Flagstaff library worries about Trump's proposed budget
President Trump’s proposed federal budget sought to eliminate the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), which is where public libraries like the ones in Coconino County get federal money to help keep their programs running.

Hit the link to find a video provides by a local news channel, discussing how IMLS money helped Flagstaff-Coconino County Public Library and what is at risk if IMLS disappears.

Then head over to the ALA Action Center and use our talking points to call, email, or tweet at your Representative and ask for their support.


Walnut Canyon National Monument

A few miles East of Flagstaff, Arizona you can visit another national monument featuring more of the ancient native cliff dwellings that are so common among the Southwest. An easy descent down steps leads you to a 1 mile loop trail around the cliff dwellings with great views of the surrounding canyon. Another 1 mile walk take you out to a few viewpoints which offer another perspective on the monument. This was an easy experience that is worth the day trip if you are spending some time in Flagstaff.


Humphreys Peak, AZ by moominsean
Via Flickr:
Polaroid 190, ID-UV


Sunset Crater National Monument

Another short drive North of Flagstaff, Arizona lead me to my first exploration of a volcanic crater among the highest peaks in the state. A collection of short trails can be found down the road from the visitor center. These trails wind through lava fields with giant volcanic rocks and fine black sands. The color Sunset Crater looms in the background in contrast to the beautiful Humphrey’s Peak and San Francisco Peaks in the West.