DC convention- Sunday,  Winchester Family Reunion part III

Jared and Jensen in the house.  They were tired but more recovered since the morning gold panel.  Some very good questions that momentairly stumped them, or maybe they were really tired.

A girl asked why Jensen’s Instagram bio doesn’t have the Family Business Beer Co website link. Jensen immediately hunches over his phone updating his Instagram while Jared offers to do it for him. Then Jensen sits up and looks straight at the girl and deadpans, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. 

A fan asked about how  differently Sam and Dean are dealing with losing Cas and Mary, Jared answered by saying that when something traumatic happens, you don’t just get to take a week to just grieve, you have to wake up and feed your kids. So although Sam is hurting from losing Mary and Cas, he has the son of Satan in the bunker so he was to carry on.   I think someone yelled “spoilers” after Jared said “son of Satan in the bunker” and Jensen said, “What are you on, season four?  Hey, did you guys find your dad???  Bobby doesn’t make it!”  *Jared makes a shocked face*   Jensen said Dean’s coping mechanism for Cas’s death is to try and move past it because he feels like he can’t fix it.  

Another question was if they would produce their own product after SPN ends, like how Michael C. Hall was a producer for Dexter.  Jensen went into teacher mode and explained that though he doesn’t know Hall’s situation, most actors are given the executive title as a way to get paid the producer’s salary because the studio/network can’t or won’t raise their acting salary.  Producer title is just a bonus thing that doesn’t give them any power in the creative or actual producing process.  In the end Jensen would rather direct.  Similarly Jared likes to take something that’s already created or conceived and try to bring it to life and believes he has a good eye for casting talent.

A question was asked about acting.  Jared said that people often say, “oh you’re an actor, that means you’re a great liar.”  But Jared doesn’t see it that way.  “We try to find truth for our character. I don’t consider acting to be lying, it’s just telling someone else’s truth.”  Jared feels blessed to have learned from Sam.  Jensen talked about acting for 14 hours a day.  It sounds like a grind, but Jensen said he’s grateful that he gets to act and play his character even for 14 hours.

When asked for what actors they imagine playing their character, Jared said Sam should be played by some one who has warm, empathy, and compassion, so he picks Sterling K. Brown, who previously played Gordon Walker on the show and is now playing Randall Pearson on This is Us.  Jensen would go with  Tom Hardy for Dean and his catchphrase would be, *grunts* (ode to his Mad Max character).  Jared said Sterling Sam’s catchphrase would be, “Why is my brother always grunting?”

Another good question was whose death was harder on their characters, Bobby or John?  They had to really think about it (or maybe they were tired).  Jared thinks John’s death was harder for Sam because they didn’t have the chance to resolve their issues or conflicts (I’m butchering this).  Sam and Bobby had a lot of chances to tell each other what they meant to each other, but Sam didn’t get that with John.  Dean said Bobby’s death was harder on Dean because Bobby was like another dad to Dean, and to lose 2 dads was hard for him.

As in tradition, Jared takes a fan from the line onto stage to ask the last question.  The girl is from Brazil and holding a flag of Brazil and trying to hold it together.  She apologizes for her English and Jared assures her that her English is better than Jensen.  She asked about what they learned in life.  Jensen said that since having kids he doesn’t live for himself anymore, he lives for his kids.  Jared talkd about rediscovering the world through his kids, like playing in the diret and find giant bugs (they are bigger in Texas).  Jensen joked that Jared was excited finding a bug backstage, Jared reenacted his reaction, “Jensen, look at  catepillar!”.

Jared and Jensen seemed to be in very good spirits.  I personally think they loved having Jeffry Dean Morgan doing the conventions with them.

Hoje, 7 de Setembro, são comemorados 195 anos da Independência do Brasil, e esta é a bandeira à qual dou devoção, a bandeira do Império do Brasil! Espero que de todos os cidadão brasileiros usem o dia de hoje para refletir sobre a situação de nosso país, para que possamos erguer nossa nação do ponto baixo onde nos encontramos hoje!

Today, September 7th, are celebrated the 195 years of the Independence of Brazil, and this is the flag to which I give devotion, the flag of the Empire of Brazil! I hope that all Brazilian citizens will use today to reflect on the situation of our country, so that we can raise our nation from the low point where we are today!