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Leonor Fini with sculpture. Photograph by Dora Maar, 1936.

Fini, the glamorous Argentinian-born painter, moved to the city of light in 1932 and quickly began running in the same circle as Salvador Dali, Max Ernst (one of her many lovers), Picasso and Henri Cartier-Bresson, commanding the attention of any social scene she entered with her imposing beauty, vivacious character and flamboyant style.

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Arme, you like cheerful Mochi? And what do you think about his fight style?

Too flamboyant… I feel like he cares about how he looks more than actually getting something done.

Arme… that was a little harsh…

I don’t want to hear that from you.

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If you really want to improve your Ardyn, my advice to you is to stop worrying about Cannon. No one is cannon on tumblr. XP Now if you want to improve your writing, maybe increase your vocabulary a little bit to match Ardyn's flamboyant style. Otherwise, 10/10


(( When I saw ‘anon’ I pretty much shat myself because I thought ‘fuck, here we go’. But no, I pretty much agree with 100%. I’ll be honest - I’m not nearly educated enough to keep up with the flamboyance of Ardyn’s dialogue! Dropped outta college English, ayyyy.

But in terms of canon, I wouldn’t say I’m too worried I think I just get a little nervous that it’s what people expect. I play this character primarily for my piece of mind but with as many followers as I have and as many people who get in contact like ‘i wanna rp!!!’ I’m like, shit, I need him to be as close to the game as possible.

Otherwise though; thanks for your advice anonymous! I totally agree with you  (bar the 10/10) and I will try try try, my very best to improve his dialogue! I’m so used to playing stupid scumbags and not educated weirdos, haha. 

Thanks! ))

LGBT people deserve Johnlock to happen

Two or three days ago I was in a train and I noticed two young men to my left, speaking in a language I didn’t recognize. One of them was pretty flamboyant in his style and manners. As I wondered whether he was an immigrant and whether he was gay I decided, that if he was, I was happy for him to come to a country were LGBT people are more accepted and where he can be himself.

I smiled to myself and slowly turned my head back to stare out of the window again. But after half the journey, I noticed that one of  the two middle-aged men sitting opposite of me also had looked at the young man to my left and had also smiled. And then he patted the inside of the thigh of his companion sitting next to him.

I let my bias and stereotypes blind me. But this shows me that LGBT people are everywhere. And in that moment where I saw that I thought of TJLC. Because what an amazing moment it will be to so many people all over the world to see something this huge. This kind of appreciation. We are not invisible; we are not to be hidden. We are to be celebrated.

leo can always be playing a character. it can involve a flamboyant style of dress, cherry lipstick, or something less aesthetic like the projection of a
seemingly proud and confident personality that is self ruling and stands in its own power. but at some stage the sun must set and the leo must return home and wash off her makeup or mask, undress or peel off her eyelashes,
the voice can grow weak and the roar can slowly echo away, after all they are not only just the blinding marvel that we see, but people who diffuse such a light that by evening they are burned out, they are less than confident and sometimes a broken child, standing before a mirror that always
seems to distort the truth. the closer the leo becomes to god, the closer they become to the true selves, and this is a flickering candle that never burns out

Day 4: Cross-Over Day

The first time Alec Lightwood saw Magnus Bane was in his first-year potions class. It wasn’t a case of Magnus drawing his eye the moment he walked in. At that time, at the age of eleven, Magnus could almost pass for utterly mundane. The only hint of his later flamboyance was his well-styled hair.

But, dressed in plain black school robes like everyone else, Magnus drew everyone’s eye. He was funny, outspoken, charismatic, and knew exactly what he wanted. And he didn’t care what anyone else thought.

Alec found the Slytherin a painful reminder of the fact that he was so very different. Shy, reserved, and nervous, Alec very much stayed to himself. He flushed practically every time anyone spoke to him, and couldn’t even begin to imagine making the snarky comments Magnus and his friends did.

For that first year, while Alec brooded over just why he’d been put in Hufflepuff, for god’s sake, when his entire family had been Gryffindors for as long as anyone could remember, the only person who could really get Alec to open up was mild-mannered, kind-hearted Jem Carstairs.

So in his second year, Alec began to open up. He watched his sister, Isabelle, and adopted brother, Jace, get sorted into Gryffindor. Though he felt a slight pang, he clapped along with everyone else.

