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@glitterghost wanted emotionally traumatizing noah fics and this is neither a fic nor particularly emotionally traumatizing but i cant get these scenarios out of my head now so ,, here you go please enjoy

  • the gangsey forgetting noah, through no fault of their own but rather the fact that he had “quietly slid from time” and their memories as well 
  • the wounds are fresh in the months after gansey’s death, when traces of noah were everywhere and no one could gloss over the sacrifices he had made for the rest of them - but as time goes on and the shock of gansey’s death fades and life becomes less of an adventure and more of a slow crawl to graduation and adulthood, things just sort of begin to fill the places that noah used to occupy 
  • noah’s room at monmouth, once a gaping reminder of the hole in their lives, becomes less of a bedroom and more of a storage room. henry asks about it one day while visiting, poking his head in through the doorway and asking gansey why he sleeps in the middle of the living room and not in the second bedroom. gansey blinks, begins to reply, “oh no, that room belongs to-” but can’t quite remember why he hadn’t just stayed there in the first place - he brushes it off and goes about the rest of his day but can’t quite shake the feeling of wrong that hits him every time he considers moving his things into the empty spare room 
  • ronan doesn’t race anymore, not really, but when gansey gets sick and asks ronan to pick up the groceries and some medicine ronan can’t really help but take the pig for a joyride; it’s practically his payment for taking care of gansey. he peels away down the street when the light goes green and for a second, one fleeting second, he sees the outline of a pale figure in the corner of his eye - he slams on the brakes and fishtails before pulling to the side of the road; he’s alone and has been the whole time, but he can’t quite will away the frantic pace of his heartbeat and the hard lump settling in his throat 
  • it hits blue like a tidal wave, somewhere between the end of classes and their official graduation; she’s spending the day with gansey at monmouth and laughing with him, laying on her side on his bed while he faces her, propped up on one elbow and somewhere in his quiet laugh she hears the echo of something else, something foreign and cold and distant but far too familiar and she can’t explain away the tears that fall in rivers down her cheeks when gansey leans in to kiss her 
  • adam remembers, which is weird - he had never been as close to noah as the rest of them, hadn’t lived with noah like gansey and ronan, hadn’t made him come alive like blue, but on his last day in henrietta before college move-ins he stops at a small corner market for a soda - on the shelf is a snow globe, only a little dollars worth plastic-and-glass-glitter tourist gimmick but he picks it up anyway, and as he shakes the flakes of glitter into a wild flurry the sight of it feels almost like he’s scrying; and he remembers it all, every bit of noah, and makes a promise to keep those precious memories tucked away until the others finally remember too.

request: “Could you do a HP imagine where the reader has an adorable crush on Harry and she is slightly embarrassed by it because he is a known wizard and a lot of people like him as well. She doesn’t want any attention brought on herself in general or for her feelings to be known since she is shy. One day however someone wants to publicly humiliate her so they call her crush on him out. But she doesn’t know that Harry likes her as well so Hermionie or Ron encourage him to console her and admit his crush” — by anon


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Star Jar 🌟

A Star Jar, much like a Nebula Jar, is a glitter jar meant to not only promote positive energy but also to harness the power of a star to achieve wishes, goals, and dreams.


  • Star shaped confetti pieces 
  • Iridescent flakes 
  • Chunky & fine glitter (whatever color you want)
  • Clear glue
  • Star Water


  1. Boil your Star Water to remove impurities - allow to cool
  2. Fill the container with water
  3. Add a good amount of clear glue to the water - the more glue, the more viscous the solution 
  4. Add your glitter, confetti, and iridescent flakes
  5. Seal, shake to mix, and leave in the starlight overnight to charge with the intention of achieving wishes, goals, and dreams
  6. Keep this jar close by and give it a good shake when you feel necessary



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Warning ⚠️ smutty smut ahead!

The sound of the door being unlocked and opened interupted the peaceful silence of your apartment but you were too excited to be annoyed—Harry was finally home. You had been sitting in bed reading, waiting patiently for him to come home, he had been gone for a few nights doing some press events and you missed him like hell.

“Y/N? Where are yeh?” you heard him call from the hallway.

