there was a time when anti’s ridiculed and harassed people for bringing rainbow flags to 1D concerts but to date none of the boys have ever ridiculed that flag and harry is actually dancing on stage with rainbow colored items AND THERE ARE RAINBOW BEARS AT EVERY SINGLE CONCERT REPRESENTING THE LGBTQIA COMMUNITY SO WHATS REALLY GOOD

Today’s Action: Thank Harry for the Rainbow Flag moment in Buffalo

At last night’s On The Road Again concert in Buffalo, Harry Styles picked up a rainbow flag - the most prominent symbol for the LGBTQ+ community - and wore it as a cape during ‘Act My Age’.

Credit: eskihaz

For many LGBTQ+ fans, this was a special moment of support and empowerment that made them feel safe and welcome.

For today’s action, we’d like to ask you to thank Harry for his on-going support for the LGBTQ+ community by tweeting him or retweeting our tweet here.

Thank you @Harry_Styles for waving the rainbow in #OTRABuffalo. It means the world to #LGBTQ fans! #rainbowdirection pic.twitter.com/lAp81AN17A

— Rainbow Direction (@homefromnarnia)

4 september 2015

I just realize something! Documents you can retrieve through hacking in Black Flag and the former Initates website reveals that Desmond’s friends in New York had put up missing person posters after he was kidnapped by Abstergo. Not only did they care enough about him to do so, but they’d never see him again, or find out what happened to him…Desmond saved them and the entire world and they never knew….

image from accesstheanimus


The first image is an original from a book of 1940′s and 50′s studio portraits. One of our first assignments in Advanced Photography I is to select one of these portraits and recreate it. Here I recreated the Hollywood face-illumination and replaced the national patriotism in this particular photo with individual identity pride. 

Trans Pride: Lucas

Bi Pride: Self

Demisexual Pride: Travis