flags are weird

You know your brain is overtired and tangled if it takes you about 24 hours to realize you have 5 fingers on each hand and not 6.

Why did I suddenly assume I had 12 fingers? Why did my brain suddenly change a fact that was always part of my reality? I am still trying figure that out.

Holtzmann and star are my two current cosplay goals before nekocon, i’ll probably wear each of them one day and then bring pearl or ladybug for sunday!

anonymous asked:

Your flag is so weird omg what's the meaning behind that?

I wouldn’t say it’s that weird–the biggest thing with it is the representation of the number ‘3′. The three bent legs form triangles, which represents the trinacria (triskelion), which is a symbol that’s been pretty common here since the Greeks. But they can also represent the three valli of the island, which is when I was split into three parts during the Muslim rule. And, it represents the shape of Sicily, which has three ends and resembles a triangle.

The head of Medusa is meant to be a symbol of protection, and her three wheat ears represent my agriculture and fertile land.

The red represents Palermo, and the gold represents Corleone.

This odd little curl of hair that sticks out of my hair is triangular, too, so–?