Hoje, 7 de Setembro, são comemorados 195 anos da Independência do Brasil, e esta é a bandeira à qual dou devoção, a bandeira do Império do Brasil! Espero que de todos os cidadão brasileiros usem o dia de hoje para refletir sobre a situação de nosso país, para que possamos erguer nossa nação do ponto baixo onde nos encontramos hoje!

Today, September 7th, are celebrated the 195 years of the Independence of Brazil, and this is the flag to which I give devotion, the flag of the Empire of Brazil! I hope that all Brazilian citizens will use today to reflect on the situation of our country, so that we can raise our nation from the low point where we are today!


  • ALL the boys of the B.I.G see everything that you mark them. It’s very cute!
    p : Be careful, huh! haha

  • Minpyo sees ALL Twitter mentions! Every time he updates the profile to see what they are talking about, even if he does not publish much.

  • Benji would go to the restaurants and ask for things in Portuguese. And he would say, “Você é lindo!” (“You’re beautiful!”) for the attendants.
  • Benji learns language very fast. Mostly curses and flirtations to the fans (asked for several tips to impress at the events) ㅋㅋ
  • 03 - Gunmin keeps all the flags! He took and kept with him the flags of Brazil and Mexico. 🇰🇷🇧🇷🇲🇽
  • Gunmin reads all the letters! He said that in Korean and basic English he reads everything, but those in Brazil in Portuguese he would try his best ㅠㅠ