One the things I want to add to my to-do list in life...

Go to a Big Bang concert.

After watching “YG ON AIR” Episode 3, something clicked. 
As the camera man, and TOP’s camera, captured their preparation for their “Love and Hope” tour, they took me by surprise. They rehearsed so many of their songs, both old and new. I suppose you could say that despite their music, and even themselves, changing in a completely new direction, I can’t help but love them for who and what they are both then and now.

I need to make a list of things in my life I need to accomplish.



My friends (Paro Paro featuring JAC Productions) and I did a skit at San Japan and won our open division. Hope you guys like it!

I was Kagome (girl in the green and white seifuku) and I died like a bamf <3 AH SO HAPPY I GOT TO “kill” HER ON STAGE XD;

Ps props to the audience member who did “Whoo!” when she died!

Dear Followers

As of late I have been a bad tumblr-er due to various reasons. I need to fix that.

But for now I will update you on what’s been going on with my life:

1) Did not make a 4.0 this term….slightly disappointed but that makes me want to work harder next term. Partially my fault for taking my final so lightly, completely forgetting that it was HALF of my final grade. gehhhhhhh~ It’s okay. a 3.77 isn’t that bad right? (I hate myself so much for worrying about these things…but I have never wanted to study abroad more in my life than now)

2) I am on spring break (as of last Wed) YAYY!! BACK HOME IN TEXAS! YAYYY!!!

3) Alas I have fallen ill. It really sucks considering I had so many plans and things to do other than sleep all day…but hey. Better to be sick home than at school; ILUPARENTS <3

4) My room is pretty! grant it it will simply be the guest room while I am gone but that’s okay. 

5) I have been listening to Girl’s Day’s comeback single “Twinkle Twinkle”; it’s extremely cutesy but I can’t help but love it!