It’s not my favorite Panic! song, but I love how gloriously flamboyant and sassy Brendon is in I Write Sins…

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People say Louis' behaviour basically changed in one night, but I suppose I wasn't in the fandom back then. When exactly did it happen? Late 2012 - early 2013?

Oh god, when did it happen? I would guess around the time of the harder closeting? Not sure. But I suspect he was getting flack for it early on.

This was early on: http://lapelosa.tumblr.com/post/71942082342/louis-with-fans-in-sweden

and this

Spring 2012, he was openly flamboyant

May 2012, the way he tends to fix his hair.

June 2012, him coming up from behind the camera.



Summer 2012. Summer 2012 was when the media trainers got to him with the water hoses.

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Hello! New fan here. I'm still learning the basics but I've been watching a few old videos and Louis' behavior caught my eye. He used to gesture so much more, used to move his whole body while performing, like he was pouring his soul into it. He doesn't do that anymore, which I thought (before watching older videos) it was just his thing. The free hand always on his back makes me so uncomfortable, it looks like he's forcing himself to keep it there. Am I seeing too much? Maybe he just changed?

He was very visibly flamboyant, and he described himself as flamboyant (I have a feeling he pissed off his handlers with that one), and then in fall 2012 as the closet got harsher that behavior suddenly disappeared. It became especially notable when right after the bullshit tweet Niall posted a video of them doing a dance and Louis was very loose in his movements, and then they did the same dance at MSG on stage and Louis was very noticeably more restrained and inhibited in his movements.

Media training to keep public figures from ‘looking gay’ is pretty common. Stephen Fry interviewed an actor who talked about the long-term effect of it on him, particularly how it made him extremely self-conscious about everything he did.