Parklife 2014! - This year Flagtime had a full production crew up at Heaton Park for the festival, working alongside the legendary ‘Mad Ferret Productions' 

The Mad Ferret family (who originally started the festival) had many unorthodox yet awe inspiring performers on site… plus heavily involved in the actual festival build itself.

Our camera crew, headed by Ed Lister spent the weekend capturing all aspects of the festival: Music thirsty inconceivable endless crowds, fire breathing equilibrists, giant roaming glittering blinking silk dragon puppets and not to mention musical talents galore. 

For such a truly demanding shoot it was extremely essential to select the appropriate camera / grip / support for the job..had to be solid yet mobile enough for the 2 day / night shooting schedules.

A massive thank you / shout out goes to Leading production giants 'OConnor’ & 'Lite panels’ for supplying the OGrips (for camera support) & the Croma LED Light panel.

“Seriously the most sturdy, rugged rig iv ever had the pleasure of using..left me free to focus on the job in hand without having to worry what so ever about kit issues when climbing into crowds or on stage with world famous acts”

( Ed Lister on the kit choice) - check out Oconnor  & Lite panels here.

Our Parklife 2014 video will be coming over the next couple of weeks… expect some seriously magical visuals from the team!!!!