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Girl, what's your facial routine? your skin looks divine!

Ah you’re a sweetheart 💖💖

Before I shower, I wipe my face using a makeup remover. YSL Top Secrets Water removes everything in one go but literally any cleanser with toning moisturiser will do. Then I wash my face with La Roche Posay Micellar Makeup Removal Gel to make sure that no stray traces of makeup remain. Some people say that exfoliating daily is bad for your skin but since I wear makeup almost everyday and tend to have oily skin, an exfoliator scrub is really effective to prevent acne that comes from dead skin being clogged up! Usually I massage a face wash onto my skin and then use the Mia 2 Clarisonic to gently go over my face. It’s a miracle worker; before I used to have flaky lips and horrifying blackheads around my nose, both of which ever since have gone. Maybe once or twice a week I’ll skip the Clarisonic for a face mask like the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask if my skin looks tired or I’m on my detoxify day. Sometimes I use the Korres Rose Mask afterwards just for the glow, y'know?

After the shower, I put on a hyaluronic acid toner from HadaLabo which is truly miraculous because all the other toners Ive tried previously are too heavy or not moisturising enough, either way making my skin oily minutes afterwards. Then I put on the 3ce White Milk Sleeping Mask which I think is better than a lotion? Mostly because it’s meant to hydrate and brighten your skin gradually over several hours rather than in one go - which sounds like advertising schimick, but it does work magic on my face. Right before I sleep I put the Laneige Water Face Mask over everything. It comes as like a gel in a large jar and I just slather it all across my face. Since its water based instead of being an oil based moisturiser it doesn’t clog pores and cause breakouts at all, and my skin is always happy and healthy the next day I wake up. 

I’ve been following this routine ever since Christmas when I received the Clarisonic and since then I’ve never had any breakouts despite the late nights and ridiculous amounts of alcohol being drunk. Also all the previous acne scars have disappeared entirely! I really hope this was helpful to you and if you have any questions always feel free to message me xx

Accutane: The Starter Kit

What you need:

-A really good chapstick. Aquaphor is the only thing I’ve found that works.

-A really good face lotion. Aveno baby is my personal favorite.

-A gentle sunscreen for your face. Wear this daily.

The Do’s:

-Do drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. You’ll need it.

-Do exfoliate your face, but incredibly gently. See my method here

-Do keep your chapstick with you AT ALL TIMES

The Don’t’s:

-Don’t be even the littlest bit rough with your skin!

-Don’t use traditional exfoliators. They will kill your face.

-Don’t ignore your skin. Use moisturizers!!

-Don’t continue to use topical acne medication. It will further dry out your skin and possibly irritate it. 

The Most Common Side Effects:

-Dry lips

-Dry, flaky skin. Especially on your face.

-The inside of your nose drying out

-Increased sensitivity

-Increased sun-sensitivity.

Side Effects That I’ve Experienced:


-Blurry vision (fluids becoming unbalanced in your eye, it doesn’t last long)

-Increased eye goo in the morning

Good luck on your Accutane journey!