A book dedicated to the Flag Boy and Gang Flag position, in Mardi Gras Indian culture was released today Friday (Nov. 21), at the Donald Harrison, Sr. Museum (1930 Independence St.). Those who appeared in, contributed to or pre-ordered the book may pick up their copies at the event; a limited number of copies will also be for sale on-site, for $25. For more information, call 504-214-6630. #Repost @jmoneyred with @repostapp.
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moonflag is good

June Moone and Rick Flag’s relationship is like a DIY rainbow cupcakes set like seriously, I’ve never gotten out of a movie theatre feeling giddy about a movie relationship like I did those two. There was so much chemistry between them and you can tell how much Flagboy just loves his Moone and how they rely on each other so much?!! Like I believe Joel when he said his weakness is his love for June because you can clearly tell in the film that he was motivated to save her and when he almost lost her twice, you could see how he just gave up like his life had no more meaninggggg!