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I finally jumped on the nail polished dragon egg bandwagon! My boyfriend was helping in organising a Game of Thrones themed ball and I thought–WHAT WOULD BE MORE PERFECT THAN DRAGON EGG PROPS? and so I made them :D

I used up a lot of ILNP and it gave me something akin to a heart attack when I really realised how much polish it used up (as I have never ever reached that much usage in a polish, ever hahahaha i am a horrible person)


Fall Flakies!!! 

I used Wet-n-Wilds 2% Milk (about 3 coats, jeeze) then I used a makeup sponge and dotted Sinful Color’s Ruby Ruby and Sally Hansen’s Plum Luck with a bit of 2% at the top of all the dots to give it a slight gradient effect and blended the colors in with the sponge. Then I took Color-Club Snowflakes and sponged it on the tips going up the gradient.

I really love this!! The flakies are the perfect light pink over this rose plum that was created by blending Ruby Ruby and Plum Luck.

Everyone seems to be getting a “transitioning into fall” mani, but since there’s already a blanket over my bed, I am omitting the transition and going right to catch the fall spirit in my nails. I love it even if it is super simple! Please don’t mind the flakies on the skin, they just get everywhere.

I am also using this post to start a new blog series, the mini-reviews! I don’t have as much time as I used to, but I still want to share my finds with you. So, Mini Review #1: Essence polishes. I love them for their formula, their wide brush and most importantly, because they are 5-free. And they are cheap. Essence is definitely the top brand in my polish stash. Here you can see two coats of Walk on the Wild Side (a green shade I usually gravitate to when the colder months arrive) with another two coats of Night in Vegas (a fiery flakie topper). Oh, shiny!

These were too much fun painting.

Colors Used:

China Glaze- Too Yacht To Handle, Son Of A Peach, Neon & On & On

OPI- Don’t Touch My Tutu, You’re So Outta Lime, Push & Pur-pull, Life Gave Me Lemons

Finger Paints- Flecked, Motley, Twisted

L.A. Girl- Sparkling Peach

It’s So Easy Stripe Rite in black

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Dance Legend - Lollypop

I love all the colors from the Candy Flakes collection, but I ordered Lollypop first. I don’t know why, I don’t even like pink that much…Anyways, it’s a gorgeous flakie polish with sheer pink jelly base and orange/gold flakes. I used 3 coats, but my tips are still see-through. I really like it, because it have many faces, it looks totally different in certain lightning. It can be a hot pink see-through jelly, an orange-toned pink flakie or almost a foil effect pink. So it’s really amazing. You can use it as a topcoat too!

So I was trying to figure out how to get a sparkly, opalescent with my markers. Turns out using flakie nail polish is not only 20x less infuriating, it’s about a million times more effective too. I really can’t get a pic that does these justice, but trust me, they look absolutely stunning in real life.


In Bloom

I made these beautiful stamping decals with my UberChic Beauty stamping mat. The yellow base is LCN Soft Daisy and I have used UberChic Beauty stamping plate 4-01. Beautiful right?! And so easy with the mat. Ooops, I almost forgot, the flakie polish on my ring finger is Desert Valley by Ruby Wing. I cannot tell you how much I am impressed by UberChic Beauty nail art products.