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Star Jar 🌟

A Star Jar, much like a Nebula Jar, is a glitter jar meant to not only promote positive energy but also to harness the power of a star to achieve wishes, goals, and dreams.


  • Star shaped confetti pieces 
  • Iridescent flakes 
  • Chunky & fine glitter (whatever color you want)
  • Clear glue
  • Star Water


  1. Boil your Star Water to remove impurities - allow to cool
  2. Fill the container with water
  3. Add a good amount of clear glue to the water - the more glue, the more viscous the solution 
  4. Add your glitter, confetti, and iridescent flakes
  5. Seal, shake to mix, and leave in the starlight overnight to charge with the intention of achieving wishes, goals, and dreams
  6. Keep this jar close by and give it a good shake when you feel necessary


‘Snow Queen.’ Katarina Ivanovska in Temperley London photographed by Rui Faria for Harrod’s magazine, December 2013.

Heather’s gifts– and a particularly soothing dream– had put Pepper in such a good mood that she’d marched herself to the art room at 7 in the morning to make herself a birthday crown. She’d even found some silvery foiled paper and glued it onto cardstock– this was the real deal. It kept dropping flakes of glitter into her hair, because she’d used too much glitter and too little glue, but she didn’t mind. ( Also, every time she noticed it, she looked down and saw her shirt, which got funnier with each glance. ) She was sitting in the sun in the garden, eyes closed, when she heard the door open. “It’s finally starting to get warmer.”


Brows: ABH dipbrow pomade in granite with ABH nior shadow on top

Eyes: Sugarpill’s dollipop, mochi, afterparty and lumi with NYX liquid white liner dot work and iridescent glitter and flakes on both top and lower lid

Lashes: Vegas Nay in grand glamour


Love At War

Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. Chills sparked threw the surface of Steve’s skin; the only warmth at the centre of his chest. He watched as the soldiers slept; lungs expanding as the cold air drifted past. There Bucky laid, goose bumps flaring on his skin as he engulfed himself in his sleeping bag.

The faint pink sky caught Steve’s attention as the sun began to rise. The moon slowly fading as the color of the leaves became noticeable. The quiet sound of the birds awakening felt like music to his ears. Steve looked up as the leaves slowly glided through the air before settling on Bucky’s shoulder. A small smile grew on his face as Bucky’s eyes began to peel open; the shining light of the sun bouncing off his cheeks.

The crinkling sounds of sleeping bags caused the soldiers to awaken. Steve watched as they began loading the guns and sharpening their knives; light bouncing off the silver. While they continued preparing for the long day ahead, some men pulled photos from their pocket; their eyes almost tearing up as they wished they were home. One of the soldiers looked up; noticing Steve’s eyes glued to the photo his hand. A small sympathetic smile grew on his face as he folded the photo; placing it in his pocket.

The morning was cold; though the sunlight beamed through the trees, the rain continued to fall. Silence swept through the campsite, only the sounds of the grass was heard beneath their feet.

“Come on soldiers! We’re moving in three minutes!” General Bliss yelled, causing the soldiers to quickly begin moving.

Steve’s hand gripped tightly around his gun as the group began walking through the trees; the mud building on their boots as they passed through puddles. The sounds of gunfire in the distance startled them as they tried their best hiding behind the trees. They felt at ease as the General carried on, not at all worried by the sound.

The far away bombs shook the ground beneath them as they walked; ripples appearing in the puddles they passed. Steve’s eyes darted around, his heartbeat picking up as the sound pierced his ears. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder as he looked over to see Bucky; his glistening blue eyes instantly making him feel free from anxiety.

They walked side by side behind the group; no one noticing as their arms brushed against one another. The feeling of each other’s skin being the only thing saving them from this nightmare. Their guns rested by their side as their fingers began slowly intertwining; sparks flying through them as they felt the warmth. To this day, each kiss, each hug, each touch made fireworks flare in their stomachs.

As they continued to walk, hand in hand, the gunfire’s slowly began to fade. According to the General, they had almost 7 miles until their next campsite. The soldiers groaned at the thought of more walking in this rain; the mud making each step a struggle.

As the hours continued to pass; the sunlight began to fall. The faint appearance of the moon felt almost comforting in the sky. The darkness moved through the clouds as the sun slowly set. The stars bouncing of Steve’s eye as he looked up.

By the time they reached the campsite, it was pitch black. Only the faint moonlight bouncing off the tips of the trees. As the soldiers began pulling out their sleeping bags, Steve and Bucky sat side by side on ground; their backs brushing the tree behind them. Bucky volunteered to take the night watch; he hadn’t got much sleep anyway since the war began. The only way Steve would comfortably sleep was against Bucky; his head resting against Bucky’s warm chest.

Bucky watched as Steve took each breath; his chest slowly rising each time. He slowly moved his hand as he intertwined his fingers with Steve’s; a small smile appearing on his face as the warmth made him feel at ease.

As each soldier drifted; the night grew quiet… too quiet. Not even the sound of crickets or the rustle of grass could be heard. Bucky’s eyes darted around as he pulled Steve closer to his chest. He rested his chin against Steve’s forehead.

All of a sudden, an ear piercing screech flew through Bucky. The whole campsite grew bright as the ground began to shake violently. His eyes stung until he started seeing men running around the campsite. Bucky froze as the men continued running; Steve was reaching for a gun on the ground as he tried to pull Bucky to his feet. Steve nudged him; getting his attention. Bucky quickly stood up and began running alongside the group and into the trees.

Men scattered as gunshots pierced through the sky. Men began tumbling to the ground as blood splattered across the grass. Steve and Bucky ran side by side, dodging the puddles and trees in their path. The ground continued to rumble as bombs exploded nearby. Steve felt as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest; the adrenaline flying through like a crow swooping down on its prey.

Their bodies flew through the air as a bomb hit the ground behind them. Steve’s body tumbled along the ground as he began to roll down the side of the path. He struggled to stay balanced as the trees knocked him. He pulled himself off the ground only to notice he was the only one there; surrounded by tall trees. He spun around; unable to make out which direction he was headed in. He began running through the trees, the sounds of gunshots still piercing his ears.

He ducked behind a large fallen tree; his panting becoming louder by the second. His heart continued to pound in his chest, not only at the sound of gunfire or the shaking ground, but at the thought of Bucky. He was alone, separated from the only reason he had for living.


Madoka Magica themed bottle pendants

Homura Akemi - Purple glitter with a clock charm

Kyoko Sakura - Red glitter with an apple charm

Sayaka Miki - Blue glitter with a music note charm

Mami Tomoe - Copper & Gold glitter with a flower & pistol charm

Madoka Kaname - Pink glitter & flakes with a bow & rose charm

Sometimes I feel kinda bad for shipping phan because it probably makes Dan and Phil uncomfortable but then they do stuff like this and I remember that phan ships phan.