Now that I think about it I think the reason why Walter doesn’t get a lot of flak (or at least not as much as he should) despite being a reprehensible human being is because the universe generally punishes him for acting like an asshole (like all of his tantrums for example).

And the reason why many find Skyler to be infuriating despite the fact that Skyler’s actions are generally justified is because she is never punished for any of her behavior (aside from Walter Jr being super pissed at her).

I have no idea if it is intentional, but it’s a really interesting way to make a villain protagonist more sympathetic and therefore more palatable to the audience. (I hated shit like Wuthering Heights because none of the main characters were even vaguely sympathetic)

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Hey Henya, obviously we both know you're getting a lot of flak for having feelings and not just being 100% upbeat at all times, but I really appreciate that about you as a youtuber and as a vegan personality. It makes you more real and interesting on youtube because it makes me feel like I can get to know you better, and it makes veganism less intimidating. You make it known that you don't have to be perfect to be vegan, and I think that's really important! Keep doing you!

wow nthank you so much! this means a lot! <3

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"Kaa-Chan... Can- Can you explain me how to- Damn it... I need help with the protection thingy you know... I- Just want to know how to choose the right one and... How to use them properly, 'ttebayo." Naruto asked with crimson red whiskered cheeks and the teenager laughed nervously afterwards.

This was certainly a topic to start right when she returned from her mission. 

Unzipping her flak jacket, she paused half way to stare at the teenager. He was so nervous, she nearly doubled over laughing. He was too embarrassed to even say the word. Her bout of laughter into giggles, laying her flak jacket over the couch.

“You mean condom, right?” 

“You don’t have to be so nervous, ‘ttebane! You can ask your tou-chan and I anything. But I’ll show you.” She takes Naruto by the wrist, leading him into the hall and into her shared room with the boy’s father. On Minato’s side of the bed, she opened up the drawer on the nightstand, taking a small box out. 

“You can use these, tou-chan can get more. They are the best quality- well, in my opinion. I’ll tell you more about them when you can put one on.” 

Leading Naruto back out into the kitchen, grabbing a cucumber and handing it to him, along with a wrapped condom. “Figure it out.” 

In 1942, German designers started the development of a new series, the Grille 10, which would utilize chassis and components of various tanks and use them as mountings for various heavy weapons.  This such example was a PzKpfw IV with its turret replaced by an 8,8 cm FlaK 37 anti-aircraft gun. The design did not make it past the prototype stage.