Not Me - Liam Dunbar

Request ;; liam dunbar imagine where you are haydens sister and when you ask him who he likes, he panics and says hayden when its actually you. thanks xx

A/N ;; I made hayden v bitchy in this; no hate against her character or anything i just personally think it worked better that way :)

Warnings ;; underage drinking

Words ;; 3,153

Published ;; 3rd december 2016


Stay safe + ily💫

*   *   *

“So, what are you going to do?” You questioned your best friend, Liam. A mischievous glint in your eye, a smirk written on your lips and intoxication running through your veins.

“Hm, truth,” Liam chuckled, his head turning to face you. The two of you were currently lying on your double bed at two am, various empty bottles and cans of alcohol littering your room which you had stopped trying to hide an hour and a half into the night. Liam lying on his back, his arms propping his head up from behind, which also made his muscles look so fine from where you were sitting - not that you would ever tell him that, his ego was already big enough, you thought.

He was looking up at your ceiling, whilst you were lying on your stomach, your arms propping you up as you gazed down at your best friend of years, whom you may have completely and utterly fallen in love with over the past year and a half.

You pretended to think for a minute before speaking up with a cheeky grin, “who do you like?”

Liam scoffed playfully, taking one hand out from behind his head and nudged you lightly. “What are we, ten years old?”

You feigned shock; a gasp escaping past your lips as you shoved him back. “Excuse you, I tried my best. Now answer the question, Dunbar.”

You noticed Liam’s hesitancy; a zestful smirk presented itself back on your face. “Unless it’s me,” You flipped your hair over your shoulder and blew him a kiss, accompanied with a flirty but joking wink.

Liam suddenly became profoundly flustered, his eyes darting away from yours and filtered everywhere else except towards you. “Wha- No! No, it’s not you.” He choked out, his cheeks flushing at your teasing.

Your heart dropped at his statement, the feeling strange to you. You’d never felt like that before and it scared you. Disappointed crept up in you but deep down you knew anyway; it would never be you. You knew that Liam had always seen you two as strictly platonic and it hurt because you saw him as so much more than that.

You somehow managed to keep the same grin on your face the entire time, pushing down the unwanted feelings, you picked up your half empty can and chugged the rest of it so fast that even you were surprised. 

“Who is it then?” You persisted, throwing the can over your shoulder and hearing it land somewhere behind you. 

Liam’s eyes widened considerably at your query and you sat there, painfully waiting for his response. He coughed lightly, his cheeks reddening once again and you raised your eyebrow in his direction. “Hayden,” He mumbled, his eyes resting back on your ceiling.

You inevitably sucked in a sharp breath, your mouth agape at the name that tumbled from his lips. “My sister?” You croaked out; trying not to make it obvious that you were upset was difficult as you felt your eyes stinging but you adamantly pushed the tears back down. You wouldn’t cry over something like this, and you definitely wouldn’t cry about it in front of Liam.

“Uh, yeah,” Liam gave you a small smile and a shrug of his shoulders.

“Oh,” You whispered with a small nod of your head. Liam took another swig of his drink and you couldn’t stop the negative thoughts from swimming around in your toxic mind. What did Hayden do differently? Why her? You weren’t even aware that your sister and your best friend had been hanging out together when you weren’t present. What did she have that you didn’t?

You knew that the sudden sadness that filled you up wasn’t the alcohol talking, you loved him and that terrified you to no extent, he was your first love but you weren’t his and that squeezed at your heart strings tortuously. And if that wasn’t a big enough kick in the face, you had even less of a chance to be with him than before. In fact, you had practically no chance at all now, because he liked your god-damn sister.

Well, shit.

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Idk if this is how you ask questions so I'll just do it anonymously in case i fucked up and this isn't how you do it lmao I need help finding a phan fiction I'm pretty sure I found through this blog/catalog thing it's about Dan like being raped all his life by his mean dad and he learns about stds in school and tries to confront his dad but his dad is rooooodddd and like doesn't listen and his mom doesn't do shit sorry but I didn't finish it bc my computer crashed and I lost it ;-;

What I Deserve (TW) - Dan was abused as a child and hides his past from Phil.

- Tori


                                                                                                              Does is every get easy?                                                                    What do you want me to say? 

