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Today has been great! I went through the temple for the second time. This time though I went through in behalf of my nana who died a month before I met the missionaries. I went to do endowments alone as my ward stayed in the baptistery, I may have been alone physical but spiritually I knew my nana was there present with me. I knew despite today only being my second time the Lord sustained my nerves enough to have a beautiful experience full of the Spirit and heavy emotions.

I was able to buy some scriptures today for my mission, and the YSA of my ward gifted me with a mission bracelet. How kind of them.



It’s Union Day!

The day we celebrate the union of our kingdoms into the greatest kingdom that ever graced this earth. So I’m gonna be posting some mofo’ng British pride. My fathers family is originally from Corcaigh, now it’s mixed Irish/English heritage, I still got mad love for my Welsh & Scottish brethren though. 

Northern Ireland - The Ulster Banner & Saint Patrick

Wales -  Baner Cymru & Saint David

Scotland - Flag of Saint Andrew & Saint Andrew

England - Flag of Saint George & Saint George

United Kingdom - The Union Flag


St. Andrew’s Day Aesthetic

St. Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s official national day. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St Andrew’s Day as an official bank holiday. It is also a national holiday in Romania (since 2015). The celebration of St Andrew as a national festival is thought to originate from the reign of Malcolm III (1034–1093). It was thought that ritual slaughter of animals associated with Samhain was moved to this date, so as to assure enough animals were kept alive for winter. But it is only in more recent times that the 30 November has been given national holiday status.

In Scotland, and many countries with Scottish connections, St Andrew’s Day is marked with a celebration of Scottish culture with traditional Scottish food, music and dance. In Scotland the day is also seen as the start of a season of Scottish winter festivals encompassing St Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay and Burns Night. There are week-long celebrations in the town of St Andrews and in some other Scottish cities.

It is said that when Saint Andrew was crucified he requested it to be on a soltire, or X shaped cross, because he deemed himself unworthy of using Christ’s cross. This is why the Scottish flag has an X on it.

shaundi’s instagram: gorgeous selfies of her in the makeup chair before a talk show, pictures of her on the red carpet, promos for her tv show

johnny’s instagram: second most amount of followers after shaundi, only two pictures - both from 136 weeks ago - of a cat he saw on the street and a set of knives

pierce’s instagram: way too many posts, least amount of followers, intense filters over photos of him in the studio working on his demo album

boss’ instagram: “official account run by the saints’ pr team” because 89% of what they posted got flagged

Fans of Saint-Étienne (French football team) waved Palestinian flags during last night’s match against Beitar Jerusalem - an Israeli team who refuse to sign Arab players. You’ll be pleased to know Saint-Étienne knocked them out on the pitch too, winning 2-1 on aggregate. 

See also: Celtic fans raise over £100k for charity after UEFA fined them for waving Palestinian flags