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My voice is quiet at first.
The crowd turns towards me.
“Who is this kid,” they ask?
“This isn’t right…” I say louder.
“This isn’t right!”
I argue my point.
The crowd nods in agreement and grow angry too.
We head towards the hall of injustice
Waving flags high and bodies drawn up in pride.

Finishing Line. (Sam x Josh)

Prompt: I HAVE AN AMAZING PROMPT IDEA. Sam X Josh AU - Josh is found and rehabilitated in secret, and the others go to college. Josh doesn’t know how to approach Sam, so Chris (knowing how much she loves and misses him) comes up with an idea to surprise Sam (and the others, who will be supporting her in the crowd), by having Josh wait at the finishing line of her athletics race. Ensue bucket loads of fluff and long lost love when she spots him. My question is: can you handle it? 😉 Thank youuu 😘❤️

It had been a while, but Josh was now able to go out into the open. He could see his friends. His family. Well, his parents. It was hard coming to terms with his sisters being gone even after all this time. Knowing what had happened had made it so much worse and now his parents knew he almost couldn’t face going home. The detail that he had had to go through before being institutionalised for this long and now he had to face them all over again. No one had come to visit him. He didn’t want anyone to, feeling like he should do this on his own. Heal himself by himself.

On arriving home, he realised how much had changed. His parents had redecorated. Family portraits had been taken down and the house felt empty. More so than before. 

All his friends had now gone off to college and he didn’t know whether it was the best time to get in contact with anyone. He did anyway, even if they didn’t want to talk to him, at least they would know he was out and he would know properly where he stood.

It was Chris he saw first. Not wanting everyone to know right now that he was back. Chris was his best friend and always would be, of course he was the first person he saw.

The greeting from Chris wasn’t as awkward as Josh had expected. In fact it felt pretty much the same as it had when they were younger. Or at least before everything had blown up. Literally.

Josh had never apologised so much. In the end Chris had laughed it off, saying that he didn’t care about what happened. “Now I look back, it was a prank…A really stupid prank,” He added a light chuckle coming from his mouth. “But everything else that happened wasn’t your fault. It was a crazy night. I’m not mad anymore.”

The exchange had made Josh feel elated, a whole weight had been lifted off of his shoulder. “How’s, er, how’s Sam?” He had been waiting a while to ask him the question. He had been scared to ask. Yes, Josh Washington was scared.

“She’s good. She’s doing some running thing soon.”

Josh nodded his head and looked down at his hands.

“You should come? Maybe you’ll finally get to see Sam.” Chris’ eyes stared hard at Josh

Taking a deep breath, Josh fidgeted. “I just wish I could tell her how I feel, you know? Then she can shoot me down if necessary.” It wasn’t like Josh to be so nervous, he was normally so confident and self assured. This was a whole new level though. He wasn’t really the same person he once was. His meds were helping him a lot but it had been a long, hard road to this point. 

“I think I have an idea to get her attention…or at least, I dunno, make her notice you a bit more. She can’t ignore you if you’re right at the end of the finishing line can she?” There was a knowing look on Chris’ face. Josh didn’t know that Sam herself had been worried about Josh and had been pretty much waiting for him to return.

After thinking the plan through, Josh nodded his head. “Okay, no one else can know okay?”

The day of the run arrived and Josh was waiting at the finishing line. He could see his friends waiting for Sam to finish  her race and he was doing his best to keep out of sight so no one could see him. His phone was tight in his hand so he could text Chris if he started to panic or anything.

The crowd started cheering violently, waving flags and banners high in the air as the competitors came hurdling down the track towards the finishing line. 

Josh saw her almost immediately.

She was in third place, her hair in a high ponytail with wisps of hair which had fallen out flying in the breeze. Her cheeks were red and she was breathing deeply but she had so much determination in her face. She started speeding up, wanting to get past the person in front of her. At least win second.

Josh took a deep breath and waited for her to cross the finish line. She just got past the girl in front of her as the reached the line, crossing it making Sam a very close second. 

The whole place erupted with applause as Sam slowed herself down, walking over to the stand with bottles of water waiting for her, her breathing heavy as she kept herself moving, trying to slow down her heart rate.

Josh slowly inched towards her, his hand in his pockets as he stood behind her, rocking gently on his feet. “You er, you did good there Sammy, well done.”

Hearing his voice she froze in place, the drink hovering inches from her lips as her hands dug into the plastic holding it tightly. She didn’t dare turn around incase it wasn’t real. Incase it was just because she had run a race and her head was spinning from how dehydrated she was. Her eyes shifted in their sockets and her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to work it out in her head. Finally, she spoke. “J-Josh?”

Josh felt like his body was deflating as she turned around on the spot. She was moving slowly. Finally she was facing him, her eyes lifted up from the ground as they held eye contact. “Hey Sammy.” Josh spoke quietly, one hand reaching up to rub the back of his neck. “Surprise?”

