This was too much, he was too close. Keith couldn’t concentrate on anything but the searing hot body mere inches from his back, or the soft fingers spread over the back of his hand, or the heavy breath just behind his ear.

a commission for @rubbish-in-space of a chapter from her fanfic Voltron: Legendary Rockstars (everyone should read it right now)! 

so many websites will use a thumbnail of a same-sex couple for their relationship articles when the actual content of the article is like…. the most heteronormative shit possible and I need you to know that you aren’t getting Inclusivity Points for that!

Day 2,828 of BeetleBaileyGate: Rations of night cheese are running low. All the Louies are going square-eyed from going through every single completed “Beetle Bailey” auction to no avail. C is blindly searching through all of the Beetle Bailey crossover comic strips out of desperation. Also praying that the owner of the Beetle Bailey site will answer my weird email about my “school project” that requires this exact original comic panel. My rainbow mug of tea is very, very cold indeed!


A last piece from my feature in @tushmagazine accompanied by the graphic design of @lexbrutalo . A big thank you to the homie @hxandt for the opportunity and for the TUSH staff for giving me absolute creative freedom on this project.
Up next: my feature in Dinosaur Lovers Weekly magazine and their issue on the surprising powers of the Stegosaurus.