But he’d never grinned so broadly as he did when Jace told him that he’d been picked for the Gryffindor quidditch team. Astounded, Alec had watched Jace play the brutal position of beater brilliantly, with all the strength and snark and speed of the fifth year he played with.

And, really, that was how it all started. Going out late to practise with Jace, playing constantly during the holidays, even convincing Jem and Isabelle to play with them, Alec found a strange, unexpected love for the sport.

The first time Alec Lightwood spoke to Magnus Bane was in his third year, after the Hufflepuff quidditch trials. By this time, Alec was just beginning to struggle with the realisation of his sexuality, whilst Magnus was out experimenting very openly.

Alec had just been told that he would play as a chaser. He’d stood, dumbfounded, by the side of the pitch, when the Slytherins began to leak out of the building for their own trials.

“You looked shocked, Lightwood,” was the first thing Magnus ever said to him, stood a few feet away, broom in one hand, a lazy smile on his face. “Don’t. I may actually have to focus to hit the bludger at you. You fly fast.”

Alec stared at Magnus. Magnus knew his name? Magnus had watched him? And Magnus was freaking talking to him about it?

Magnus quirked an eyebrow at him just a little. Alec averted his eyes. “Thanks,” he said. He’d seen Magnus play before. He was good. He wasn’t amazing, per se - Jace was far better, though they both employed the tact of snark and sarcasm to distract the other players - but he was good.

“Magnus!” Camille Belcourt, the Slytherin captain, barked. “If you want to keep your place on the team, stop chatting and get over here!”

Exchanging a few words with Magnus after games became an almost customary thing for Alec. As he grew into himself and his sexuality, as he found his pride for his house and for himself and for what he stood for, as he accepted who he was and his emotions and his dreams, his confidence grew.

Magnus, in comparison, changed outwardly. Alec was sure he’d never seen him in the same outfit twice, save his school uniform, and even Isabelle had commented on how tasteful the guy’s make-up was.

Alec didn’t realise how much he looked at Magnus, how much he liked Magnus, how attractive he found him, until he saw Magnus kissing some guy heatedly near the Whomping Willow at the beginning of their fifth year.

And that was how he found himself sitting in the Hufflepuff quidditch stands next to Jem in the freezing November rain, eyes determined to linger on a certain Slytherin than pay any attention to the rest of the game. Really, he should have been focusing on praying that Slytherin won, because Gryffindor needed to lose some points if Hufflepuff were to have any chance of winning the cup this year. And it was Alec’s final year. He’d be damned if they didn’t get the title.

“You know,” Jem said, not tearing his eyes away from the blurs of green and scarlet streaking across the pitch, “you’re really becoming quite pathetic.”

Alec turned to his to glare at him. “Thank you, James.”

Jem grinned a little. “Look at Jace. He decided he wanted Clary, so he asked her out.”

“She said no,” Alec pointed out.

“At first. But that’s not the point.”

“Then what is the point?”

“That if you like Magnus so much you should just ask him out.”

Alec huffed, and turned his attention back to the game.

Slytherin won the game by a very fine margin, thanks to a spectacular catch from their seeker. While Jace complained and ranted to Clary and Jem about how appalling the Gryffindor seeker was, Alec felt a presence behind him and warm breath stirring the still November air.

He turned around, trying to ignore the blush that Magnus always evoked. “Hi.”

Magnus smiled one of his gorgeous smiles. There was no way his hair could still be that perfect after a quidditch match unless he’d magicked it into those spikes. “Hello, Lightwood.”

“Well done,” Alec said after a moment’s silence. “We were rooting for you.”

“Tactical,” Magnus replied, grinning. “My dilemma is that I can’t decide whether I should be supporting Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff next match.”

Alec glanced at the score Slytherin had racked up during the game, and raised his eyebrows after doing the maths. “Ravenclaw. If we win we go to the top.”

“Exactly. But you fly for the other team.” Magnus dropped him a wink, and Alec’s cheeks heated up.

Alec was at once very aware of three things. One, that this was one of the longest conversations he’d ever had with Magnus—they usually exchanged brief congratulations or condolences or jokes and went their separate ways. Two, Magnus was standing so close that he could see each individual sparkle of glitter just accenting the edge of his eyelids. And three, Magnus had just insinuated that he wanted to support Hufflepuff, just because that was the team Alec played for.