Sam nodded her head once, her mouth open slightly as she took a deep breath. “Yeah. Surprise.” Throwing her bottle onto the ground she felt a sudden wave of emotion run over her body as she practically leaped in his arms, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck in a gripping hug. “Don’t ever go away again. Ever.” She whined, feeling tears falling down her chest as she felt his arms wrap around her waist. 

Josh couldn’t help but chuckle as he held her close, taking in her scent and holding her close, not wanting to let her go. “I promise, I won’t. I don’t plan to leave you ever again.”

“Does everyone else know you’re here?”

Shaking his head, they loosened their grip on each other and Sam put her feet back firmly on the ground. “We should go and see them, yeah?” She bent down to pick up her water bottle. “Everyone will want to see you.”

Josh nodded once and took her hand in his, stooping down for one quick kiss on her lips, wishing that he could kiss her for longer, but she was right, everyone did need to see him. He needed to face them. Kissing could come later. “Yeah, let’s go.”









Mr. Country【English Ver.】
Mr. Country【English Ver.】

So I was looking for an English version of this song, and sadly, couldn’t find one. Therefore, I felt the need to pull together a kinda sloppy one together myself. I’m not sure whether to call this Nyotalia or not, because I just sang using different female voices… Well, take it as you please, I suppose! I obviously had to tweak the English to fit, so it may not be exact. For those of you who don’t know, its based off this song here

Also, my laptop decided to be a boob and reduce the quality, hence the silly static in places oops.


Original Japanese Composer:

Hey Mr Country
Come on and wave your flag
Hey Mr. Country

My underwear has been dyed 
In the same colours as my flag. 
And I fly those colours proudly for only your eyes
I’m here waiting for your promise

And round this sort of time it can be
Always noisy and repetitive.
And I had forgotten in my flustered thoughts
To search for your laughing call

If you open up to all the countries who can’t do a thing, now look!
You’ll find our memories fade one piece at a time

Without white,

It’s unneeded,

Not enough

You cannot paint tomorrow [Italy: (the axis)] with thoughts like that

Hey Mr. Country, wave your flag high

Hey Mr. Country, come on, let’s have a parade

I’m only here because of your beautiful warmth 
Everyone’s been helpful

We are Country

Simple manners and casual greetings
Have always seemed so deceptive to me
But I’ll give you some of the awesome me’s pancakes
If that would satisfy you, darling

Spain & Romano:
The feeling of our memorable summer ending oh so soon
And the yesterdays passing by one another so fast

Never will I


Quit on you

Spain & Romano
So we’ll sing OLE! and que sera sera

Prussia (speaking): I think you might be as awesome as me! Kesesese~

Hey Mr. Country, restore our precious time

Hey Mr. Country, let me charm you, my dear

And together we can make our dreams come true and once again reunite

We are country

(Hey Mr.Country)×4

You wanted me to consider your Independence
No longer my little brother
Idiot…. Why did you think I could shoot you?
Did you really want ”it” instead of my hand?

(Hey Mr.Country) Spain: Because after it all we are
(Hey Mr.Country) Romano: Such weak and fragile existences
(Hey Mr.Country) England: So help us draw perfect tomorrows

Hey Mr. Country, wave your flag high

Hey Mr. Country, come on, let’s have a parade

I’m only here because of your beautiful warmth 
Everyone’s been helpful
We are country

Hey Mr. Country, restore our precious time

Hey Mr. Country, come and enchant me, my dear

And even when we cease to be real anymore, I can still dream with you
We are country

We can form a circle from the warmth you give
Now it’s heads up, leads earth


getting to know me meme: 5 favorite songs - curious by emblem3

“I reach out with my hand and to all of my fans, to let you know that if you fall, I will help you stand. To let you know that everyday I feel similar pain, the purpose of my music is to take it all away. So I say - salute you freedom fighters. Wave your flags high for, liberty we will die for. Driftin’ in the pursuit of happiness that we drive towards, a better future my people and me will strive towards. I’m lost I found myself while I search, now I use music to pray with no words.”

Here is my secret - will you discriminate?

I’ve never written about this before but I am going to say it on my blog and on social media for the first time, and I’m not going to be ashamed about it either. Ready, set, go! Along with ADHD, I have depression. I’ve battled it on and off for most my life and I’ll tell you that it’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. I’m not some feeble victim. I don’t need to be institutionalized, and if I was, there’s nothing wrong with that either. 

 Mental illness is ACTUALLY a thing. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for those of you that live in a perfect world and deny that mental illness exists or that it is a real illness. However, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s facts & statistics state that Major Depressive Disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. So, I can guarantee that you are one of them or that you know a handful of those individuals. Perhaps you’re suffering in silence or maybe its well known; undiagnosed, untreated or maybe the opposite. Regardless, many of us are juggling a mental illness along with our busy day to day lives. And, that’s the thing. 

