• Petunia: *Cleans shit*
  • Giggles: *Laughing about shit*
  • Flippy/Flipqy: *Insane as Shit*
  • Lumpy: *Stupid as shit*
  • Nutty: *Hyper as shit*
  • Mime: *Silent as shit*
  • Lifty and Shifty: *Sneaky as Shit*
  • Cuddles: *Friendly as Shit*
  • Lammy: *Quiet as Shit*
  • Mr.Pickles: *Deadly as Shit*
  • The Mole: *Blind as Shit*
  • Russell: *Pirate as Shit*
  • Toothy: *Buck teeth shit*
  • Handy: *Worker Shit*
  • Splendid and Splendont: *Hero and Arguing Shit*
  • Sniffles: *Nerdy as Shit*
  • Cro-Man: *Frozen as Shit*
  • Pop and Cub: *Family Shit*
  • Disco Bear: *Dancing Shit*
  • Flaky: *Scared of Shit*

look I know I have a lot of AUs but I needed one for LESBIANS and so hello this is hospital AU where Lammy and Flaky met. ( for context, it was when flaky went to hospital for her nut allergy :3c lammy was there for…. other reasons )

lammy is so fucking gay save her
( also flaky is over 18 i just draw her a smol chub bean and lammy is her tall gf leave me beee )