He felt unsure as to where he stood with Magnus Bane. They didn’t talk away from the quidditch pitch, they called each other by their last names, and even when they had the same classes they didn’t exchange so much as hellos.

And yet, that sentence was either friendly or flirtatious. Alec wasn’t stupid. The glittery wink that had accompanied it seemed to rule out the first option.

Two years ago, Alec might have closed the conversation and run away, never to speak to Magnus again. But this would quite possibly be Alec’s only chance to see if anything could come of his unrequited-crush. He’d take it.

The only problem was that he had no idea what to say.

Magnus, though, spoke first. “Can I ask you a question?”

Alec nodded. “Of course.”

“Do you deliberately ignore me?”

Alec stared at him for a long few seconds, dumbfounded. Ignore Magnus Bane? Nobody ignored Magnus. He was loud and brash and outspoken and flamboyant and completely gorgeous. Alec knew he wasn’t the only one who thought so.

It took Alec a full minute to find his voice. “I don’t ignore you. I always talk to you after quidditch—”

Magnus waved a dismissive hand. “After quidditch matches, for thirty seconds. It doesn’t really count, Lightwood. You never talk to me off the pitch.”

“You never talk to me, either,” Alec retorted.

“I keep trying to catch your eye,” Magnus said, a slight edge to his voice. “All the time. At meals, in the corridors, in lessons…”

Alec didn’t know how to respond. Maybe he did ignore Magnus, inadvertently. He’d certainly never noticed Magnus trying to catch his eye from across the corridor. He just heard Magnus’ voice, calling out to his friends, laughing, joking, being himself.

“You always avoid looking at me.” Magnus’ voice softened.

Alec wanted to look away from those unique green eyes, which faded to gold around the pupil. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. He kept looking at Magnus, heart aching at how close they were, and yet how much distance was between them.

“I’m sorry,” Alec said. “I didn’t mean to. I never meant to. But—” He bit his lip. He couldn’t say that.

“But?” Magnus promoted him. Alec noticed his grip on his broom handle tighten, turning the soft brown skin of his knuckles almost white.

“It’s easier to not look at someone at all,” Alec murmured, averting his eyes, “than to look once and not be able to look away. Especially when they don’t have any interest in looking back.”

He felt fingertips under his chin, encouraging him to glance back at Magnus. His breath caught at the gleaming, passionate look in the Slytherin’s eye.

“I think,” Magnus said in a low voice, breath washing across Alec’s face, “that we’ve just established that I do have an interest in looking back.”

And then Magnus’ lips were on his, soft and slow and tender, contrasting to the way Alec was grasping at his robes and Magnus had one hand fisting in the back of Alec’s sweater; Alec wondered how he could have spent so many years fantasising about this when it could have been reality.

When Magnus pulled away, he cupped his long fingers along Alec’s cheeks, a smile on his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he murmured.

Alec smiled. “Trust me,” he said, “I do.”

Magnus ran his thumbs along Alec’s cheeks. “Your brother is staring at us.”

“You mean Jace?”

Magnus nodded.

“Ignore him.” Alec licked his lower lip. “Magnus—” He swallowed. He’d never called him that before. Sure, he always referred to him as Magnus, and he always thought of him as Magnus, but he’d never called him that to his face.

Magnus just smiled. “Yes, Alec?”

Alec swore his heart nearly burst right out of his chest when Magnus said his name like that. “I… Oh, never mind.”

They kissed again, standing at the side of the quidditch pitch, the smell of sweat and grass and some pleasant scent that Alec couldn’t place coming from Magnus. His lips tasted sweet, and were smooth against his. Alec could feel his own hands shaking, and he hoped that Magnus didn’t notice.

“Hogsmeade,” Magnus said when they broke apart for a second time. “There’s a Hogsmeade trip soon. Come with me?”

Alec looked at the Slytherin, barely able to believe what he was hearing. “Okay. I’d like that.”

Magnus smiled widely. He squeezed Alec’s hand, kissed his cheek, and murmured, “Don’t avoid me, Alexander,” before walking away, back into the castle, leaving Alec feeling as though his every wish had just come true.

