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SanversWeek Day 5- Domestic

Maggie parked her bike in the garage below and headed for the stairs that would take her up to apartment she shared with Alex. She still couldn’t quite believe that they actually lived together.

They had officially moved in together four months ago after the continuous teasing from the Superfriends that they basically lived together anyway, Alex had, a few days later, presented her with a key in a little box and asked very seriously if she’d like to move the rest of her socks in.

As she climbed the stairs to the sixth floor, Maggie thought about how amazing, and at times ridiculous, the past four months had been;

The time she had come home to find Alex and Kara giggling in the fort they had made in the living room, yelling from the inside that Maggie wasn’t allowed in unless she had brought the food they requested.

The time she was hit in the head with a foam bullet the minute she walked through the door, her own nerf gun sitting on the key table with a simple note tucked underneath; Winners choice ;)

The time she had found Kara pacing nervously, wringing her hands, so much anguish written on her face but unable to get the words out. Maggie had recognised that look; it was the look of a Danvers woman on the verge of coming out. Four pints of ice cream later and more pot stickers than Maggie thought National City was capable of producing, Kara was sniffly but calm, ready to ask a certain Luthor out on a date.

The time she had come home to find the apartment lit only by soft flickering candlelight and Alex dressed in beautiful red lace lingerie, moving her hips to the sultry bass coming from the iPod dock as she gently pushed Maggie down into a chair and gave her the first of what would be many lap dances.

The time she found Alex curled up on the floor in front of the sofa, half a bottle of scotch gone, proclaiming she wasn’t good enough for anything or anyone. But how she had let Maggie take care of her, had drunk the water from the glass Maggie offered and trusted her enough to let everything go and just cry in Maggie’s arms.

The time they had christened every surface they could possibly think of, including the balcony window and kitchen floor.

The time she had come home with flowers after their first proper fight, only to discover Alex on the other side of the door with the exact same flowers grasped tightly in her hands.

The time she walked in on Alex wearing nothing except one of her own oversized NCPD jumpers and her reading glasses, engrossed in the latest science journal. She swore her heart stopped for a brief moment before she bounced onto the bed and pulled Alex down with her.

Maggie knew in all those moments, even before the I love you’s were spoken out loud, that she did in fact love Alex Danvers, that she loved her with her whole being, her whole soul… even if the woman still refused to give her a flash grenade- something the Detective was still intently working on.

She came back into the present as she scraped her key into the lock and opened their apartment door, completely unprepared to take in the sight that greeted her. Alex was wearing the ‘kiss the cook’ apron she had bought for Maggie as a joke and was flapping a tea towel at the smoke detector, frantically muttering ‘don’t go off, don’t go off’ under her breath, too distracted to realise her girlfriend had returned home and was standing there thoroughly amused and watching her.

Apparently, whilst the incredible Agent ‘badass’ Danvers could intimidate any human or alien being on the planet (and beyond) with just her index finger… inanimate objects did not feel the same way, and the smoke detector soon started its painfully high pitched bleeping.

‘Fuck!’ Alex mumbled as she dragged the small set of steps she had also bought for Maggie as a joke towards the floor below the alarm (although she had caught Maggie using them a few times to reach items in the top cupboards, a fact that Maggie vehemently denied).

Knowing exactly what her girlfriend was about to do, Maggie decided to make her presence known before things got worse…

‘NCPD! Step away from the smoke detector Miss, I repeat, step away from the smoke detector…’

Alex startled suddenly, wobbling precariously on top of the steps as she looked at Maggie, her eyes wide with guilt.

‘I wasn’t…’ Alex gestured, unsure of what she could say that would keep her out of trouble.

‘You weren’t what? Going to tear down the fourth smoke detector in as many months?’ Maggie chastised, although there was a smile on her face.

Alex reluctantly silenced the alarm with a push of the tiny button at the front, and sheepishly moved back to where the remains of what was supposed to be a romantic dinner sat smoking in the large saucepan.

Maggie walked towards Alex and unclipped her gun and badge, laying them on the table. She nuzzled up behind Alex, kissing the back of her neck, and wrapped her arms around the agent’s waist, smiling as she felt Alex lean back into her, the stress of cooking visibly lifting away.

After one more kiss, Maggie took a quick glance at the pot on the stove with the blackened and charred mess at the bottom ‘Danvers… how did you manage to burn pasta?!’

Alex sighed and unwrapped herself from Maggie’s embrace. She lifted the pot with one hand and dropped the entire thing into the kitchen bin, shaking her head sadly.

“One day I’ll get it right…” She said determinedly as she headed to the fridge and pulled two take away menus from underneath a pride flag magnet.

‘Pizza or Chinese?’ she questioned with a smile, holding them both out to Maggie.

