I hope we can come back again.
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💀 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Starters 💀
  • “Every time I yank a jawbone from a skull and ram it into an eye socket, I know I’m building a better future.”
  • “Where’s the fun without complications?”
  • “The moon is a mysterious mistress, who walks the night with demons of dread.”
  • “A cross? Pfft… Stick it up their asses!”
  • “You’re a big bad vampire. Hey, great, congrats. Now keep it to yourself.”
  • “Scoop out their eyes and replace them with cherry bombs?”
  • “Death’s shadow will fall on you if you look deeper into its eyes.”
  • “Spaghetti and corpses, boss.”
  • “I’m only as long as my libido.”
  • “Weapons never solved any problems. I’ll take twelve.”
  • “No, no more questions! Everytime I talk to you I just wanna smack you! It’s like talking to a brick wall you wanna take down with a sledge hammer!”
  • “You look familiar. Were you ever on a milk carton?”
  • “I’m the finger down your spine when all the lights are out. I’m the name on all the men’s room walls. When I pout, the whole world tries to make me smile. And everyone always wants to know, who… is… that?”
  • “Police don’t have any suspects at this time, but they’re pretty sure that it was you.”
  • “What all suede kittens do… on hands and knees, you lap up the milk of me… and we purr, kitten, like dragonflies buzzing around frog bellies.”
  • “Call me old fashioned, but I don’t believe in talking about that stuff in front of a woman.” “Call me old fashioned, but I believe a knee to the balls tends to make a guy talk.”
  • “I’m a mighty thesaurus! Rawr!”
  • “Real terror is not the sight of death, it is the fear of death. What is the fear of death? Terror of the unknown. Is it these eyes you peer into? No, I am not the unknown. You an I are closer kin than you and it were.”
  • “What a scene, man! Hoo-wee! Then they just plop ya out here like a naked baby in the woods!”
  • “I will invade this orifice.”
  • “Each minor problem like a grain of sand, each night I inherit the desert.”
  • “True power lies not in wealth but in the things it affords you.”
  • “I suddenly have the desire to walk down that dark and foreboding alley over there! …Care to join me?”
  • “Come here, I wanna whisper something in your ear - FUCK OFF!”
  • “Oh man, we’re poppin’ a cherry here! Ha ha ha! Ah, you’re gonna love this! Alright, check it out. Blood: it’s your new rack o’ lamb, your new champagne - blood’s your new fuckin’ heroin, kid.”
  • “Keep your friends close and your enemies in a barbecue pit.”
  • “Those of you sitting in the first few rows will get wet.”
  • “Put your ear to it - I’ll shake it and you tell me what you think’s inside.”
  • “Close your mouth, chew on the resentment, and open your ears.”
  • “Are you undressing me with your eyes? Got a picture in your head? Good, that’s as close as you’re ever gonna come to seeing me naked.”
  • “Goddamn, why the hell does everyone tell me all this useless shit.”
  • “You’ve just made a powerful enemy, sign!”
  • “You made me feel that the world was not nearly as dark and desperate.”
  • “Normally I would ask you things like do you blow bubbles, and what’s your favorite color, but I’ve learned since then that it’s rude, so hi, how are you?“
  • “Do you rage against the machine?”
  • “Give you a massive chest wound? My pleasure!”
  • “Try the free arsenic…”
  • “Wow… bet you’re glad that thing didn’t have tentacles, huh?”
  • “And no killing.” “What, none?” “None.”
  • “All are blind whose eyes are closed.”
  • “And you worked all that out by sniffing around?” “Actually, there were two hunters on the roof of the building opposite the hotel who were positively delighted to tell me everything they knew– provided I stop dangling them headfirst over the side.”
  • “Ah yes, holy vampire hunters. ‘STAKIN’ FER JESUS!’”
  • “I’m hungry, let’s order a pizza.” “Order a pizza, ORDER A PIZZA? Where they gonna deliver it, numbnuts? Thirteen abandoned warehouse full of kill on sight hot heads way?”
  • “Even if my pants were on fire, I would NOT take them off in front of you.”
  • “You’re just telling me what I want to hear. Don’t stop.”
  • “It’s not that I don’t love walking into the heart of danger to curry favor with the local magistrate of the hour, but… actually, that’s exactly it.”
  • I can tell you and I are going to get along just like fire hoses. When we get turned on, there’s bound to be flames!
  • “’TNT’ and ‘key’ have the same amount of letters.”
  • “I’m bleedin’ all over the carpet, and I can’t even understand what the hell you’re saying.”
  • “Hey, these pages are all stuck together!” “Oh, um, I don’t know how that happened…”

