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So the new BioWare game… exists?

It’s funny, I guess they’ve been burned by overselling their products so many times they’ve just stopped actually saying what they are.

I’ve been thinking about this since that Kotaku article about how Andromeda fell on its face. I feel like one of BioWare’s biggest issues is their inability to figure out who they are, and the lack of confidence to stand by it. One of their biggest flaws over ME’s lifespan has been the almost neurotic over-reaction to fan complaints. It’s in their entire history. Don’t like the elevator load screens? Replaced with even more boring generic graphic load screens! Economy and inventory system a bit badly designed? Get rid of all inventory! FemShep’s run isn’t ‘feminine’ (????) enough? Give her a laughably exaggerated hip-sway!

You look at a franchise like Uncharted, and see a dev who decided what they were about and stuck to it, and did it well. And granted, their gameplay didn’t exactly chart (hoho) new waters. But that didn’t matter because they decided what kind of game they wanted and they made four of them. And they weren’t flawless games, either. But they stuck to their damned guns and as a result they have a quadrology story that will be well-regarded for a long time. Meanwhile, CDR spent a lot of effort on creating an amazingly powerful cutscene animator engine for the Witcher games, and the result was a third game packed with character moments that will also stand the test of time.

Dragon Age has fared a little bit better over the years because if its pedigree as a fantasy RPG. It was able to cling to gameplay conventions that ultimately gave the whole franchise an underlying direction, even when they were having trouble finding a good line to walk between story and open world.

Mass Effect, on the other hand, spent ten years… flailing. It bleeds out of that Kotaku article. Their grasp of what made ME special was apparently so weak they spent the majority of Andromeda’s five year dev cycle on vaporware. They’re still desperate to please both the hardcore shooter set and the RPGers, for some reason. They crammed in an MP no one asked for, which, despite in itself being a decent little game, had strong and IMO negative blowback into the single player game. (I would forgive the MP if it didn’t affect SP development, but it did. A LOT.) 

I can’t help but think BioWare spends a lot of time apologizing for being a storytelling dev. It’s almost embarrassed by the notion that a lot of people play for the characters and relationships rather than the video game mechanics. Its biggest problem is a decade-long identity crisis it can’t seem to resolve. And the result is Andromeda, where the strengths we know and love are grossly underserved by a mishmash of problems that evolved out of trying to be everything to everyone and never deciding who they actually are.

I’m honestly kind of tired of it. We’ll see if this new franchise manages to stake out an identity, and, I don’t know, stand up for it.


The new momcat and babies are So Good, so pure, so floof

*slams head into a pillow*

Gosh - OK - first sorry for the random absence! Just suddenly got busy within life o-o

And not just that… but I got a question on my Wall on UT Amino about if there was a Fell!PJ, and if PJ is a jerk - is Fell!PJ more of a jerk?

And while I know there are Fell!PJ’s out there already that answer this as a ‘yes’ - I just… I suddenly thought how he WOULDN’T be a bigger jerk and in fact… would be TERRIFIED constantly. 

Just first - I never really think that Fell versions of out code characters can exist. Just due to how the multiverse is. 

But IF there was a Fell!Error and Fell!Ink - THIS is what Fell!PJ would be like:

Gosh - not much difference at first glance - but:

  • He is on edge all the time - Scared constantly. Always in fear. Hence why his left eye default is a circle - not a diamond like the original.
  • Instead of marching off angerly at 15 like his main counterpart - he runs away in a panic at 10. 
  • His fell parents? Both took him under their watch - altering between one, the other, or both. They saw PJ as an opportunity to craft him into what they needed - and used different tactics to do it. 
    (Again - honestly I doubt Error and Ink could have a Fell version anyway so I was just going on a huge idea burst with that one)
  • Fell!PJ moves from AU to AU - not to judge, but to hide. He feels more comfort in a solid world than the white void. Still - can’t stay for too long - he knows he leaves tracks behind. 
  • When and if he gets to know someone kind and is able to calm down - he will be more like original PJ - except he will catch himself on what he said and will apologize for it over and over. He doesn’t want to be anything like his parents - yet he still got that sarcastic yet straight forward attitude one of them has…
  • His splat mark on his cheek spreads out like a slap mark. It’s due to having been hit on that side too many times that the colored marks is just his way of ‘bandaging it up’

And well - his face colors look like this:

His hoodie is magenta/black, with the long sleeves below being purple/blue like his side pack. He would have orange and blue specks on his shorts and no ‘leggings’ like the original. 

As you can see - I thought WAY TOO MUCH INTO THIS GOODNESS.
(yet still don’t know what the parents would have done to make him that scared all the time… heh… hard for me to think of how a fell Ink and Error would be like I guess…)

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In a way I can't return - kakasaku

For the The way you say “I love you” prompt meme.

These are all going to be ridiculous by the way. Because these children are all ridiculous.

“Kakashi,” Sakura demands, “how drunk were you?”

