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I am glad Harries are not letting them take this , they can scream and say that is a sign for Larry but we know it's not. We will celebrate harry raising the flag in support because it means a lot to a lot of people and we will celebrate it and as usual we will drawn the larries voice out. That's how we managed to have separate solo harry Fandom when they were screaming bs. So yes kudos all the Harries I know it's absolutely infuriating they are to ruin this but keep doing you and ignore trash

be loud and proud and love harry, that’s all we have to do 

Robert E. Lee himself refused to wear his confederate uniform after the confederacy’s defeat in the American civil war. At his funeral he was not buried in it and no one in attendance was permitted to wear theirs either. He also declared that his confederate battle flag (what we now call “the confederate flag”) never be raised again and that it was a flag of treason.

So there’s your “southern heritage.”

A bit of a warning for young female roleplayers.

This is something I, normally do not do. But with the things that are happening I think it is best to share this with others so they can be wary of the guy. The guy being one who goes by Theherooftime68, from what I know he mainly messaged minor females -myself included- asking about roleplaying, wanting to well roleplay NSFW kinda things. I be putting some of the things he done under a readmore, since it probably will get long.

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Tumblr has a problem with diverse media.

This is nothing new.

Today, a friend of mine expressed that she has become too paralysed with fear to continue writing. She’s working through it and it’s compounded by her mental illness which magnifies this sort of self-destructive rumination. However, as for the trigger, she named it specifically as Tumblr’s vicious hostility towards any piece of work which does not pass their arbitrary, ever-shifting and vastly varying criteria. Criteria for being “inclusive”, as well as portraying “diverse” characters in a way which doesn’t raise red flags for some subset of users and thus gets stamped “problematic”, or if you’re feeling saucy, “garbage shit trash”.

To summarize: Tumblr “critical consumption” has effectively silenced a queer, female, mentally ill creative voice.

I am a minority creator myself (biracial, mentally ill) and I’ll be the first to admit that hanging around tumblr has been helpful in learning how to examine my programming and how it shows up in my work. However, I possess a confidence– and arrogance– in my work that others do not, which allows me to press forward even when my inbox accuses my queer characters being “lip service” because they don’t have romantic arcs.

Is deep-sj tumblr happy with this model? Are we content to batter aspiring socially-conscious creators into abandoning the idea of creating altogether, while scores of white boys skim past your open condemnation of Urbance with a scoff, if they even read it at all?

Let’s talk about Urbance. Before I get right into it I have a related anecdote.

Some time ago, I recommended The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin to a user seeking books with gender-nonbinary characters (the work in question contains characters who are, quite explicitly and viscerally, genderfluid). They immediately discarded the idea after reading its summary on goodreads. They didn’t want to read a book about “some white guys from Earth having to ~learn to accept~ gender noncomforming aliens and that being the entire arc of the story”.

Anyone who’s actually read Left Hand knows this is ludicrous, but for your benefit, the main character is black, and he is the only Earthborn human in the story; the Gethenians are described as ‘Inuit brown’ and are humanoid in every respect besides their unique sexual physiology. The core themes of the book are actually about exploring a society which doesn’t have a masculinity construct. Where everyone is both male and female. No time is spent by the (BLACK) protag being disgusted or crudely fascinated by the Gethenians; only with examining how his two-gendered social programming has led him to frequently prejudge and misunderstand them.

No, that wasn’t good enough. These barriers need to not exist, because we want diverse stories where LGBT and people of color don’t face prejudice, right?

Urbance. Urbance was almost utterly destroyed by Tumblr; its creators sought to portray a society where everyone was mixed race (their characters were unmistakably black and asian-coded) and the construct of 'race’ was absent, a relic of a bygone era. Tumblr users decided that this, in itself, was racist. They proceeded to pick apart every line of a translated-from-French Q&A page and decided that Urbance was acephobic, nb-phobic, transphobic, queer-erasing, whatever; until, embarrassingly enough, Urbance received a funding surge at the eleventh hour from fucking GamerGate.

GamerGate had to pick up a promising, racially and sexually diverse project because Tumblr users were so utterly batshit hateful towards it that it almost didn’t get funded. Simply to spite us.

So that’s at least one high profile 'progressive’ piece of media that Tumblr has waved its dick and balls at and nearly destroyed– has there been an analogous example of a diverse project that Tumblr has rallied behind? 

Oh right– The Arkh Project. 

I really have nothing else to add that hasn’t been said a hundred times over by people more versed in this stuff than I am– everything is problematic, progress in small steps, glass half full, etc.

The fact of the matter is Tumblr needs to sort its fucking attitude out, and quick, or we’re looking at a lot of the same shit for the next ten years while the same straight white guys make everything, and laugh at “SJWs” constantly, impotently, pointlessly, complaining. While queer, female, mentally ill writers languish in corners, silent, hiding like battered wives from the people who are supposed to be their advocates, their protectors, and their fans.

Sort it out.


This month is not about pride of being Gay, because being Gay is not an achievement. The achievement has been the result of many fights, demanding rights and people that has given their life so thay today you can take your couple’s hand or kiss in public.

I am not really a fan of rainbows but today I raise this flag that symbolizes fight, pride, gratitude, happiness and freedom!


This was all taken from facebook because our own local media isn’t covering enough of this. But here’s what happened as of 12:24 AM PHT:


- AFP: Marawi City situation under control as military pursues Maute bandits.

- AFP: Several members of the Maute group were killed.

-Duterte flies back home from Russia.

-AFP are sending more troops in Marawi

- Patients and nurses are safe inside the APMC and the latter are currently on duty.

