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this book is cute and I’ve had it since I was a kid but upon further looking, her feet have like….uncanny palms drawn like human metacarpals. i dont think i’ve seen another case like this exactly, but misunderstanding bird feet is not uncommon

judging on surface value, using comparative anatomy it’s easy to come to the conclusion that birds could have a rather similar structure as mammals (pardon my flaked off nail polish)

but of course birds are birds therefore they need to be needlessly complicated. what you are really seeing in those specimens and the scaled part of a bird’s legs are essentially just the bones we have as our wrist and hand (well, more specifically ankle and foot because hind limb)

and of course birds can’t stop there, we need an assortment of weird toe arrangements too

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Idk if this is helpful but I started painting my nails regularly so I'd stop chewing on them, and then I just pick at the polish instead and put more on when it's gone. May not look the nicest but it works. Idk maybe you've already tried that but I figured I'd leave the suggestion.

i think at one point i tried that but i still chewed on my nails lmao. so i ended up eating flakes of nail polish and i was worried i was poisoning myself, so i stopped painting my nails (also im just not really a nail polish kind of person).

honestly i just have a big problem with oral fixations, like i bet if i had ever tried smoking i wouldn’t be able to quit (not that i would tho, for many reasons). i chew my nails without even thinking about it most of the time. i gotta find a substitute, like maybe gum or some sort of chewy toy. i ordered a fidget cube earlier so i hope that can help! 

And this is how it always ends: my friends blaming him and
empty tubes of chapstick, and
fingernails, half painted, chipping black flakes
into the carpet.
He is in her bed, and I am naked
on the floor of my shower
weeping for two hours straight, until the water runs cold and
I am late for work, my skin sagging like the circles under my eyes.

It doesn’t end with goodbye,
just fewer hellos, and a silent cellphone,
Relearning how to be alone.

So I will sink, and you will go swimming with her in the atlantic,
and it always ends this way: I am trying to stay away from mirrors,
trying not to hear her name
in conversation. I think of all the ways she is better than me,
and the ones who came before her. I think that I will be alone forever.

And I am afraid of being me. And I am afraid of the freedom.
And it hurts; I am disposable. Sometimes it feels so painfully cyclical.
I am a filler, a snack between meals that you eat
because you are bored.

I flake off
like nail polish. Under the covers of my bed I swear
that this is it. That I will learn to love this. That alone
my bed is a palace, and my books
are little beds themselves. That I will build a web,
outrun hell.

But in the morning, her face still stings behind my eyelids
and I am still drawing wedding rings on my finger in sharpie.
I am learning not to fear me,
I’m sorry.

—  Hell or High Water; Hannah Beth Ragland

Dance Legend - Lollypop

I love all the colors from the Candy Flakes collection, but I ordered Lollypop first. I don’t know why, I don’t even like pink that much…Anyways, it’s a gorgeous flakie polish with sheer pink jelly base and orange/gold flakes. I used 3 coats, but my tips are still see-through. I really like it, because it have many faces, it looks totally different in certain lightning. It can be a hot pink see-through jelly, an orange-toned pink flakie or almost a foil effect pink. So it’s really amazing. You can use it as a topcoat too!


This is one coat of Wet N Wild Red Red (I really need to thin it, btw, because it was like frosting a cake) and two coats of the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength line in Glass Slipper.

Glass Slipper is a really pretty white/clear flakie glitter. It looks great, like icicles or something. A suggested I layer it over red (I was debating red or green) and I think I’ll try it over green (maybe OPI Jade is the New Black) next.

- H.