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Congratulations to the cast of Once On This Island for 8 Tony nominations!


Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty on Christy and Derek’s ANASTASIA audition singing duet “In a Crowd of Thousands”:


It wasn’t like they were acting.  It was like they were actually being. They were those characters. I felt like we were sort of eavesdropping on a very intimate moment between two people’s lives as opposed to watching two actors perform a scene.   It seemed absolutely thrilling.  And there was no discussion.  We knew we had found our two leads.  


When they came in together there was just no question.  No question.

Recommended Obscure Musicals of the Week

1. Be More Chill
- Imagine “13” and “Little Shop of Horrors had a love-child. ‘Nuff said. Also, teen depression metaphors and a hype, funny soundtrack. (Lots of great audition songs)

2. Fortress of Solitude
- "Hairspray” and “Motown”’s love-child. But better. Lots of roles for POC. Lots of roles for teens.

3. Nine
Not super obscure, but really dark, twisted, and comedic. Definitely under-appreciated. There are lots of beautiful ballads here that I never see at auditions

4. Edges
A Pasek and Paul (team behind “Dear Evan Hansen). Emotional abuse themes. Basically a masterpiece.

5. A Man of No Importance
The only Ahrens and Flaherty that no one knows. So very Broadway, and one of their best. It’s about theatre and every-day struggles. It’s really lovely.

6. Vanities
Just listen to "Fly Into the Future” and get back to me.

7. Cops
If you haven’t already heard of “The Sensitive Song”….I don’t know what you’ve been doing. Basically it’s the best guy audition song ever, especially if you’re going in for something not-so-kosher.

Broadway Producer: “Hey, this book of *Insert Unnecessary Musical Adaptation of a Movie here* is just okay. Can we get a couple of good songs and one like, really great one to punch it up a bit?”

Flaherty and Ahrens:

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Stephen Flaherty: He loved the way it searches and goes to these various keys, but he felt the center needed to be more direct, more simple. So, he suggested something like, “Boom! Boom! Boom!,”—essentially he meant whole notes. Lynn freaked out and she goes, “You only want whole notes?”

Lynn Ahrens: When you use whole notes, those words have to be huge words, huge ideas! I thought, “What am I going to do?” I came up with “home, love, family.”

How Anastasia’s Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty Wrote Their Oscar-Nominated “Journey to the Past”