- Armed men are confirmed to be the Maute group.

- The Maute group together with the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

- A policeman and 2 ambulance drivers were killed.

- Homes are being trespassed.

- Women not wearing Hijabs are being taken away.

- AFP received an intel that Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon was with the Maute group.

- Some buildings in Dansalan College were burnt to ashes.

- Most affected areas are Basak Malutlut, Sarimanok, Marinaut, Provincial Jail, Amai Pakpak, Bo. Saber, Sarimanok and most of the key intersections in Marawi.

- Marawi City Jail is on fire.

- Detainees in the City Jail were freed by the group.

- At least 5 gov’t troops are now wounded.

- Chapel in Barrio Paypay is on fire.

- The group took away the firetrucks so that the fire can’t be put out.

- Marawi City is experiencing total electricity blackout.

- ISIS flags are raised in several areas in the city including hospitals, government establishments, and police cars.

- Maute group has left the Amai Pakpak Medical Center.

- Maute recruiting residents to join them.

- AFP issued a 5-hour ultimatum for civilians to leave before they start bombing Marawi again.

- Maute is interrogating civilians. If you can’t prove you are a Muslim, they will kidnap you and will be “taken cared of”

- Maute used trucks to block all entry/exit including bridges.

- Police captain killed.

- The group is seizing houses looking for men to recruit.

- Civilians are asked to recite the Shahada. If they can’t, theyre killed.

- Some of the teachers in Dansalan College are already dead. Their heads are being displayed on the highway.

DISCLAIMER: Most of the information here came from personal accounts of people inside Marawi City.

PLEASE signal boost this! I know there are many things happening right now, especially with what happened with Ariana’s concert. But this is really scary and there’s not enough information on it.


Major events in the Maygic Gauntlet 2k17, a summary:

  • Henry the birb loses (So does the Alteans and Sanaki)
  • Leo wins for a good reason (Fowl play would have happened otherwise)
  • Robin goes all Grima on Leo (Julia made a valiant effort)
  • Tharja is a beast? Robin throws the game?? (Plegia wins anyway)
  • Robin has a tea shop??? (Nohrian Fear, Altean Smear, Naga’s Tears, etc)
  • Robin slips and Tharja scores a date
  • Everyone needs more orbs

The end

Thank you for reading this! :’)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 are here! 

On February 23, 1945 (72 years ago today) a small U.S. flag was first raised atop Mount Suribachi soon after the mountaintop was captured at around 10:20 am. 1st Lt. Harold G. Schrier, executive officer of Easy Company, volunteered to lead a 40-man combat patrol up the mountain. Lt. Col. Johnson, the battalion commander, handed Schrier a flag saying, “If you get to the top put it up.” The patrol carried that 54-by-28-inch flag, which had been taken from the battalion’s transport ship, the USS Missoula, and up to the slopes of the extinct volcano. Lt. Schrier successfully led the combat patrol to the top. The flag was attached to a pipe, and the flagstaff was raised, marking the first time in history the American flag was raised on Japanese soil. The moment was captured by U.S. Marine Corps photographer, SSgt. Lou Lowery.

There was a roar from the Marines and sailors off shore and on the island, and the blasts of the ship horns alerted the Japanese, who up to this point had stayed in their cave bunkers. The Marines and corpsmen on Mt. Suribachi found themselves under fire from Japanese troops, but Schrier’s Marines were able quickly to eliminate the threat.


It was the early 1940s, when 12-year-old Charles “Bob” Martin, a Washington, D.C., kid who had always loved the water, decided to try to rent a boat. So he headed down to the waterfront to ask about the cost. A white man working there told him it would cost $5 to reserve a rowboat, plus a quarter for every hour on the water.

The next week Martin headed back to the waterfront with money he’d cobbled together from his job at a local pharmacy. He saw the same man with the boats for rent.

What happened next remains seared into his memory.

“This man broke my heart,” he said. “I said, ‘I got the quarter,’ and the man looked at me, and I’m quoting him now. He says: 'I don’t know why you keep running around down here to rent a boat, because we do not rent these boats to no — the n-word — so you can just leave here and just not even come back.’ ”

The encounter broke Martin’s heart. But not his resolve. “I’m going home crying to my mom,” Martin remembers. “I said 'Mom, I’m gonna get me a boat.’ ”

Around that same time, just upriver from where Martin was turned away, Lewis T. Green, a shop teacher at a D.C. high school, was trying to create a boat club for himself and other black boaters in the city. Green asked federal officials for permission to use land for his fledgling group, but didn’t have much luck. He eventually got the attention of the philanthropist Mary McLeod Bethune, who in turn contacted her friend, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was then-first lady of the United States. Soon enough, the Interior Department allowed Green the use of a small plot by the railroad tracks near the Anacostia River. It’s where Seafarers Boat Club — now Seafarers Yacht Club — began and where it still stands.

They Built Their Own Boating 'Shangri-La.’ Preserving It May Be Just As Hard

Photos: Beck Harlan

“Pinugutan daw ng mga isis yung ibang teacher na kinidnap sa isang school (Dansalan College) sa Marawi tapos dinisplay daw yung mga ulo sa highway”

Isis beheaded the kidnapped teachers from a school (Dansalan College) at Marawi. Then they displayed their heads across the highway.

This is seriously happening right now guys. The people of Marawi in Philippines are in need of help and prayers.

Edited: It is not verified if it’s actually Isis involved, however the Maute group has raised black flags connected to Isis. The Filipino media and government has not confirmed anything, this could be propaganda from the Maute group. However, the horrors the civilians are facing right now at Marawi city are real. Many are trapped in the city and fear for their lives.