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Sounds of Two Eyes Opening Photographs by Spot

This new photography book by Spot documents the 70’s and 80’s punk and beach culture of Southern California. Spot was the producer and engineer for SST records and has recorded your favorite bands from Black Flag and Descendents to Meat Puppets and the Misfits. This cultural time capsule is a must have for the punk and skate enthusiast in all of us. 


I’d like for some people to take the time and look at only a portion of my great grandfather’s work that survived the war. My great grand father was Le Van De, a famous silk screen painter in Vietnam that taught as a professor in France and has had one of his pieces displayed in the Vatican. Most of his work was reclaimed by the government after Saigon fell and my family had to evacuate, sadly he did not make it to America with the rest of my family. One of my favorite paintings is called “Vietnamese Madonna with her Child” in English and is the photo above of the woman with a baby. That was my great grandmother with my great aunt. You see the South Vietnamese flag and wonder why it’s there. Le Van De was the one who revived and designed the South Vietnamese flag that flows prominently here in Houston and many other areas. The reason I made this post is because I don’t want his work to die out just because the Vietnamese government still has it. Please At least look at it and admire the legacy he has left behind. If you have any more information on him or any sources of his artwork please contact me. My family is trying to reclaim what we can that’s left of his work. Thank you.

winchysteria  asked:

Hockey Dads ransom & jack wearing cardigans tied around their shoulders. driving the team to six flags in rented vans. caddying for themselves to get a workout in while they golf. clinking beers in canadian solidarity as they sit while everyone freaks out about fourth of july fireworks. going out for brunch at an organic sandwich shop when ransom comes to visit providence. jack cuts the ribbon at the opening of the 3-story tim hortons in boston & takes ransom as his date bc bitty made fun of him

I LITERALLY LOVE EVERY PART OF THIS ok like jack and rans have such a pure relationship. i mean like i understand that a fic about them drinking craft beer in beach chairs on cape cod one summer when rans is staying at samwell to do research or whatever is not the most Riveting of material but it’s the kind of thing that definitely 100% happens. (Jack And Justin Have A Good Day: two twentysomethings act like they’re forty year old fathers and get up at 5:30 am for fun)