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If The Hobbit were an MMO
  • * Bilbo has joined the party *
  • Thorin: lol
  • Thorin: hobbit
  • Fili: xD
  • Kili: XDDDD
  • Bilbo: :/
  • Gandalf: a THIEF hobbit
  • Gandalf: he'll be useful
  • Gandalf: promise.
  • Thorin: He better be. Bilbo, build?
  • Bilbo: Build what?
  • Thorin: ...what's your build.
  • Bilbo: OH. Er...I don't think I have one.
  • Thorin: Stats?
  • Bilbo: Haven't assigned any.
  • Bilbo: I usually just RP in town.
  • * Bilbo has been kicked from party *
  • Gandalf: Thorin wtf
  • * Bilbo has joined the party *
  • Bilbo: @_@
  • Thorin: Is he level 20 or something whotf doesn't have a build
  • Bilbo: EXCUSE YOU. I'm level 80!
  • Thorin: What skills did you get?
  • Bilbo: I'm not telling you that, you'll just mock all of them.
  • Thorin: Gandalf I'm not bringing an untested thief along.
  • Thorin: He'll die.
  • Thorin: Several times.
  • Thorin: IDG why I even have to, we're pretty much set.
  • Gandalf: Yeah, 13 warrior-class idiots versus a level 500 dragon boss.
  • Gandalf: That'll scare him.
  • Gandalf: Look, his skillset's ideal and you have an extra party slot.
  • Gandalf: Just bring him along. What's the harm?
  • Dwalin: he's not even geared
  • Thorin: ...what?
  • Dwalin: look at his armor
  • Thorin: Oh god.
  • Fili: lmao that's like starter gear
  • Bofur: HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!
  • ... later ...
  • * A Stone Giant damaged Bilbo for 18,028 HP *
  • Thorin: jfc
  • * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds *
  • * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds *
  • * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds *
  • * Bilbo has recovered his health *
  • * Bilbo has been kicked from party *
  • * Bilbo has joined the party *

Q: And what was working [with Richard Armitage like]?

Audience: (enthusiastic cheering)

Dean O'Gorman: We’re all a bit like that around Richard. I’m like, “Oh, my God. So dreamy.”

Jed Brophy: (fans self) It was quite hard work.

Dean: "Armitage is something else.“ […] Like I said, I arrived a bit later, so I went down to audition, and I had the audition with Aidan, and then Philippa was showing me around the set. And she (inaudible) […] "Richard’s in,” and I was like “Okay.” And he was doing vocal warm-ups in his trailer. And he was just so lovely to me from day one. And Richard really, he really wanted the relationship between Fili, Kili, and Thorin to be, you know, as genuine as possible, so he would really do his best to make us feel comf-, feel sort of comforted. Especially me in my first week, ‘cause I was, you know, extremely nervous. And he’s just a really lovely individual, isn’t he?

Jed: I’d follow him into Erebor. He’s a king of men. 

Mark Hadlow: I guess if you were, you know, a whole lot of Dwarves, and you, whatever you are, he is honestly the leader, which is what you just said. I mean he was…you would follow him, honestly. Even Richard Armitage as Richard Armitage, without the Dwarf costume. You would follow Richard Armitage.