Arya’s Early Training

CIn the later books we can see how much Syrio has influenced Arya and prepared her for her trainings in the House of Black and White. Now we don’t know for sure whether it’s Bravos style of training, or Syrio had at some point recieved proper FM trainings.

Fighting Blind

The man Syrio Forel had come with an excellent reputation, and his flamboyant Braavosi style was well suited to Arya’s slender blade, yet still … a few days ago, she had been wandering around with a swatch of black silk tied over her eyes. Syrio was teaching her to see with her ears and her nose and her skin, she told him. Before that, he had her doing spins and back flips. “Arya, are you certain you want to persist in this?”

- Ned, AGoT 

Syrio, if not intentionally, has been preparing Arya for her future trainings as FM. Now we don’t know for sure, but either Syrio was familiar with the ways of FM, or training with ‘ears and nose and skin’ is common in Braavos.


When she’d run to him with her hands bleeding, he had said, “So slow? Be quicker, girl. Your enemies will give you more than scratches.” He had dabbed her wounds with Myrish fire, which burned so bad she had had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Then he sent her out after more cats.  

- Arya, AGoT

One of the most important themes of Arya’s training with Syrio are cats. The bond she makes with cats through AGoT is later fully painted in her role as Cat of the Canals and her warging into cats while blind.


 Syrio stepped back. “You are dead now.”
Arya made a face. “You cheated,” she said hotly. “You said left and you went right.
“Just so. And now you are a dead girl.”
“But you lied!”
My words lied. My eyes and my arm shouted out the truth, but you were not seeing.”

- Arya IV, AGoT

Before her training, Arya was naive and innocent, but Syrio so directly lies to her face, something no other adult would do. The Lying Game she later plays with the waif is a part of FM trainings.


Two of the guardsmen were dicing together while the third walked rounds, his hand on the pommel of his sword. Ashamed to let them see her crying like a baby, she stopped to rub at her eyes. Her eyes her eyes her eyes, why did …    Look with your eyes, she heard Syrio whisper.
Arya looked. She knew all of her father’s men. The three in the grey cloaks were strangers. “You,” the one walking rounds called out. “What do you want here, boy?” The other two looked up from their dice.

- Arya, AGoT

Observation is an important part of the FM cult, Arya is sent to the streets of Braavos to observe people, she learns from her observations and reports back to the kindly man. Also she is taught to read people’s faces to see whether they’re telling the truth.

Balance & Movements

Many of her other duties had remained the same, but as she went about them she stumbled over furnishings, walked into walls, dropped trays, got hopelessly helplessly lost inside the temple. Once she almost fell headlong down the steps, but Syrio Forel had taught her balance in another lifetime, when she was the girl called Arya, and somehow she recovered and caught herself in time

- The Blind Girl, ADwD

Those three came most often, but there were others: the squinter, the lordling, the starved man. One time the fat fellow and the squinter came together. Umma sent Arya to pour for them. “When you are not pouring, you must stand as still as if you had been carved of stone,” the kindly man told her. “Can you do that?”
“Yes.“ Before you can learn to move you must learn to be still, Syrio Forel had taught her long ago at King’s Landing, and she had. She had served as Roose Bolton’s cupbearer at Harrenhal, and he would flay you if you spilled his wine.  

- Arya II, AFfC

Arya is given the trait of balance from the very start, but here we see how it has worked to her benefit. Her swiftness that Syrio has taught her later comes in handy when she serves Bolton and then the FM.

When I find myself in times of trouble, the poster on my wall comes to me, screaming LOOK AT ME!

Sometimes something can be right under your nose the whole time, something you see every single day but never really notice.

 Well today I noticed it. So just to make this clear I have a poster of The Beatles Abbey Road on my wall behind my desk. It’s been there forever because I have an intense love for The Beatles. It’s always been a poster that fascinated me, the different colored suits, the crosswalk stripes, and Paul walking barefoot.

 So here I am just going about my business and I look up and think…hmmm I wonder if Louis was referencing Abbey Road when he showed up in those pap shots the other day barefoot.

 So naturally I ask the my group chat if its possible that Louis was referencing the Abbey Road album or maybe just Paul McCartney in general.

