flag print denim shorts

Myth vs. Fact: Country living edition


1.) My life does not look like a country music video.

2.) Girls do not walk around in denim shorts and American flag printed bikini tops.

3.) When we have parties, cows and pigs are not generally just running loose

4.) We do not all chew tobacco

5.) Yes, we do enjoy the river and backroads. We do not limit ourselves to only using these as modes of transportation

6.) My truck does not have a lift kit

7.) I do not live in the South

8.) I do not listen exclusively to country music, nor is it necessarily my favorite genre of music

9.) Having a bonfire in a corn field is not a good idea unless you have had plenty of rain, and recently. No one wants to set their field on fire.

10.) I do have a life outside of crops and tractors and dirt


1.) Fishing is awesome

2.) We don’t like big crowds or lots of city folk

3.) A pick up truck is usually necessary

4.) We grow much of our own food.

5.) We don’t always get that hippie “4G” nonsense at our houses

6.) Country guys are pretty hot

7.) Bonfires are sweet and beer is good.

8.) Moonshine isn’t bad

9.) Often times, you may know everyone in your town, and they may all know you.

10.) When we party, we go hard. Usually someone gets hurt trying to do something stupid that starts of with someone saying, “hell, I can do that without all that newfangled safety gear.” or simply, “hold my beer.”

5 Red, White, and Blue Fashion Picks for a Stylish 4th of July

Do you already have an outfit ready for Independence Day next Friday? No matter what adventures you have planned that day, make sure you represent in red, white and blue! We picked out 5 summer-approved, Star-Spangled Banner-inspired pieces for guys and girls to help give you some Independence Day OOTD inspiration. Check them out below:


1) Reclaimed Vintage Denim Shirt with American Flag Back Print

2) ASOS Chino Shorts

3) Stampd Snapback Hat

4) Kiel James Patrick Lanyard Hitch Cord Bracelet

5) Converse Chuck Taylor High in Red


1) Hilfiger Denim American Flag T-Shirt

2) Free People Lace Trim Denim Cutoffs

3) J.Crew Brass Star Earrings

4) Forever 21 Heart-Shaped American Flag Tote

5) Charlotte Russe Flag Print Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers

Which red, white and blue fashion pick did you like the most from the list?