We’re coping with it and going about life, trying to do the best we can - just like everybody else. There’s really no difference other than a chemical imbalance. It certainly doesn’t make us less capable of being contributing members of society. I actually believe quite the contrary. People with mental illness are quite bright and extremely creative. Those of us ADHDer’s are extremely creative, inventive and are amazingly successful when it comes to multitasking. 

 Sure, there are many arguments out there that ADHD doesn’t exist and that we’re just lazy scatter brains. To those, I will put this most eloquently as possible; go scratch. 

 And as for my ADHD’s best pal Depression - that exists too. We’re not just sad. Like I’ve stated before, it’s a chemical imbalance and only those that are uneducated and ignorant aren’t aware of that or don’t want to believe it because they’re intimidated by the unfamiliar. 

 I’ve decided to say this now because this is the second time in my life that I’m being publicly shamed by a large organization for having depression. 

 Upon arriving in Italy, yes, it was beautiful and picturesque. Maybe you even liked a few of the photos I posted on Facebook and instagram. But a picture can only tell so much. It’s been difficult. It’s been difficult because obtaining my medicine in Italy has been nearly impossible. I’m not allowed to have it shipped over, and so, I have to see doctors here. Having to do that means I had to expose myself to my school in Italy, ALMA. I had to jump hurdles to get someone to comprehend what I was saying, not only because of the language barrier but because of the lack of education on this matter. That being said, I had to speak with a number of people before actually taking steps towards getting things I needed. Pretty much every one of the faculty and staff members are aware of my condition, as well as most of my classmates. Why my classmates? Because the school wouldn’t allow me to schedule my own appointments, nor would they support my request to schedule doctor visits on the same day… instead, they made me miss many classes due to a lack of their organization and thoughtlessness. It was difficult and it definitely hurt my stride in terms of passion in the kitchen but I shrugged it off and did the best I could anyway. I ended things in school with a smile on my face and good grades behind it. 

 But now things have gone too far. I’ve recently been told that because I have depression… I’m not fit for a work environment. This was said by one of those extremely educated and supportive gems back at ALMA. Stunned. I am beyond shocked.. Not only am I disgusted and offended, but I’m so disappointed that an educational institution would believe that and furthermore, go so far as to say such a thing to one of their own students - International students at that. International students of whom are supposed to act as ambassadors when we leave. Ha! 

 The last time a large organization did this (to me) I filed a lawsuit and then dropped it in order to maintain my peace as I was about to set off on a 3 month journey across the world in hopes of spreading kindness through volunteerism. But a second time? I’m not dropping it, and that’s why I’ve decided to say something on my blog. It isn’t right, nor is it legal on US soil, to make such a discriminatory offense like that. It is in no way okay and if anyone has ever done that to you then please know that I’m with you, I stand behind you. 

 People battle, juggle, cope with, whatever you want to say - people live with mental illness every day. It isn’t easy but we should never be shamed for it, discriminated against because of it, and we should never ever be thought less of a person for that reason. Call me a bitch; tell me that my smile is crooked or I am a pain in the ass; tell me that I’m ugly or that you hate my soul. But don’t you dare ever try to make me, or anyone else with a mental illness, feel ashamed for it. I will not feel ashamed because I know better but that doesn’t make it right. Just because I have a good attitude, am informed and because I am strong doesn’t make it okay to make judgmental and discriminatory remarks like that. It will never be okay. 

 So if you’ve been diagnosed with some sort of mental illness, wave that flag high and to hell with the ignorant assholes out there that think something is wrong with you. I think you’re rad and I’m sure you know it too. If you think you’re suffering from depression, anxiety disorder or something else and curious about getting a better handle on it - reach out. There are tons of organizations, doctors and groups that diagnose, treat and monitor those battling mental illness and you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed to use those tools and lifelines to your advantage. Just do it. You’ll be happy you did. If you have any questions about my diagnosis or my experiences - again, reach out. I’m happy to share, as I am no longer ashamed to say I have depression. Wow, I just said it again! Big night for me over here. Ha. But, in all seriousness, I’ve lost a friend to suicide. Never do I take mental illness lightly and if you want help in finding the right help for you then I’ve got your back. 

 If you would like to donate and help the mission to one day live in a world without suicide; then go ahead and donate to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (link below) in remembrance of my friend Kati who never got the help that I was lucky enough to receive. If you can’t do so at this time and want to show support and that you’re not down with discrimination then please comment with the hashtag #willnotbeshamed 

 I’ll leave you with a quote that my mother, the notorious Lynn Fuschillo, shared with me: “Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -Martin Luther king 


Extra! Extra! "Unless Press" to Return Soon!!