 So we threw around some ideas, Paul went barefoot on the album cover to be ironic because he was a billionaire, but he also supposedly did it to reference the hippie movement and barefoot was a way to show that you were FREE.

 Seems like a logical reference to me? But I was still interested in if there were similarities between Paul and Louis in terms of things that have been happening lately.

 So I did some googling and this is what I found:

 In April 1962, McCartney had an affair with Erica Hubers, a waitress at a nigh club in Hamburg. In December the same year, Erica gave birth to a daughter called Bettina. Erica claimed McCartney got her pregnant. She filed a suit in court seeking alimony. McCartney categorically denied his parenthood but eventually paid Erica about $5,000 in child support. He never acknowledged his parenthood, though.

 While not completely similar to the surrounding circumstances the similarities are kind of interesting. May not April. Club go-er not waitress. January not December. Woman claims its his. He stays quiet about it. She wants child support and takes him to court to get it. And he pays her off.

 But after this whole Erica business he goes back to Liverpool and falls in love with a girl named Jane who is an actress, who lived with her parents.*cough cough*

 So after we laughed about the similarities there we asked ourselves if there were other Beatles connections.

 Our first thought was to make the Irving Azoff connection. And lo and behold The Beatles were one of the reasons that Irving Azoff went into music management. So moving on from that because we didn’t find anything else in relation to Irving and The Beatles (I’m sure there are more connections out there.)

 So after that Ashlee ( @unintentionalarry) made the connection with the MITAM website that was literally riddled with Beatles references. 

But that’s not it fam that’s not it.

 Harry made a Beatle reference months ago. 48 weeks ago to be exact in February of 2015.

The photo is captioned “Chains around my feet” which is from a Johnny Cash song called “I got Stripes.”

What else has stripes? The Abbey Road album. That’s what.

 But it doesn’t end there…

 A little background on the Abbey Road album (courtesy of @lululawrence ):

 “The band was falling apart and they had been doing all their crazy musical experimentation with other producers, etc. And it had brought about amazing music but they knew they only had one more album left. They were fighting a lot and had lost the feel of the band. So they went back to the dude who had produced their original albums. And he said he would do it but only if they did it like they use to. Back at Abbey Road, just him and the boys. All in the same room together writing music. Instead of them being spread all over the globe. So that’s what they did. And that’s how they created one of the most recognized albums in music history.”

So that all seems vaguely familiar. And then you have the fact that the boys recorded Olivia at Abbey Road Studios.

And the Lions. The lions have been killing me for months. So I thought well maybe the Lions’ were a reference to The Beatles too.

Well four things, John and Yoko were working on an album called Life With The Lions, in the 1960s Beatles cartoon their was a man eating Lion, a show called Between The Lions did a tribute to The Beatles, and then The Beatles (Ringo) in an lion outfit. 

I have no doubt in my mind that more connections are out there but this is just what we discussed tonight. Interesting things.

A discussion between me, @unintentionalarry and @lululawrence. Poor Jeni @ilove1dalmation is going to wake up to all of it. Lol

There has been a ton of posts about Prince’s guitar solo in the live video of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” The Telecaster he is playing in that video is not actually a Fender Telecaster. It is a Hohner MadCat, a tele knock-off. Prince was known for his flamboyant style, and that included most of his custom-made guitars he performed with. However, this Hohner guitar and its simplicity was his most often guitar-of-choice since the early 1980s. I think it was a testament to his musicianship. This guitar felt right to him even though it was simple, and even though it was a knock-off. Hohner was never known for their guitars. They’re known for their harmonicas and the Clavinet keyboard (a signature sound of 1970’s funk, i.e. Stevie Wonder). My first electric guitar was a Hohner, and a few years ago I purchased another Hohner electric guitar. They are both well-made instruments.

Even though I loved many of his songs, I never considered myself a huge Prince fan. But I always felt a kinship to him as a fellow Hohner player, and for the way his fearless guitar playing influenced my own guitar solos ever since I was 18 years old. I absolutely hate to see musicians die, and it has been a rough year so far. In Prince, we’ve lost a hell of an all-round musician, performer, and a great, truly great guitar player.

