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If you could fight one person who would it be and why??

Bobby Flay. Ya’ll, he’s just the American offbrand version of the love of my life, Gordon Ramsay. And he’s hella cocky. Ya’ll ever watch that Throwdown with Bobby Flay show? Homeboy literally shows up to people’s restaurants and decides to duel them with food. And the people he throws down the gauntlet for? Honest to God experts in their cooking field. And Bobby Flay usually just kind of dabbles in the area, and is like what is this hard or something? (also like the people he challenges have no idea it’s going to happen? but Bobby spends like weeks researching how to beat them? so it’s not even fair??)

On a more serious note… He also has a horrible reputation for his temper tantrums and being a sore winner/loser. There was the whole drama with his daughter, which I’m really against for feminist/decent human being reasons. A lot of accounts of him being culturally insensitive. 

I just want to literally beat Bobby Flay.  

Cookies And Cream

“C'mon Harry it’s really not a hard question!” Your question got muffled in its trail of laughter but he still pouted and sealed his lips.

“Yeh don’ just ask people that love. S'crazy talk.” His hands fall to his thighs exasperatedly.

“Ugh look.” You say sternly, reaching to lower the volume on the haphazardly picked movie and shifting so that the two of you face each other. After all, the small couch didn’t allow much leeway when it came to last-minute movie night hangouts. Slowly, you place your hands on his shoulders.

“It’s simple! Cookies or cream?”

With his smile burning bright, he places his hands on yours and muses the words with a hearty chuckle.

“S'not that easy. The cookie is great with the milk love, but you can’t just forget the delicious cream!” Your intent stare at his glossy round lips grows when he leans forward to place a peppery and perky kiss on your mouth. When he pulls back, his head is shaking in mock disapproval but that doesn’t stop you from holding your ground.

After all, the cookie /is/ better than the cream right?

“No. That’s insane.” Your hands and arms are flaying, light with contentment and excitement to be at peace with your busy boyfriend.

“The cookie is /definitely/ the best part. There’s no competition.” The statement is clear from your lips, but the certain stubborn and curly haired goofball in front of you begs to differ.

“Darling,” He cradled your face in his hands with a sing song voice dripping like venom. “The cream is airy and delicious. Don’ get stuck in yeh teeth and is very…. fluffy.”

“Fluffy?” You retort.

“Yes, fluffy.”

“I’m right love and you know it!” He hollers. The movie was drowned out by your laughs but neither of you seemed to care.

“I used to be a baker too. I know my stuff.” Harry shakes his head, like a parent scolding their disobedient youngster.

“It’s /oreos/ Harry! Nothin’ about baking.”

You continue. You and him both know that this won’t end in the near future:

“Doesn’t matter anyways. They taste great together.” He pursed his lips at your statement, uneasy and apprehensive and sensing a “but” somewhere near.

All he could do was smile and kiss your cheek as you rambled on.

Of course, he had won, but he’d never tell this to your face, far to pleased in his thoughts with his condescending smirk and cocky click of his tongue.

“Great together huh?” He is whispering by your ear now, leaning over far from his previous position.

“Like you an’ me!” You chirp, catching the path he’s steering this conversation into.

His belly shakes at your amusement and watches as you relax into his lap for the remainder of the movie, reply hours later, when your eyes have drifted closed into their own darkness.

“Like you an’ me.”