…lie to me

Imagine getting a necklace from Scott and Stiles, that was your mother’s before she died <3

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The necklace shone in the display window. You had looked at it for quite a while now. You looked at it one last time before you walked away, feeling sad. The necklace had been your mothers, but Stiles and your dad didn’t know it was there. Claudia’s parents had sold it when she was little. Claudia had shown it to you before she died, when you where little. You never told Stiles or your dad because it felt like a special moment just for the two of you. But now you wanted it more than ever. It sat there and shone with all its beauty, and the antique shoppers didn’t even know what they were missing out on. Though that was your luck. 

The holiday always brought out the need of your mother. That’s why you always kept close to Melissa in the holiday. She had always been kinda like a mother to you. After Claudia died the McCall family and Stilinski family celebrated christmas together. The McCalls were family. 

Voices came from Stiles’s room and since you thought he was out, you decided to check in and see what was going on. You turned the doorknob and met two very guilty looking faces. “Okay. I decided not to comment on your even weirder behaviour than normal, buuut I have to. What the hell have the two of you been up to lately? Every time I walk in you immediately stop talking.” You crossed your arms and gave the two boys a stern look. They looked at each other and you recognized Stiles’s “coming up with an excuse in the last minute” face. “No way you’re lying to me Stiles.” He shut his mouth. “Okay Y/N the truth? We can’t give you that. We can give you a lame excuse or you’ll just have to wait.” Scott said and shrugged, challenging your stubborn side. Stiles stood frozen, waiting for his sisters reply. Finally you agreed to the lame excuse and decided you would wait. “We’re planning on robbing a… Bank… Yeah that’s totally our plan.” Stiles improvised. You laughed and closed the door after you. 

“I’m telling you they are up to something and I can’t tell what.” You complained. It was your turn to give Melissa her dinner at the hospital. “Y/N, they’re probably just dealing with some weird supernatural stuff. It’ll blow over sweetie.” She said and gave you a sympathetic smile. She looked at the clock behind you. “And now I have to go. Thank you for bringing me food and I’ll see you on christmas morning.” She kissed your forehead and walked deeper into the hospital’s never ending maze. 

As always Stiles woke you up on christmas morning. Ever since you were kids he had always been the most excited about christmas. He loved it. He opened the door and started singing every christmas song he knew. While you were still half asleep he walked to your bed and started to clime in. “Oooh baby, it’s cold outside,” he dramatically finished. “Morning Y/N/N. Ready for christmas?” He looked into your sleepy eyes and grinned. “Always.” You said and grinned back, before the race began. The race downstairs. Last year Stiles beat you, but this year you were ready. You jumped out of bed and started running. You could hear Stiles right behind you but this time you had an advance. He couldn’t possibly beat you. “Wow, wow, wow. Slow down kiddo’s, you’ll run me over.” The sheriff joked as his daughter came running downstairs. “About time you beat him Y/N. He’s been feeling a little too good about himself lately. It’ll do him good to have a little set back.” The sheriff whispered as you grinned at your father. “I couldn’t agree more.” You declared. 

Scott and Melissa came around eleven am. As usual you hugged hello before settling around the Stilinski’s christmas tree. A few gifts were added to the pile as Scott and Melissa joined. Gifts were exchanged and you got a good laugh all around. The last of your gifts was a small box. It had to be some kind of jewelry. The tag said - 
From: Stiles and Scott 
To: Our favourite Y/N <3 
You smiled at the cute tag. Slowly you opened the beautiful box, afraid to ruin it. As you thought there would be, there was a jewelry box. You opened it, expecting a necklace you had never seen before. Except this was a necklace you would’ve recognized anywhere. You gasped and ran your finger across the golden surface. The shape of a heart with a hidden room inside. You had always wondered what was inside. The heart said a click as you opened it’s secret chamber. Inside were two pictures. One was of your mother as young and the other was a picture of the sheriff. You blinked back the tears that had started to form in your eyes. “Scott, Stiles this is beautiful. How did you know?” 
“One day we had to talk to you, so I followed your scent. We found you at that antique store, and when you walked away, we went to look at the necklace. We then found out it had been Claudia’s.” Scott explained. 
“It cost us a fortune but it was worth it.” Stiles added. “We thought you should have something special. This is our thank you for always being there for us. Even though we’re always out and handling supernatural business, you are always there for us when we get home.” You didn’t blink away your tears this time. You walked over to them and pulled them in for a hug. “I love you guys.” You whispered. “I love you too.” They whispered in unison, before letting you go. You raised your glass. “To a perfect christmas and to mom.” You toasted and soon the others followed. 