“I’m in here!” you shouted, taking a quick glance in the vanity mirror, making sure you looked alright and that your hair wasn’t too much of a mess from sitting slouched against your pillow.

The bedroom door opened and Harry appeared, a wide smile spreading across his face, “miss me?” he asked as he dropped his bag.

You jumped off the bed and into his arms, kissing him harder than you’ve ever kissed before. Finally, he was back home and in your arms, where he belonged.

“I’ve missed you so much!” you said in between bouts of kissing.

“Me too, pet.” he hummed quietly into your neck.

You stood back and looked at him, amazed at how cute he looked— he was in a white T-shirt, skinny jeans and a hoodie, the hood pulled down over his touseled hair— how was it possible he was this good looking without even trying?

You sat back om the bed, your feet dangling off the edge, as he went to take off his hoodie and kicked off his shoes.

“So did you get one?” you asked playfully, wiggling your eyebrows. Whenever Harry would go away, he’d always bring you back a snow globe— you’d collected them since you were a little kid, and Harry loved to indulge your hobby—always remembering to bring you back one to add to your collection; it was a small silver lining you found in his frequent travels.

“You think I’d forget?” he scoffed playfully, opening his bag pulling out the small trinket— the Arc de Triumphe stood inside, flakes of glitter falling down in the little world of the snow globe.

“Yeh like it?” he asked kneeling beside you, as you turned the globe in your hands admiring it.

“It’s perfect!” you squealed in delight before you pulled him up and into a kiss.

That once kiss turned into another and another and soon he was on top of you, the weight of his body feeling so right on top of yours. This was where he was meant to be. Your kisses became more desperate and greedy— you couldn’t get enough of him— the feeling of his hands sliding under your tank top, cupping your breasts and squeezing lovingly. Your hands found their way under his shirt as you traced his skin with your finger tips, feeling his warm flesh underneath.

Harry pulled back from kissing and smiled down at you, like he was holding back a secret.

You cocked your head to the side and laughed, “What? What’s with that smile?”

“I bought something else…” he said slowly, a smirk spreading across his face.

You lifted up your head and said, “something else? Well, what is it?”

“Yeh really wanna see?” He asked teasingly.

“Duh! Come on, Harry! Lemme see!” You said excitedly, curious as to what he’s got in store.

He got up and knelt down by his bag and rummaged around. He stopped and looked back at you wiggling his eyebrows mischievously. He proceeded to pull out black silk ties and an eye mask.

You laughed nervously at the sight, you certainly were no virgin— but this was foreign territory for you.

“And are those for you…? Or me?” You asked cheekily.

Harry shrugged and smiled, “Hmm…either really. But I think I’d like to see them on you…”

The thought of it gave you butterflies, you had never done anything of the sort before.

You struggled to get the words out, “ I think I might be willing to give it a try..”

Harry smiles at this and stood up, walking back over to the bed, his new goods in tow in his left hand.

He kissed you gently and looked you square in the eye, “Lay back.”

This commandment made your heart jump, you loved when he turned authoritative, especially when it came to sex.

You obliged and slid back on the fluffy down comforter laying down, your head resting on the pillow.

He hopped on the bed and crawled up towards you, ultimately straddling your body, resting on your hips. He took the ties and bonded each hand around a bed post.

“That feel alright, love? It’s not too tight, is it?”, Harry asked sitting back and observing his handy work.

“Yeah it’s good..” you said looking up at your hands and the predicament they were in.

He was about to put the blindfold on but you stopped him, “not yet.” You said hesitantly.

“Alright, that’s fine, love. Whatever you’re comfortable with.” he whispered before placing a gentle kiss on your lips.

He sat back on his heels and pulled off his shirt, revealing his tattoooed torso. Sometimes you forgot just how mind numbingly hot he was.

He climbed on top of you and the kissing resumed. It felt weird not being able to touch him— it frustrated you as much as it excited you too. You kept lifting your arms as if trying to touch him, he laughed at your attempts, “tryna escape, are we?” he asked, his voice

low and throaty.

He pinned your arms down and begin trailing your neck and down to your collarbone with kisses. Harry then pulled down your tank top, exposing each of your beasts, before spending ample time tweaking and sucking at your hard nipples. You wanted to bad to run your fingers through his hair, to grasp at his broad shoulders.

