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I really love the pansexual Pinkie headcanon, bc she’s def the type of pony who goes “if I like you, if you make me laugh, I’ll love you, no matter what” and hhh it’s such a wonderful headcanon ♥

EDIT: PLEASE don’t tag as kin/me, this is a really personal piece so please refrain from doing so.

Polysexuals, here you are !

ALSO ! If you want me to draw a flag, DON’T HESITATE and ask me ! I’ll be glad to do it ! 

-Know your flags-

pansexuals                                                     Aromantics



transgender people

Gay people


I got my classes narrowed down! I have:
British American Literature
Spanish 2
Art 1
Study Hall
American History 2
Desktop Publishing / Marketing
All classes I think I will do well in my Junior year!

The first day of classes went well, there’s already drama I’m staying out of (or trying to; my graduating class is 25 people total).
I got some last minute supplies, which includes this cute $10 planner from Office Depot! It came with removable folders and little page flags!
🎧Hunnie Pie - Zella Day

Something that pisses me off……

Anyone white who says that they are interested in (ie wanting to appropriate) poc cultures because “white people don’t have a cool culture” clearly needs to look at their heritage and do some fucking research.

White Americans don’t have much of a culture because the white American culture is based primarily in racism and our country isn’t even that old. (Hell, American white culture stereotyping tends to be gun toting, racist, flag bearing, pie and beef loving maniacs OR wealthy blondes in suits flaunting their fancy cars and money…. all of whom are not polite but smile way too much…. so let that sink in)

And I’m not saying we don’t have a culture but the “nuclear family” rhetoric shoved down our throats coupled with the capitalist agenda to get people to buy as much as possible really makes white Americans (who are more likely to be able to follow the rhetoric due to the class system and that can of worms) be more solitary and more separate. Hard to form a culture when everything is pushing you to be super busy and separate and encourages this self-centric and selfish viewpoint. (How many commercials bombard us with “this item is for HER, this item is for YOU, why share when you can have it all to yourself? I encourage you to also look up info on America and selfishness being tied to capitalism).

But my white peeps there are shitloads of culture in your heritage (note, a lot of it is religious based because of those darn middle ages where the church ruled western culture like crazy -I encourage you to look up the history of western theater sometime) but the fact that you are ignoring the art and traditions and music and dances that were formed in places like Germany, the Nordic regions, Russia, France, the British Isles, etc. is literally just you being ignorant and unwilling to see it.

So don’t give that excuse that you have no culture. You do. You’re just ignoring it to give you an excuse to be racist.


New Video! Made some DIY 4th of July Treats! ⭐️🇺🇸🌠