Silver and Gold: Magical Properties

Silver is symbolic of the moon and goddess, and commonly signifies female energy. The use of the metal or colour silver works well in spells and rituals that involve protection, reflecting or neutralizing negativity, emotional balancing, dreams, and psychic strength,ability and awareness.

Gold is the sun metal and generally signifies male energy. The colour or metal gold is most effective when used in spells and rituals that involve the attraction of prosperity, fortune and wealth, as well as power (magical/financial), protection, health, growth, and wisdom.


Snowy days by Teodora
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view from my window…

Police officer: “Sir, I’m gonna need to search you.”

Me: “oh.. Uh but…but… Uh…”

Police officer: “what do we have here…”

Me: “I can explain! It’s just for medical use!”

Police officer: “give me a break pal, I’ve been in the "Poolees fors” for 10 years, I know Premiem Tem Flakes when I see them. This is some high quality fiber in this cardboard. You are going away for a long time punk. “

Me: "I am just trying to pay for Cool leg man!”

Police officer: “that’s what they all say, that’s what they all say…”