flags are weird

another point i haven’t seen is that there were 3 magen david flags, as opposed to the hundreds of chicago flags. surely the chicago flag is more offensive to the indigenous algonquian peoples who were expelled and massacred under it than a plain magen david flag unrelated to and 6000 miles away from israel. why kick out the jews for potentially being mistaken as zionists by people who don’t know jewish symbols but leave all the people flying the settler flag? weird

jaals confession scene can be summarized as ‘local awkward angara teenage boy takes girl to his room to profess love, accidentally tells her that for some reason he took his pet alien apart after it died when he was seven, out of town woman somehow decides she still thinks this is fuckable’


Here’s an aroace pride kitty for @sevenscorpions

I wasn’t sure if you wanted an aroace crossover, or an aro and an ace pride kitty, so I just decided to do all three! I hope you like them! :3

As per usual, if ya’ll want to see any others, just let me know!


pride month icons — culper spy ring, aka….ur faves are gay: 

  • abraham woodhull, anna strong, benjamin tallmadge – bisexual
  • caleb brewster – pansexual

ft. robert townsend as ur resident demisexual:

my icon is making me So Happy

Some more drawings for pride month with my ocs the ghost girlfriends (spooky and Catty) and Miss Kitty the magical flying Demipansexual cat from outer space 🐾💕✏️🖋😊💙❤️💚💛💜🎀✨⭐️


I don’t think I’ll ever really get over these two. The first of the flag of Sweden. The second is the flag of Verona, Italy.

As a Swedish Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet nerd this is…. very amusing to me.

unpopular opinion time!
so you know how the “lesbian flag” is actually the lipstick lesbian flag but with the lips removed?
and lipstick lesbian is pretty specifically a femme thing.
and now i’ve seen people like, change the lesbian flag to a different hue (usually green or blue) to be the “butch flag”. which brings up a whole lot more shit since that’s insinuating that butches aren’t lesbians since there’s no femme flag since the “lesbian flag” is basically taken from a sort of “femme flag”.
anyway what i’m saying is there was already an actual lesbian flag. bring back the axe flag.

rafemode  asked:

Heey! Could you draw Elena dressed as Anne Bonny from Assassins Creed Black Flag? Kind of a weird idea, but maybe it looks great. c:

Oh oh! This suits her well!
I tried to make Elena a slightly bad look. lol

I also wanted UC 4 ’s Anne Bonny or rather all pirates of Libertalia to feature more.
Why can only Fight with Avery and Adam at Survival?
I wanted all 12 pirates to be the boss of each stage.

Thank you for your request!


A/N: As requested, this is Part II! Have fun! ;)

Part I

Words: 2288 (I guess I got a little… carried away xD)
Warnings: smut

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