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Supreme Court rejects appeal from students who were banned from wearing American flag shirts

A sad day for liberty and the 1st Amendment.  The Supreme Court is allowing California schools to ban students from wearing the American flag on their tshirts.

from AP:

The Supreme Court has denied an appeal from former California high school students who were ordered to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out during a celebration of the Cinco de Mayo holiday at school.

The justices did not comment Monday in leaving in place an appellate ruling that found that school officials acted appropriately because their concerns about racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights. Administrators feared the American-flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday.

The onetime students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California, argued that school officials gave a “heckler’s veto” to the objecting students.

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So, the students could openly celebrate Mexican independence but not America.  How’s that for some insane political correctness?

Non-Binary Masterpost

Here is the Genderqueer flag:

Genderqueer is the umbrella term to describe all people under the Trans* spectrum, and some non-binary people prefer this term as their only term because they prefer not to have a confining label.

Please note: Many of the flags below are not official and you may see other versions for the same Gender.

Here is the Genderfluid flag:

Genderfluid is the term for people who aren’t always the same gender. A genderfluid person can change gender presentation or pronouns with how they identify at different times. 

Here is one of the bigender flags I’ve seen:

Bigender has two definitions that I know. It can mean a person who identifies as male and female at once, or someone who switches between the two. (kindly presented further definitions are graciously accepted)

Here is the agender flag:

As the name suggests, agender is under the non-binary umbrella, but is defined as the absence or lack of any gender. An agender person is one who isn’t a part of any other gender. It is often described as gender-neutral, genderless, ungendered, or genderfree.

Very similar to agender is called Neutrois:

Neutrois is either a neutral gender or lack of gender. Often described as null-gender, genderless, un-gendered, or sometimes other forms of gender neutral terms. Some use the term agender or androgynous.  

Here is the Pangender flag (sometimes known as omnigender):

Pangender is the name for the identity of encompassing all genders at once or shifting between any of the genders. It is often paralleled with Being Trigender:

The trigender flag is very similar to the transgender flag, but it is far closer to pangender. It can be identifying as all genders, or shifting between them. Some people use Pangender as it is more inclusive and some think the term trigender implies that there are only three genders, but both Genders are acceptable!:)

Here is Polygender:

Polygender is the identity that is define as multiple genders but not all, a poly person could identify as all at once or fluctuate between their genders. Some poly people are male and non-binary genders or female and non-binary genders, some are only non-binary genders.  

Here is Demigirl:

Here is Demiboy:

Demiboy and demigirl are part of the gender spectrum that is partial identification as a girl/woman and partial identification as a boy/man.

(this is an incomplete list, it would be impossible to list every gender)

Next is a collection of the Gender symbols:

Youre almost certainly familiar with the traditional binary symbols for male and female:

So we’re going to go through a few more interesting ones:

Here is what Bigender looks like:

Here is what Pangender looks like:


And a collection of symbols for a lot of genders (and a few things not considered to be genders)

For the next part, What you really need to know is Pronouns. Every Non-binary person is different

(obviously you know how to use he and she pronouns, I only include them as a guide for when to use the rest)

(He/Him) He is Beautiful / That’s Him / That’s His Name /  He loves Himself

(She/Her) She is beautiful  / That’s Her  / That’s Her Name / She loves Herself

(They/them) They are beautiful / That’s them / That’s their name / They love themself

(ze/zir) Ze is beautiful / That’s Zir / That’s Zir name / Ze loves Zirself

(s/he / hir) S/he is beautiful / That’s hir / That’s hir name / S/he loves hirself

(xe/xem) Xe is beautiful / That’s Xem / That’s Xyr name / Xe loves xyrself or xemself

(e/het) E is beautiful / That’s het / That’s het name / E loves hetself

(Ze/Mer) Ze is beauiful / That’s Mer / That’s Zer name / Ze loves merself

(E/em) E is Beautiful / That’s em / That’s e’s name / E loves emself

(Hi/Hem) Hi is beautiful / That’s Hem / That’s Hes name / Hi loves Hemself

(si/sim) Si is beautiful / That’s Sim / That’s sis name / Si loves simself

Ask a person about their pronouns, and never tell a genderqueer person their gender doesn’t exist. Because their gender is their business, dont be rude. I have another post right here about why it is an act of violence to purposely misgender someone.

Kind additions and suggestions/edits are extremely welcome and will earn you a virtual gold star:)

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