...My family just insisted I let them “fix [me] with Jesus” [UPDATED]

I am not joking. I’m still shaking really fucking bad. I am so fucking terrified right now I can’t even…

I tried texting my uncle to see if he knew if someone could take me to an interview in a nearby town. This was the result. WARNING: emotionally manipulative language, religious extremism.

This is terrifying in so many ways. I don’t know what the fuck went wrong. This man is like a dad to me. ….Well, I do know what went wrong. He started attending a church that is notorious for its cult mentality. This is the result. I love my family. But I can’t live with them. I’m afraid of what they would do if they ever found out I was trans.

I’m backed into a corner. The lease is up next month. I have nowhere to go, and I’m not safe with them. These are highly manipulative people so out of touch with the outside world that they’ve retreated into a cult mentality. My gofundme for relocation costs is here

Please, if you know anyone at all in the Flagstaff, AZ area with a couch they’re willing to let me crash on in March, get in contact with me. I need to get out of this situation. I’m also going to be in contact with several charities who might be able to help with relocation, but it’s not a done deal. This situation just turned highly dangerous for me.

[UPDATE 3/30/16]

THE GOFUNDME GOAL HAS BEEN MET. I have a new job! I’ve acquired an apartment! (Granted not in Flagstaff, as expensive as it is to live there, but in the Phoenix metropolitan area, where there is more access to trans resources, cosplay groups, better mental health care, and steady jobs.) Things are starting to really look up and soon I’ll be able to open commissions again, which will help immensely because I’m kinda moving on a shoestring budget. The campaign is still available for those who would still like to chip in for the next month while I get myself situated, but to those who donated and reblogged, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I AM GRATEFUL. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I don’t think I can ever pay any of you back for your kindness.