His trial of kisses ultimately lead to your shorts, which he promptly removed along with your underwear. You felt odd and exposed for a second, but this was Harry you were with— there was no need to feel nervous.

Harry positioned himself in between your legs and began kissing your folds gently and licking lighty at your clit. Normally, if he was being this cheeky, you would have just reached down and pulled his face closer to your warmth, but your hands were tied- quite literally.

You bucked your hips up towards him instead, to this he pulled back and looked up at you, that damn smirk on his face again.

“Please Harry…” you whimpered looking down at him.

“Please what?” he asked, one of his eyebrows raised in a playful manner.

You huffed and threw your head back, you hated to beg.

“Huh, love? That wasn’t much of an answer..” he said before returned back to his position and kissing around your clit gently. You moaned and squirmed under the feeling.

“You need to use your words, pet.” Harry said, his tone patronizing.

You hated to give into him, but your whole body was humming and you couldn’t take it any longer.

“Fuck!”, you shouted exasperatedly, “just—eat me out, please Harry, I’m begging you!”

With that he dug in at once, obliging your request in every manner possible.

Your eyes rolled back in tangible ecstasy and you cried out— you couldn’t believe it felt this good. You watched him eating you out, he occasionally looked up at you, a twinkle of satisfaction shining in his eyes. You couldn’t watch him for long though, before your impending orgasm pulsed through your body like electricity, causing your back to arch and your hands to pull at their bindings.

You panted heavily, trying to catch your breath as you watched Harry get to his feet, not breaking eye contact as he dropped his pants and boxer briefs revealing his hard on. He got back on the bed and grabbed the blind fold from the nightstand, and in one swift motion your world was blacked out.

You could feel him hovering over you, his cock pressing against your inner thigh.

“Tell me what you want love..” he whispered, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it along your folds. You had no intention on playing coy, you blurted out, “just fuck me, Harry! Please!”

He needed no further instruction and he slid into you, causing unbridled moans to escape from both of your mouths. He thrusted into you again and again varying his speed and depth with each thrust. You couldn’t believe how good it felt, and the fact that you couldn’t actually see him excited you further.

At once, he lifted both of your legs, holding them up against his shoulders as he fucked you deeper and harder. Your hands were balled up into fists, your nails digging into your palms as you reached another climax and then shortly after, another.

“Fuck Y/N… I’m so close…” Harry whispered through gritted teeth, his words punctuated with individual thrusts.

“Come for me, Harry.” you coaxed, wrapping your legs around his back, pulling him into you even further.

With a swift motion he pulled out of you, and you felt his warmth on your belly.

“Fuck!”’Harry shouted before collapsing on top of your body, “ I missed yeh.”

jungianca6  asked:

Speaking of requests, if you find this one interesting; Eren taking care of Mikasa because she's sick.


Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: K  || Words: 2,238 || [AO3]

Warnings: none

A/N: Ahhh I was so happy when you sent me a request! I’m so sorry I took so long my friend ;-; I really hope you enjoy it <33 It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything over 2k words askdbjhfba

It wasn’t gradual, like the way she thought illnesses came. It happens suddenly, like the swiftness of rain clouds as they bloom and stretch over clear skies; an isolated storm that rages relentlessly, and somehow, without her knowing. Apart from her exhaustion, she remembers feeling completely fine by the time she pulled her sheets to her chin, her eyes finally falling to the lull of frosted winds blowing against her window. She only begins to feel the ache in her body when Sasha wakes her with a cautious shake to her shoulder, saying something like it’s late morning or maybe it’s late, past morning. She stirs slightly in response, and Sasha’s fingers, cool and soothing, move aside raven bangs to feel her forehead.

Sasha gasps, pressing her entire palm to her skin. She winces as her friend calls out, curling tighter into a ball beneath her sheets until a new hand, smaller but warmer, rests atop her own. It’s Armin, from what she can tell and she wills her eyes to open, lids heavy and lined with crust. The brightness of the room furthers her struggle to properly focus, eyes squinting and watering before more boots shuffle into the room. Unlike Sasha’s bellows, Armin’s voice is gentle, his worry evident.

“Mikasa? What’s wrong? What happened?”

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