flam chen


Thank you for the honor of creating the Grand Finale for The 25th Annual All Souls Procession (and our 17th event) to make this grand exclamation point to a most beautiful procession. It is each individual participants creation and memory honored that makes what we do at all important and relevant.
photos Karel Moonen, Paul Davis, Emily Jones


To unveil the Porsche Macan in Tucson, Arizona, Chapman Auto Group brought in Flam Chen and Co. for a night of aerials, fire, stilt dancing, and other expressions of Life Intensified (Porsche motto). Performers and crew include: Flam Chen, Objects & Outlines, Richard Noel, DJ Elektra Tek, Cavetta Greene, Jennifer Coughlan,
Ronald Roach, and Kipp Metzger. Many Thanks to Chapman Auto Group.

This video is a combination of 360 degree video compositions and handheld hd clips shot by Jonathan VanBallenberghe and steadicam camerawork by Jeff Smith. Please visit openlensproductions.com to learn more about 360 video production.