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hi im a new shawol!! what are some shinee inside jokes? i only know onew sangtae helP i dont get milk and etc

hi bebs WELCOME TO SHINEE WORLD, i’m your mom now. this got v long with loTS of links so i put it under a read more!
disclaimer: by no means a comprehensive list, i am but one human and i do not own any of the videos, credit is where credit is due!

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‘Cause you’re a sky, 'cause you’re a sky full of stars
I’m gonna give you my heart


I almost can’t believe it, one week ago it was 700… Guys you are crazy and I love you ALL! And I’m still waiting to be talktive, kay? :D I like to run my mouth so message me with anything. 

Finally I managed my first next-gen drawing with a baby Akiko ( From Japanese 晶 (aki) “sparkle”, 明 (aki) “bright” or 秋 (aki) “autumn” combined with 子 (ko) “child”.) She looks like her mom but really acts like her daddy. 
And there will be one boy as well :3 
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I'll Kill You Myself (Dominic Toretto x Reader)

Title: I’ll Kill You Myself 

Warnings: swearing, stitching up wounds ? 

 Synopsis: Dom comes home, late and injured. You’re sick of this shit, but try not to wake up the kids.

A/N: My first imagine on Tumblr! How did you like it? Let me know! I hope you’re having a great day! -Jena

P.S- You can find part two here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by warcraftedits

You gnawed at your lip, eyes nervously watching a late-night rerun of the Big Bang Theory. Your eyelids drooped from a desire to rest, but you just took a sip from your fourth cup of coffee, pressing forward into the night. Your eyes flickered to the clock, it read 2:48 a.m. You sighed, bouncing your knee. Dom and the team had a late-night race they were going to- a race against a dangerous criminal, to be exact. You volunteered to stay behind and watch Brian and Mia’s children, along with Dom’s son Brian. 

 Your nervousness wasn’t replaced with rage until you heard the familiar purr of Dom’s Charger. You clicked the TV off, gripping the handle of your mug so tightly that your knuckles turned a shade of white. You made your way towards the entryway, standing about seven feet from the door. A hand was poised on your cocked hip, your tired eyes glaring at the door and it was as if the door was going to burst into flames. The keys jingled and the door was opened by Brian, who had a smile on his face but it quickly disappeared when he saw the anger in your eyes. “Hey, Y/N.” he nervously said, stepping aside and letting Mia and Dominic enter. 

 "Your kids are asleep upstairs, I didn’t feed them much sugar. They were well-behaved. I loved watching them, and I hope you enjoyed your night out.“ You said, your eyes locked onto Dom. Your voice held unintentional hostility but the slightest hint of genuineness was detectable. Your head turned to Mia and Brian, smiling a small smile. "Seriously. I hope you guys had fun, sorry for the rudeness.” You turned back to Dom. “Could you guys excuse us for a minute?” Your hostility and anger was back. Mia and Brian departed up the stairs, claiming to be tired and go to bed. It was a good thing they did, because the second the door closed, your eyes pierced Dominic Toretto with frustration. "What the hell were you thinking?“ you quietly exclaimed, trying not to wake up the sleeping kids or prevent Mia and Brian from sleeping. 

 "It was just a night out racing, just like old times. Nothing serious.” Dominic said calmly, his low voice soothing you yet making you all the more upset. 