DAY 2925

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  3/4,  2016              Sun/Mon  12:25 am

It really does require that one moment to lift a disconcerted heartbeat, to normalcy and exhilaration, elation, euphoria, exultation, exaltation, joy, happiness, delight, joyousness, jubilation, rapture, ecstasy, bliss, rhapsody; excitement, intoxication, invigoration, ebullience, high spirits, glee, gleefulness, gaiety, animation - a game of cricket and that winning over in the 20th for the WC T20 finals !

The West Indies did it ! And did it with the style and flamboyance that they are renowned for ! True CHAMPIONS are made of such stuff ; to come back from adversity and prove the world wrong ..

The Windies .. what a country and what a fun loving relaxed community !

My very first visit was during a Concert that we took in 1981. Concerts were never the way that we see them now. I was venturing into a domain which had never been attempted before by anyone. And then after that a routine started till date. But somehow that enthusiasm and that passion and that thrill of those days was never repeated, by any other down the years .. those first moments were magical .. they were 12 shows in 4 different countries in 15 days !! Or some such madness. And not a single flight was missed and not a single piece of luggage was misplaced among the troupe of almost 60 of us.

And when we reached Trinidad & Tobago it was just unbelievable passion. From the airport, which was a mass of fans, to our Hotel and throughout the night and day, you continuously heard only music - the calypso .. some near some far .. but never ever too far away ..

Spending time with families at their invitation, listening to their stories of their migration and their attachment to homeland India .. the desire to keep up the traditions the festivals and the food and most importantly their love for our movies …

Astounding ..

It is no wonder that Mr Chris Gayle turned out to be so attached to cinema India and to graciously pay a visit to my home, and narrate and spell such wonderful stories of their love for us ..

Some day all those stories shall be narrated in greater detail .. but for today just let us dwell in that game of T20 and that incredible finish by the West Indies to become .. CHAMPIONS ..!!

And not just this WC T20 .. they won the Under 19, they won the Womens and now the Mens .. that is no small achievement !!

Its the Sunday evening of the many several Sundays from 1982 - 2016 ! The anticipation of it, its apprehension, its scheduling and its complying to the requests of the fans has been the most endearing moments for me ..

It has challenged my intellect, the little that I possess, it has confounded me on its longevity and it has given me that pictorial opportunity for the Blog and for posterity …

That moment in ‘Ki & Ka’ was indeed a live shoot of a Sunday well wisher moment .. and many of the fans could well go and see if they can see themselves in the crowd ..

Hmmmmm … the bush grows well .. just in time of the shoot that is to occur for ‘Pink’ .. and I dub for ‘TE3N’ so as to quickly finish that responsibility in order that I may begin to prepare for the next schedule ..

I spent some reading time on the National Anthem, its rendition its writing its history and it was most fascinating. What is it in Anthems that brings that goose flesh that straightens our posture, that holds our heads up high, that invites the national to be ready that moment to sacrifice and give all to the country of birth. What is it that envelops us to our national flag, to hold it up high in praise, to display and flourish it with an abandon of pride and patriotic fervour ..what ?

 Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore who wrote and designed the National Anthem, first sung in 1911, wrote it as an ode to the country. There were some controversies that it had been written for the imminent visit of the King of England, King George to India and his honour and that the words were reflecting that in the song. I read, that when Gurudev heard about this he is reported to have stated :

“ I should only insult myself if I cared to answer those who consider me capable of such unbounded stupidity” ~

I smiled at the use of the words and the language, for, I found it to be one, that could possibly be used in many situations. The strength of such writing is often gauged by the diverse spread of its usage ; one which does not necessarily comply with what its origin to a particular incident may have been ..

And Amul the dairy outfit, that entity, that surprised and shook up the world, has been always filled in its advertising in some of the most humorous and pertinent topics it chooses .. this one about the Awards is one such ..many others featuring me have been up on the billboards through time, and some of them could have been noticed on the walls of Janak, by Ef that have visited it …

So to bed .. with smile and fulfilment .. with immense joy and praise for the West Indian team and their remarkable victory .. and with the immense satisfaction of a correct prediction ..

Errm .. UK Ef begging pardon of course .. but till the last over it was all England

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan 


Known for his flamboyant style, offbeat sense of humor, and razor sharp lyrics, Tyler, the Creator’s debut fashion show in Los Angeles was bound to be a crowd pleaser.

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