Dear Unless Press Readers,

That’s right! You read correctly. The Unless Press shall return in approximately one month, and it shall return in full force! Now that I finally have enough money saved up to purchase a laptop, there are just a few more financial things to get in order and then I shall be able to keep on top of the “Press” once again.

I would like to apologize to my followers for my sudden, brief hiatus. An explanation for that shall be posted up on my personal page in due time. Additionally, I am aware that any and all activity in this fandom has lessened considerably over the past year. That being said, we are still alive and there are still a few things taking place. Most, if not all, of the news in the returning issue of the “Press” shall be a conglomeration of past news that was not reported on, including new artwork submitted by an artist who worked on The Lorax, members/blogs whom have left the fandom, and much more. (To those of you wondering whatever happened with that Craig Elliott interview: It never did happen. I just couldn’t get a hold of him, unfortunately. I still want to conduct interviews with other crew members who worked on the film, however.)

As a final note, there is something I’ve been considering for some time, but have wanted you guys’ opinion on, and that is this: It is obvious that this fandom will only survive the test of time. Certainly there will still be appreciators of it, but The Unless Press will inevitably die along with the lack of news as the months wear on. However, there is another way to keep it alive, and that is by turning it into a news feed that has to do with all projects done/released by Illumination Entertainment. The name of the paper (The Unless Press), would remain, but news would encompass not only that of the Once-ler fandom, but of other films that its studio creator, Illumination Entertainment, has done, including updates on Despicable Me and other, future productions in their line-up. For those who are concerned about such a proposition, do be aware that news on the Lorax/Once-ler fandom would remain priority.

What do you, as a fandom, think of this possible change? Like it? Dislike it? Feel free to post up your opinions here and/or send them to me via a note or an ask.

Once again, The Unless Press shall return sometime in February of 2014, so keep those Once-ler fandom flags waving high and look forward to more news on the horizon!!

- Pluto


Okay, so I wasn’t going to write about this. But other Rainbow Direction participants have been submitting their stories mad late still and the TMHFN blog has been encouraging fans to come forward with their experiences, so here I am. For a while I’ve been debating whether or not this was worth writing about. Considering how bold and deliberate Harry and the other boys have been in the past with their support of the LGBTQIA+ community, it kinda seems like a really inconsequential thing. But it’s still a great thing, and even though so much surrounding the boys is rainbows and love and unmitigated acceptance, this tiny gesture in the wake of many massive gestures still meant the world to me, and I should probably share it in case it matters to anyone else.

I flew from So. Florida to the Minneapolis concert on the 26th of July which will go down in 1D history as being the iconic show where Louis tore Liam’s shirt open. Other than that it was mostly a blur because I was completely turnt the entire time and screeched the lyrics to every song till I had no voice and danced till I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. It was my first 1D concert and was unquestionably one of the best nights of my 24 years of life.

I did manage to attend the Rainbow Direction meetup beforehand and got pumped with the other girls before the festivities began. Flying by myself all the way from the other side of the country, it was an immense joy and comfort to share the experience with those who you knew were there for the right reasons and supporting the right causes. peterpanlouishappilysunlight, tiedtogetherwithadagger, jaerie. All the love to you lot.

Okay, getting to the good bits now. So I brought a massive rainbow flag and wore it around as a cape while I explored the city the morning of the concert (a little boy told me I looked like a super hero, so that was kind of great) and got a ton of compliments and a couple people took my picture cause I guess I looked odd, but no one made the connection to One Direction until I made it to the stadium. Literally not one snide remark or negative experience the entire time. Other fans were running up and commenting on my flag and saying how cool it was and some of our crew were handing out rainbow stickers and buttons to those who wanted to join our safe spaces movement.

From the minute the boys came out on stage, my flag was waving high in the sky. I was blessed with a fairly close floor seat view and was at the front of the first aisle, so from the catwalk part of the stage, you could see my entire flag. I wasn’t expecting any of the boys to react to it, but was hoping it might catch their eye at some point. During Kiss You, Harry was singing passionately to our section and lookeD DIRECTLY AT ME AND POINTED DIRECTLY AT ME AND GAVE ME A THUMBS UP WITH THE CUTEST SMILE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED.

It was so surreal at the time. It’s still surreal tbh and my brain isn’t 100% convinced it happened. Immediately the girls around me screamed and grabbed me and flailed along with me and repeatedly shouted “OMG” and “It was you! It was you!” Absolute euphoria.

Thanks to jaerie for capturing that moment x (first gif), and the girl next to me for not really getting Harry (second gif lmao), but kind of capturing the aftermath. I mean, this is a boy who has actually danced with a rainbow flag on stage, so this is probably not even a big deal. But I needed to write it all out and catalog it and have it for sad days. Okay, thanks for reading my ramblings.