 "I’m not an idiot, Dominic.“ You spat, pulling out the full name card. "You haven’t moved from that position since you walked in, you haven’t shifted your weight. You’re covering a certain spot on your torso. Plus, Mia texted me and said you got sliced." 

 "Babe, it’s nothing a little rubbing alcohol and a good night’s sleep can’t fix.” Dom chuckled, stepping towards you with a wince. 

 "Sit on the couch. Take your shirt off.“ You ordered, walking away before going to find the rubbing alcohol, gauze, and a few cotton balls. You returned to the living room, a look of annoyance on your face. You refused to let yourself make eye contact with Dom, you knew you’d melt. 

“I’m sorry.” Dom muttered, and you felt the urge to look at him, but you resisted.

“Why are you apologizing, Dominic? What happened wasn’t your fault. You didn’t know this guy was gonna try and kill you.” you said softly, applying the rubbing alcohol-drenched cotton ball to the open wound on Dom’s stomach. 

You two just sat there in silence for a bit, just the sound of rubbing alcohol swishing back and forth in the bottle whenever you dumped more onto a cotton ball. You bit your lip in concentration, and also deep in thought.

What if I had lost Dom? What if this guy.. what if he got the jugular? What if he lost a lot of blood? What if Dom had died?  

The last sentence brought a wave of hot, salty tears to your eyes, and you fought with everything you had not to cry. You bit your lip harder, you were not going to cry. Not right now. 

But, Dominic Toretto isn’t stupid, either. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked you, and you shook your head, attempting to rid the tears from your eyes. You kept your eyes trained on the wound you were currently bandaging. 

“Nothing.” the word fell from your lips and almost crushed Dom’s heart.

“Y/N, you can tell me anything. You know that, right? What’s wrong?” he asked.

The dam holding your tears back was broken at his words. A soft sob escaped your lips, and you brought the back of your hand up to your mouth, attempting to silence yourself. Hot, salty tears rolled down your now red cheeks. You sobbed into the back of your hand, your body shook from the intensity of your tears.

Dom sank next to you on the ground, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest. Your body fell into his, and you couldn’t help but cry harder. “Hey,” he whispered, “I’m here. Y/N, I’m here.”

The words were reassuring, but you still cried. And you cried for about fifteen minutes more, quite unsure if the tears would stop until they did. Dom grabbed a Kleenex box off of the coffee table, placing it in front of you. You grabbed the tissues and wiped your face. 

“Now, can you tell me what’s wrong?” Dom asked, and you pulled out of his grasp to look into his eyes. You sat with your legs criss-crossed, and sighed. A shaky hand was raked through your y/h/c hair. 

“I just… I just started thinking. What if this wound was a lot deeper. What if he went for your jugular. What if he took you from me, Dom? Do you understand why I always wait up, even when the kids are put to bed hours before? Do you understand why I get so mad?” you started. His eyes softened as they met yours.

“It’s because you care.” 

“I love you so much, Dominic Toretto. And, if you die, I will go out of my damn mind. I can’t lose you, not yet. I’m not ready for that, neither are Brian and Mia. Little Brian needs his dad.” A small smile crossed Dom’s lips when you mention the tiny Toretto.

“I love you, too, Y/N Y/L/N.” Dom said, leaning in to capture your lips in a kiss. 

When you pulled away, you gave him a hug. “And, hey, next time, take me along please. We’ll have Rome or someone watch the kids.” 

Dom gave you a funny look. “You want somebody to watch my son, our nieces and nephews… and you chose Roman Pierce?” 

You laughed. “Okay, maybe not Rome. But maybe Hobbs or Deckard?” 

“Maybe. But, I promise. You’ll come with us.” 



[ENG] 170804 KBS Music Bank World Tour in Singapore (Recording) - Fancams (MC Key)
Watch: #1 / #2 / #3 | Credit: FreaKEY-OnAir, SAMANTHA_fOK, squishyjinki