-About Flaito-

Name: Flaito.
Age: 5 years.
Height: 15 cm (Imagine double size of a Nendoroid)
Race: Bluebird.
Birth date. February 15th.
Language: Bird language and English.
Favourite food: Ice-cream (Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip flavor)
Likes: Something small and shiny, playing and flying.
Dislikes: Insects, pollutions, night time or dark.

Flaito is a bird version of KAITO. Do not confuse with ‘Kaitori’. Flaito also mistaken in Japanese word; フライト 'Furaito’ (Flight). He’s made by me and oreobot. His wings are 'real wings’, and only the scarf around his neck is the true scarf. Flaito’s voice is much higher pitch than Nigaito and he only speaks English.