Kakashi runs a hand through his hair. “Really drunk.”

“Obviously.” She stabs him in the chest with two fingers.


Sakura rolls her eyes but stops trying to poke at it. “Infant. I know for a fact that you’ve had worse injuries than me poking a brand new tattoo. Hells, I’ve inflicted worse injuries on you.”

“Sakura-chan,” Kakashi moans, “you’re so cruel to this old man.”

She rolls her eyes again.

“Here I am, making a romantic gesture, and you mock my pain.”

“This is supposed to be romantic?” Sakura asks, gesturing at his chest.

And, yeah, to be fair, it’s very pretty. Almost too pretty for the sharp planes of him: all achingly lovely lines and a blush of pink bleeding across the petals.

And, yeah, okay. He got a cluster of sakura blossoms tattooed over his heart. It’s romantic.

He still deserves to be mocked.

“Isn’t it?” Kakashi asks.

She thought that the flowers were a pretty pink, but the blush blooming on his cheeks and down his neck, down lower still, is even prettier.

Sakura wants to put her mouth on it.

“Depends,” she says, “on whether you think it’s still a good idea.”

Kakashi shrugs, deliberately artless, but he can’t look her in the eye. “You’re”–he coughs–”you’re inscribed on my soul regardless.”



Sakura pulls him down and kisses him breathless, takes his terrible, lovely, vulnerable words into her mouth and holds them there, safe, where they can’t be snatched away by a stray breeze.


Kakashi tugs her in closer with his hands on her hips.

She wants to fall into him and never leave.

“I love you,” he gasps when they finally wrench away to breathe.

She’ll never let him take it back.

(He’ll never want to.)


“Yeah,” she whispers to him later, wrapped up together in their bed. “It’s romantic.”

She bares her teeth in a wild grin.

“I love you,” she tells him.

His smile is soft and sweet and shy. And it is hers.

He’s hers, forever.

i can’t keep my post-canon puzzleshipping headcanons to myself any longer so y’ALL GONNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM

warning: some of these will get kind of nsfw. and then some more.

ok, ready? here we go!

  • after Yugi and Atem kiss for the first time (which Yugi initiates), Atem falls in love with kissing Yugi. it’s his favorite thing to do. he just loves kissing Yugi so much, he always (unconsciously) chases after Yugi’s mouth and Yugi thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever
  • seriously, Atem melts every time he kisses Yugi and he becomes this mushy, sappy dork who can’t stop telling Yugi how much he loves him and Yugi blushes and grins and just kisses him again because if he tried to speak, he’d probably choke on tears, they love each other so much
  • Atem usually leans his head against Yugi’s shoulder whenever he needs comfort of some kind. specially during what they think of as “bad days.” days where Atem can’t stop remembering some of the worst things he did after Yugi solved the puzzle and those memories haunt him and he’s so ashamed and so Yugi wraps his arms around him and kisses his hair and grounds him and it’s not perfect and it doesn’t erase Atem’s memories but at least it makes them go away long enough for him to breathe again
  • Atem finds every and any excuse to hold Yugi’s hand. Yugi has told him he doesn’t need any excuse to hold his hand (’cause he still gets butterflies every time Atem’s fingers wrap around his), but at this point Atem just comes up with silly excuses to make Yugi laugh
  • whenever they have tickle wars (which is not that often, but when they happen, they’re epic), they always end up on the floor, laughing their heads off

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Dialogue prompt: "Hushed exclamation of wonder!" "What?" "I said, hushed exclamation of wonder."

HAHAHA oh my god hold on, I got this.


“She tried to drink from the fountain in the quad,” Keisha says as soon as she enters the room. Her hair is sticking wildly out of her braids and there’s a certain desperation in her eyes that’s become rather common the past few days. “Again.”

The three other students gathered in the empty classroom, huddled over coffee cups and half-filled notebooks, groan.

“I’ll add it to the board,” Abir says. There are deep bags under his eyes and he’s got the most coffee cups piled up in front of his chair. He hauls himself out of his seat and to the front of the room. He uncaps the dry erase marker and writes Drinking from fountain to the bottom, right under BROCCOLI AND WHIPPED CREAM ARE NOT HUMAN FOODS.

It’s a long, long list.

“Maybe,” Catherine says carefully, “we should tell her. I think she’d be more aware if she knew we knew. You know?”

“Fuck off,” Gio says. “I’ve been awake for way too long to make sense of that shit.” He puts his hand back down on the table, seemingly uncaring of the coffee puddle his hair falls into.

“She’s worked so hard though,” Keisha says, dropping down into an empty chair. “She’s getting better, really. She doesn’t do the stalker-stare as much anymore!”

“Yes she does,” Gio says, not lifting his head. “She just does it when you’re not looking. Still creepy.”

“I think Catherine is right,” Abir says, dragging himself back to his chair. “She thinks she’s blending in because we haven’t said anything. The suits almost saw her scuttle up that big pine tree yesterday. That doesn’t exactly scream human.”

