Anya, everyone knows I’m British because of my accent. I could be wearing one of Alfred’s hoodies and it would still be like I have a giant British flag on my forehead.

I was searching for a “Russian flag dress” on google. The tenth result was this. What is this supposed to tell me? However, you can wear this

There was a kid at my school yesterday walking around with a Confederate flag pinned to his shirt and his pants. NO principal or teacher told him to take the flag off of his shirt. So when I do confront a principal about this matter and explain to the principal how OFFENSIVE this is she straight up tells me “we can’t do anything about it. Just don’t pay attention to it.” So you mean to tell me that you will get on my ass in .3 seconds if a sliver of my stomach is showing or if my shorts aren’t mid thigh but you won’t do anything about this ignorant peasant walking around with something on his chest that supports slavery…… Fuck u, fuck school dress codes, fuck the school system.

“ Every year, during the second term of school in St.Lucia, schools island-wide focus on implementing sports into their daily schedule. This becomes a big deal because the students are separated into houses and compete, at the end of the term in a school-wide ‘sports day’. At sports day, various competitions, races are held inviting families and community members to join in the festivities. Children run barefoot and scream for their houses, waving flags and dressing in their respective colors. This student was not able to compete or acquire “house attire” but I caught her at a moment where she picked up pom poms and started twirling around the field all by herself. I was so struck by her joy and with such utter simplicity that this photograph has become one of my favorites of my whole experience.”

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Btw the "cultural appropriation" thing is getting a little bit out of hand like if someone here gets a monet tattoo and has tees with great britain's flag and dresses like a little french art student with a beret and art socks it's "aesthetic" PLEASE

oh my god

Iran Bazaar by Michal Svec
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Baluchi people shop at the Chabahar bazaar. Balochistan, or Baluchistan is a province in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, the largest in the country by geographical area. It constitutes most of the region of Balochistan and is named after the Baloch people. Its neighbouring regions are Iranian Balochistan to the west, Afghanistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to the north and Punjab and Sindh to the east. To the south is the Arabian Sea. The principal languages in the province are Baluchi, Pashto, Brahui, Sindhi, Hazaragi, and Farsi. The capital and largest city is Quetta. Balochistan is believed to be rich in mineral resources. It is the second major supplier, after Sindh, of natural gas to the country.

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wait, i thought people werent allowed to wear costumes in disney? do you think they thought you were dressed as a normal person?

ok like tbh most of the time ive gone to disney is in “costume” HAHA
they definitely see their fair share of strangely dressed people every day, but i think what gives you a red flag is when youre dressed up as someone who could be mistaken as a disney face character (princesses with dresses p much) and taking photos with other guests and stuff

while some cast members and guests recognized us, we weren’t being swarmed with photos or gathering a crowd and signing books or acting like characters or being obnoxious and stuff, yknow what im sayin? we’re just guests minding our own business and honestly dipper and mabels outfits arent very eyecatching and casual (except in the summer but hey) 

i find this such a funny question like.. what are we considering a costume here, yknow? they’re wearing clothes normal people wear HAHA 

and tbh gravity falls isnt as big as we’d like to think it is, so dressing up as them won’t get you in trouble, dont worry HAHA

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Holy cow!! Farrah tummy is a lot bigger in the flag dress than it is in the white one 😳 and that was only 3 weeks ago! I wonder if Simon didn't want to marry her so she broke up with him. It makes sense now that she didn't trash him like her other exes. Remember they went to Mexico in June broke up right away then a month later they were seen together again.... Bet she brought more than a sombrero home as a souvenir lol

She brought home a pequeño bebé

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