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Prompt:   I absolutely adore your writing! Can I request a Suicide Squad reader insert where the reader is a member of the squad but she can only speak French, so the squad never knows what she’s saying unless Flag translates for her? Or maybe Harley knows a bit of French so she tries to translate but it goes wrong and embarrasses everyone? Thanks so much!  <3
A/N: ohohon baguette


You smirked, the words flowing out your mouth in a slow alluring manner as you eyed each member of the Suicide Squad for more than a moment before you gazed into the distance where that bitch witch was. Your tone was playful and coy, a silence followed by your explanation. Translating to English it would be something like, “I’m going to burn that bitch on a stake. Eat her like a croissant. Let’s get this over with. I have a date in two hours.” But to your team it sounded like a bunch of fancy French gibberish. Rick rolled his eyes at you, whilst Harley wore a thoughtful expression.

“Croissant!” She suddenly exclaimed, wiping her head to Flag, “I think what (Name) is trying to say is that she’s hungry!” A smile made its way on her face, “I saw a nice café place where we landed. Granted, it’s probably already blown away, but we—“

“I’m sure (Lastname) is not hungry.” Rick said dryly.

“Well, I can share my croissant with this French beauty any day–”

“Ew!!! Boomerang keep your croissants to yourself, ew ew!”

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I look forward to when we chase you and your invading friends back to your homeland at the front of our guns for all you've taken from us. I wonder if the patriots fighting in your country will meet you with their own guns for all you left behind.

Sorry that I don’t care about what an actual Nazi has to say about me or my people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trust Thy Enemy

Fandom: Suicide Squad

Pairing: None actually…kind of a friendship story

Prompt: Squad reaction to you insulting Waller to her face

Warning: Mildly Teen: swearing

Notes: Inspiration came from the Steven Universe episode when Peridot (my Smol child) defends Earth to Yellow Diamond. Enjoy;)

You didn’t like considering yourself a spy…and when you think about it you really weren’t. A spy kept their affiliation a secret, but Task Force X knew where your loyalties lie…or at least who signs your paycheck.

You worked for Amanda Waller, but you were also strong and could protect yourself: which meant Waller saw you as an asset, so she sent you to be a plan B after Rick Flag and Katana had grown attacked to the so called ‘super villians’.

But the plan ended up going to shit when you found yourself having a fun time with the squad, slowly growing a friendship with the people you were being paid to hate.

Floyd’s sassy father personality,

Harley’s ability to make the sourest person smile,

Chato’s overall adorablness and how he was practically everyone’s little brother,

Waylon being a living example of 'looks like thy will kill you, but is actually a cinnamon roll’,

Digger’s nonsense that made you laugh your ass off,

Katana’s constant badass-ness,

Rick’s failed attempts to b the leader and how he never shuts uo about June.

They were the best friends you had ever had…and you were getting a soft side for them.

You couldn’t be Amanda’s slave anymore!

So when you turned on your phone to video call Waller, the Squad quietly watched from a corner.

“(Y/N)!” The woman said and you had to take a shaky breath in order not to stutter and run away.

“I’m calling to announce my resignation as your spy and assistant!” You said in a loud, commanding voice.

“Are you now?” She said with an amused look.

“Yes.” You responded.

“Dont tell me you’ve gotten soft for those…morons.” She said distastefully.

“I…can’t answer that!” You responded.

“You have? Dear God! You actually think they like you?” You flushed at her words. “Their just using you, dumbass! Theyre using you to get to me! What do you even know about them?”

Suddenly, you felt a firey ball of anger and determination flowing into you and you took another deep breath, staring into her cold eyes.

“What do I know about them?” You asked in a low voice. “APPARENTLY MORE THEN YOU, YOU SELFISH, EMOTIONLESS BITCH!”

You hurriedly slammed the 'end call’ button and threw the phone across the room, in case it blew up.

Once no explosions happened, you turned to the squad you all had looks of awe and shock on their face.

“Love…” Digger said. “You just insulted the wall…”

“You should be grateful youre not dead.” Katana said cooly.

After a moment, your body toppled and you found your body fainting.

Evening News Niamey Dusk and Dust Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

The casual chatter that brings a sense to life, they also call it “radio trottoir” (literally translated as street radio but means the rumour)

The gossip makes the news as the women walk down the street

It must be reliable news as the road  is the same colour as the pages of  the Financial Times

This is sometimes more than we need to know

Bright coloured dresses unfurl like a flag in the dim yellow and blue post-sunset light, a peaceful and local way of “trooping the colour”

Hugh Ardoin Niamey Dusk and Dust Gallery


So I was dressed as Lance today

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