I’ve seen a few posts saying Magnus’ flamboyant behavior is to mask his emotions and I gotta say I am sooooo NOT down for that nonsense. That has the implication that his flamboyant-ness is all an act. I see it as being a legitimate part of his personality. And in the past few episodes, a part of him acting fine when something is wrong with him is more him acting like he’s happy and nonchalant. Like everything is hunky-dory. More complicated than “Magnus acting flamboyant and feminine is a mask”. We all know a real part of his personality is him being unabashedly fabulous and Extra.

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Have you noticed a lot of Bobby fansites closing or going on rest lately?? I wonder why :(

Active Bobby Fansites and still going strong!

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Please don’t be sad, there are still a lot of Masternims that supports our Bobby and will continuously feed our Bobby obssession! ^^

Others took a rest because of personal reasons and maybe to support our other artists.. but do not be discouraged! There are still Masternims who are very loyal to Bobby! ^^

like what i really want out of a game like dream daddy is lots of beautiful flamboyant men who are very into gay culture and gay history and gay pride and are also like, not jokes or cautionary tales or Magical Faggots whose entire purpose is to be therapist/nanny/mother to the straights like i just want men like me depicted as desirable and worthy of love and also shown as fit to be fathers. 

but i will never see that bc even with gay acceptance and gay rights, faggots are still considered to be a Bad End option. straight people don’t want men like me having children. straight people don’t want men like me falling in love. straight people don’t want men like me existing for our own sakes.

Very Observant

*my character, a flamboyant thief dressed in neon colors, is trying to sneak past a guard to join up with the rest of the party*
Me: Alright, I roll tk see if I can sneak past him.
Me: *nat 20*
The Guard: *nat 1*
The DM: You don’t eveb try to sneak past him. You just stroll right down the hall and the guard tips his hat and tells you to have a good day.
Me: Can I roll to say thanks?
The DM: Sure.
Me: *18*
The DM: The guard is in awe of you. It is literally the most beautiful and heartfelt thanks he has ever gotten in his life. If you asked him too, he would die for you in a heartbeat.

Zodiac Word Games

Aries: Defenestration- (n.) The act of throwing someone out a window.

Taurus: Petrichor- (n.) The smell of earth after rain.

Gemini: Facetious- (adj.) Trying to appear amusing, witty &/or intelligent at an inappropriate time, when it would be better to be serious.

Cancer: Mangata- (n.) The reflection of the moon on water.

Leo: Panache- (n.) Flamboyant confidence of style or manner, a certain flair.

Virgo: Psithurism- (n.) The sound of rustling leaves.

Libra: Raxeira - (n.) Line drawn by the sunlight on the floor as it filters through the window.

Scorpio: Opia - (n.) The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

Sagittarius: Eleutheromania- (n.) The intense desire for freedom.

Capricorn: Atrabilious-(adj.) Gloomy, morose, melancholy.

Aquarius: Iconoclast- (n.) One who breaks stereotypes.

Pisces: Hypnagogic- (adj.) Relating to the state immediately before falling asleep.