“Exactly,” Catherine says, slapping the table. “If she knows we know then we can give her more obvious pointers! And stop her from giving herself away to the Men in Black.”

“We don’t know they’re the Men in Black,” Keisha says. “Maybe they really are auditing the university.”

The four friends stare at each other, Gio deigning to lift his head, for a long moment. Then they all burst out laughing.

“Oh my god,” Abir says, wiping tears from under his eyes. “I asked them about their geiger counters. They told me they were calculators.”

Catherine slaps the table again. “Ha ha, holy shit. That beats when they followed me and Georgiana into the ceramics room for some records.”

“I think my favorite part might be their fake ass badges,” Gio says. “I googled an IRS badge and they don’t look anything alike.”

“They’re so bad at their cover,” Keisha says, “it’s sad.”

“They might actually be worse at pretending than Georgiana is,” Gio says, “and she’s, you know.” He raises his eyebrows. “Not from around here.”

That sets them all off again. And if the laughter, at one point, becomes somewhat closer to crying than laughing, no one mentions it.

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“Please put me down it’s just a sprained ankle" Sounds adorable!

Some days he truly did miss Riverdale High, the quiet hallways and clean water fountains, Archie’s obnoxiously loud voice calling to him from down the hall, his beautiful girlfriend scrambling behind him as she rushed them both to class never one to be even a minute late. Southside High was… fine, Jughead had the Serpents to keep him safe, the paper to keep him busy and his father to keep him in line,but still, it would never be Riverdale.

Even just standing here in the parking lot of his former High school, he instantly felt some of the days tension leave his heavy shoulders. The mere thought of Betty Cooper seemed to bring him a sense of calm that he desperately needed.

Well that was of course until this very moment in time.

He saw Kevin before he saw her, the fiery teen shouting and flailing his arms

“Move out of the way, injured cheerleader coming through! Make way!”

Jugheads eyes widened so large he must have looked like a comic book character as he ran towards Veronica who was carefully holding up Betty as she limped down the steps, Archie following close behind, his hands held out helplessly as he looked at his blonde best friend nervously.

Betty spotted him before h had a chance to speak.
“Jug, it is not as bad as it looks. I promise.”

At this point half the school had gathered by the steps, drawn by Kevin’s shouting and Jugheads shiny chrome motorcycle parked right out front.

Jughead gripped her cheeks, fingers brushing her jaw as he stared deep into her meadow eyes.

“What happened? Who did this? When did this happen? Why didn’t you call me?” He rambled off sternly, barely registering Veronica at his side

“Cheryl dropped her on purpose at practice today, she landed right on her ankle, by stubborn Cooper over here refused to give Cheryl the satisfaction and she finished the whole routine. She’s feeling it now though” Veronica squeezed her best friends hand lovingly before moving off to stand beside Archie

“I watched it dude, she cracked down on that floor, Cheryl just walked away in the middle of the lift. It was bullshit.”The red head growled.

Betty stepped back a bit, wobbling unsteadily
“Can I please talk now? Yes I fell, yes Cheryl dropped me but yes I’m okay, I promise. As for the reason why I didn’t call you, It just happened and I knew you were driving. If you could just help me to your bike, I should be fine on the ride home. I mean you guys act as if.. wait.. woah! HEY!”

In an instant Jughead had her up and over his shoulder, his hand pressing down the edge of her skirt as the entire football field watched Jughead hoist Betty up caveman style.

“Forsythe!” Betty protested, smacking his back with her tiny fist

“Elizabeth!” He teased back, making his way over to his motorcycle.

“Please put me down! It’s just a sprained ankle!” The Beautiful Blonde exclaimed.

“No can do Betts, my bikes all the way on the other side of the parking lot and there’s not a chance I’m risking you injuring yourself further by trying to walk on that ankle, what were you thinking doing the whole routine?! You could have gotten seriously hurt! What if your ankle gave out and you fell and hit your head? What if Cheryl dropped you again just to be spiteful, you know that’s something she would do!” He was exasperated as he gently deposited his injured girlfriend onto the Harley’s seat.

“I know Jug. It was stupid but…. she’s just so awful and she always thinks she can get her way and I’m so sick of everyone judging me, thinking I’m some big baby who runs at the first sign of trouble.” Betty mumbled, her hands reaching up to tug Jughead down to her level as she ran her fingers through his hair. “I didn’t mean to make you worry, I’m sorry.” She whispered softly, pressing her lips to his in a gentle kiss.

Jughead sighed, eyes filled with unconcealed concern and adoration for the love of his life, currently propped up on his bike. Pulling the helmet from his bag he plopped it into her hands.

“I just love you. I don’t want you hurt okay? Ever. Helmet on. We’re heading to the trailer so I can patch you up dare devil.”

Betty giggled, arms wrapping around his middle

“Okay Superman.”