Your imaan is like a candle
in the dark. When you feed
it with all the good, the flame
gets higher and brighter. You
will see light around you and
will find your way

When you neglect your imaan,
your surroundings gets darker
and darker. Until you find
yourself lost in a dark place
with fear surrounding you

Create your own
light by taking
care of your
—  blcq

Orions Showcase 

Ive imaged this part of the sky on numerous occasions and will probably keep imaging it until I die because it just looks fucking wicked. 

30x2min, ISO800, Canon 700D mod, Canon 200mm at F4 

One day you will find someone,
Who does not want you to be their spotlight.
Darling I know you are tired of those who only want,
To project your light onto them.
One day you will find someone who simply admires your flame.
They won’t try to blow out your fire, or use you to guide their path.
They will simply love the way you glow,
The way you can light up an empty room.
They will bask in your light, and it will be beautiful.
—  Belle Jar