“To Claudia.” You toasted together. 

Laten we het even hebben over hoe ontzettend lastig het soms kan zijn. Hoe ontzettend lastig het kan zijn om jezelf uit bed te moeten slepen in de vroege ochtend met niets van motivatie of levenslust. Laten we het even hebben over hoe ontzettend lastig het soms kan zijn, hoe lastig het kan zijn om perfectie achterna te jagen op alle mogelijke vlakken en op voorhand weten dat je overal zal tekortschieten. Laten we het even hebben over hoe verdomd lastig het soms kan zijn om te moeten ademen als een zware last op je schouders rust en je het liefst wil opgeven. Laten we het even hebben over hoe lastig het is om te moeten denken dat je een mislukkeling bent, hoe lastig het is om te weten dat je zelfs een simpel dingetje als de afwas doen niet kan zonder het totaal te verpesten. Laten we het even hebben over het feit dat het soms ontzettend lastig is om in de klas te moeten zitten en één klein dingetje te moeten zien of te horen dat je gewoon breekt, hoe lastiger het dan is om te moeten blijven lachen en antwoorden en doen alsof je de idiote sommen op het bord snapt terwijl jij maar denkt aan hoe fijn het zou zijn als je even weg kon van alles. Laten we het even hebben over hoe ontzettend lastig het soms is ‘s nachts, wanneer iedereen in bed ligt en jij koortsachtig je woordenschat Frans aan het leren bent om te voorkomen dat je breekt en de boel bij elkaar schreeuwt en dingen zegt waar je later spijt van zal hebben. Laten we het even hebben over hoe verdomd lastig het is om te gaan slapen met een plan in je hoofd waarvan je weet dat het (opnieuw) zal mislukken, en hoe verdomd lastig het is om de volgende dag te moeten weten dat je weer maar eens gelijk had en verdomme, blijven lachen want als ze ook maar iets in de gaten krijgen kan je je plan nooit uitvoeren en dan zit je vast in deze klotewereld voor altijd. Laten we het even hebben over hoe verdomd lastig dit allemaal is, en hoe dit eigenlijk iets is wat sommige mensen dagelijks moeten meemaken.

Laten we het even hebben over hoe ontzettend lastig het zijn op sommige dagen kan zijn. 


“Your love kept me alive” | halo

Made with Vine

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Hey so I was reading this fic but my phone died and I've looked through all the masterlists and I can't find it, anyway dan had been raped or abused in his past and it made him not like pda so he accidentally yells at phil when they're at an art exhibit because he's holding his hand. They have an undetermined relationship and in this case dan was the youtuber who phil had found and been a fan of so kind of role reversal, in the beginning there's a lot of cuddling and hobbit hair thanks so much!

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

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hi chris, i go to a rly stressful university where i'm rly busy, i've always struggled with perfectionism and unhealthy behaviours including food issues. i'm vegan & always will be, when i first went vegan i broke out of my disordered mentality and ate abundantly but since being at uni i've started counting calories and can't eat over 1600 a day. i know its not huge restriction but i can't let go of the control and i'm terrified of gaining weight, idk what to do. ur a huge inspiration thank u <3

Hey babe. I’m thinking the stress has brought up the counting the calories in order to make you feel like you’re in that sense of control, like you said yourself. Please understand that 1,600 calories for a young woman at school is probably close to starvation. Your body needs fuel to function, to learn, to take tests, write papers, to socialize, to walk around, and without that, you will absolutely crash and burn. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s just the reality of it. Why count calories when you can focus on NUTRIENTS and VITAMINS and FUEL for your body? If you treat your body well, it will return the favor :)

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Hey! I hope you're having a fantastic day! If possible, could you do some headcanons on Stiles' reaction to the reader going to the olympics?(I'm a rower and I love watching the olympics, I'm so sad that they're over). Thank you so much, and have a lovely day!!

Stiles would be incredibly supportive, I think he’d also be pretty boastful too. The type of person who goes around saying ‘that’s my friend, that’s my sibling, that’s my partner’ point out to whoever that this person whatever their relation to him is someone that he is proud of and that is doing something worth being proud of. He’d be there 100% of the way.