Blind Date Masterlist

Alright folks, here we go!!! Thank you everyone for taking part in this! I´m very excited that so many people want to be a part of this and meet new people! Now, I´ve tried matching everyone up to their wishes, but if I got something wrong please don´t come banging down my door. There´s A LOT of people and while I put everyone down on a list I might have mixed something up, BUT  you can still have a nice thread, I mean…when does the person you talk to online actually turns out to look like the picture they sent? ( When it comes to dates anyways ) and besides: I´ve found that those threads usually turn out to be the best and even if they don´t end up dating you might find a friend for life ( and so will your character ) or it´ll be a story to tell that goes down as the worst date in history! ;)

Anyways, you´re welcome to slide into your partners IMs and set up a thread or maybe you´ll decide to simply put out a starter for them and see where it heads.

If you guys want you can tag your threads with #blind date shuffle so other people, who want to, can check and see how everything is going and maybe even find MORE people to write with or bond over horrible dates!

If, for whatever reason, you´re not on this list but have reblogged the post,  ( unless it was reblogged after I made the post about it closing ) please feel free to come into my IMs and let me know and I`ll find you a partner! ( I put people´s urls on the list so if somebody changed their url in the meantime etc  you´re welcome to let me know as well and I´ll see what I can do! )

Other than that: HAVE FUN!!! <3

PS: Tumblr won´t let me tag all of you so just check this post for you name! But I made sure at least ONE of you is tagged, so you should be able to find each other!!

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Random thoughts (alien: covenant spoilers)

I’m watching the prologue again and David really has remarkable expressions when he’s talking to Elizabeth. He has these wide-eyed artless grins. Quite honestly it reminds me of the way my three year old son smiles at me.

It’s so interesting to ponder how we ever could have went from that, to Elizabeth flayed open on a workbench. Some people are wondering if David actually killed her, since he doesn’t actually definitively say that he did.

(I have to stress that this is not a matter of uwu David did nothing wrong and just needs some hugs! Villains are more interesting when they’re complicated and have logical character progressions, rather than just LOL!PSYCHO! for no reason)

I wonder if Elizabeth died in cryosleep, either from an illness or a miscalculation or something, and David decided to take her apart to see if he could fix her, or replicate her, somehow.

(And if she’s there, then what on earth does David have buried under her gravestone, if anything?)

It’s just hard for me to imagine the very selfish David giving up something so unique and important to him: the one person who has ever been kind to him. It makes more sense to me that he would be too selfish and possessive to let something like that go without a good reason. I would imagine him keeping her in cryosleep forever before actually actively destroying her.

But who knows.

I rather like that we weren’t given any answers, and there’s wide open spaces to speculate.

Food network gothic

You’re watching a show on the foodnetwork. Giada is showing you how to make a recipe. Her whole instructional turns into italian, and you understand her. You’ve been following along the whole time, but you just don’t know what the recipe is and you forgot what protein you put in. You dont worry and keep adding ingredients. It feels like it’s been hours before it ends. The judges deliberate. You swear you’ve watched this episode before… was this even a competition show when you started watching? It doesn’t matter. Its midnight and you’ve unconsciously made 5 different dishes. Geoffrey zakarian is eating one. They’re all 5 star. Scott Conant bursts into your home, crying. When you look in the mirror, your reflection has been replaced with bobby flay.