Maggie rolled her eyes as she took the Chinese menu from Alex and pulled her phone out of her pocket.


* indicates smut


better kisser



*camping pt. II


thunderstorms & pizza

*AP physics friday


six flags

first party

through the years



*last day of school

rainy day

summer camp

sick days


dance lesson

*i suppose

*side roads


OOtD: Pride Parade/Gaylor Moon

I don’t like my arms so I rarely wear tank tops in public, but I figured today is the day to make people confront the physical realities of your form.

Also this is my first Pride as an out bi person!! I’m trying to be braver this year in every facet of my life!

Sunglasses and boots: the internet
Socks, skirt, sequin booty shorts: store in Boystown (the skirt is made from a real Pride flag)
Bra: Playful Promises
Pizza purse: a gift from my little sister
Tights: forgot
Lipstick: Smashbox


Self care for Khonjin from Khonjin House (requested by Anon) 

Orange Ginger Lotion: $12.87 I love Bath and Body Works like, way too much. 

Orange Soap: $8.95 Ohh it looks like it would smell so pretty. 

Organic Orange Lip Balm: $4.70 It’s organic and has hemp balm! I like lip balm as self care so you can self care on the go. 

Pizza Journal: $8.99 I think this is perfect. 

Pizza Pillow: $19.70 It’s Pepperoni Pizza!

Trans Flag Fidget: $11.20 + $4.99 shipping. I read on the Wiki that it’s confirmed he’s transgender, so here you go! 

Tangle 3 Pack: $9.25 And one of them has trans colors! I love Tangle fidgets so much. 

Orange Chain Roller: $9.85 It matches his hair! 

Pizza Recipe Book: $1.54 Pizza! 

I hope you like it, Anon! 



Food menu:
• Don’t know what that is.. Something about flags
• Rock’s stone oven pizza
• Yamato’s Japanese.. Something something
• Jyugo’s shackle donuts
• Goku’s something tofu
• Seitarou’s Tanabata Jelly

Drinks menu:
• No. 15 - Jyugo - Cassis coke cherry topping (non alcohol)
• No. 11 - Uno - Slight Strawberry Pastel Drink (non alcohol)
• No. 25 - Nico ~ Rainbow Drink ~ Kiwi & Orange (non alcohol)
• No. 69 - Rock - I don’t know what that is…
I don’t know the rest xD

Official merchandise

anonymous asked:

Perfect <3 So we have 5SOS!mermen being lured onto the pop-rock ship of pirate! ATL by the delicious smelling pizza flag. Haha xP The ship should be controlled by an x-box controller or something. Maybe a computer mouse?

A joystick, taking things old-style.

*clears throat*

All Time Low were sailing happily across the deep seas of Lexon, searching for the mystical Merpeople. Hopefully to capture the most powerful of them all, Michael, Ashton, Calum and Luke. Little did they know, the Mermen had been hunted for many years now, and had developed a special skill, for they were not only Mermaids, they were Sirens.

Alex was guiding the mighty ship North, but was suddenly distracted by beautiful power cords sounding from the East. Luke was perched on a rock, enticing the hopeless pirate easily with the first lyrics from American Idiot. Alex was awestruck at the sight of Luke’s glistening emerald tail, curling slightly to the rhythm of Green Day.

“Alex, no!” His trusty henchman, Jack called over the side of the ship, as Alex dreamily dived into the rippling blue sea, instantly captured by the awaiting Ashton.

But Jack fell prey to the Sirens too, the music filling his brain and controlling his movements. He caught the eye of the blonde merman, his blue irises mirroring the rich colour of the ocean. The skunk haired man toppled over board, finally seduced by the musical notes that Calum and Luke were harmonizing in.

“Rian, we need to get out of here! Rian…Ri…” Poor Zack, desperately trying to save his last member of crew, to no avail, for the remaining two could hear the blissful tapping of Ashton’s tail and hands on the side of their ship.

The four pirates were never seen again, and the Sirens remained free to lure other innocent men to their deaths forever.

Pizzagender is the most delicious gender, though some might argue that title belongs to Burritogender. Most pizzagenders are toppingfluid and willing to compromise to reach the shared goal of Pizzasexuality (the phrase “we can go half and half” is quite common). 

Here’s what the flag colors mean:

Goldenrod/Yellow Orange & Yellow: Represents Cheese, Banana Peppers & Pineapple

Tan: Represents Pan Crust & Brooklyn Style

Light Beige: Represents Crunchy Thin Crust

Red: Represents Red Peppers, Ham, Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Hearty Marinara & BBQ Sauce

Green: Represents Spinach, Green Peppers & Green Olives

Off White: Represents Mushrooms, White Sauce, Feta, Garlic & Onions

Dark Red: Represents Pepperoni, Deep Dish and all other pizza toppings