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I freaking love this world and you’ve been so cool about people writing stuff I couldn’t resist.
Let me just go ahead and preface this with I am not a writer (I’m a biologist as you’ll see below) so sorry in advance for amateur writing.

If there is one thing a field biologist needs to know about it’s how to get Official Permission to do shit. That’s something people don’t realize about the job, just how goddamned much of it is convincing people to tolerate you doing things on their land that they neither understand nor care about.

Before you even start the paperwork to go into the field you’ll need contacts, people on the inside who can let you know whose permission you absolutely must have and what sort of deals you’ll have to make to get it. These aren’t tourist visas after all and it can take months to convince customs that you really do have the proper authorization to carry enough opioids to immobilize a dozen polar bears.

There’s permission to pass the border, separate permissions for all your gear and supplies to go with you. Still more authorization for where you will go and precisely what you plan on doing once you get there. 

And once you’ve got all the permissions and documentation needed to get in, you’ll need separate even more vital ones to get back out. Deals for you to go home, deals to get back the things you brought with you, and deals to keep everything you’ve gained.

So when you think about it what I’m planning is not all that different than what I’d be doing if I just stayed here and graduated. Except for a few items even most of the gear is the same, although I’ve lined my bags with steel mesh and the trail flagging I’ve packed hurts if you look at for too long.

None of this would have mattered of course if I had any intention to study Them, that would have been a one way ticket to crushing normality, but the Gentry do not live alone in that other place and even if it costs everything I’ll be damned if I miss the chance to study actual motherfucking dragons.


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I honestly can't believe there are people who think Gambit is straight. Homeboy is literally a walking bi pride flag.

I just realized I forgot to include the link: (http)(://)comicsalliance(.)(com)(/)files(/)2013(/)08(/)XMen081(.)jpg (just remove the parenthesis)



Pride ‘17 - Part 1

New Nagron Gameplay! MODERN!

Ships on a ship!!! All aboard~~!


- The friends Agron, Barca, Nasir, and Pietros were enjoying a nice summer brunch, when Barca got an idea.

- “We should go on a trip. Just the four of us. Pride is coming up, and there are always parties and cruises going on this time of year.”

- Agron gasped, “Brilliant, Barca! We’ll go to Monte Vista, and see all the ancient graffiti of coc–!” There was a collective cry: “AGRON!”

- Pietros got out his phone. “Lemme check if there are any Pride cruises leaving the area soon with rooms still available.”

- “Grab your rainbow flags and pack your bags, guys – we’re going on a cruise aboard…!”


- The friends arrived on the ship and agreed to settle in for the night, and start fresh the next day so they could party hard.

- They spared no expense on the first class cabins, right across the hall from each other.

- “This is wonderful, Barca; thank you so much! It’ll be the best Pride ever!”

- “And there’s no one I’d rather spend it with than you, Love.”


- Ms Plumbob Dream by @potato-ballad-sims

- All the clothes by EA, mostly from the Store


What the heck is the actual ship name for Barca and Pietros anyways? Baros?

And WOW; I haven’t posted any Nagron gameplay since December! It’s crazy, since I have so many incomplete posts in my Drafts. Urgh.

So yesterday pat asked me if I wanted anything from steam cos of the summer sale and I was like idk I gotta check so today I log on and am like oshit stardew valley is on sale I want this!! And lo and behold I have 15 dollars on my steam account still so I was able to get that and one of the sims expansion packs that I’ve been wanting forever and now I’m a happy camper

ok so I’m going into yr 12 in a couple of weeks & i thought i’d do a ‘pencil case haul’ ((or w/e the cool kids are calling them these days)) !!!

— X EVA tarapaulin flat pencil case (frosted)
— Staedtler triplus fineliners (willow green, lime green, light blue, delft blue, cyan, blue & black)
— Pentel EnerGel black pens
— BIC 4 colour ball point pen
— Sharpie fine point permanent marker (black)
— Stabilo ‘swing cool’ markers (yellow, green, aqua & blue)
— black hole punch for binders (i have no idea where this is from lol)
— PaperMate dryline iMini liquid paper
— Post-it Notes 'Cape Town Collection’ sticky notes (yellow & light blue)
— J.Burrows 6 pack flags

oh & most of this stuff i bought from Officeworks !!

& so yea, happy studying :~))

Chimera Pack at a Pride Parade

Okay, first of all, these are my headcanons for the Chimera Pack. Some have different romantic orientations than they do sexual orientations and that comes up in the headcanons, so if you’re one of the jerks who bashes that, you might want to stop reading now.

Theo: Bisexual, biromantic.

Hayden: Bisexual, biromantic.

Tracy: “It’s just you” Bisexual, biromantic. (The you is Hayden and she can’t think of ever being happy with any other woman.)

Josh: Heterosexual, biromantic.

Corey: Homosexual, homoromantic.

Mason: Homosexual, biromantic.

Liam: Bisexual, biromantic

Also, full disclosure, I’ve never been to a Pride Parade or celebration of any kind, so some of this might be really wrong, but I tried,

Under the cut, because, once again, it got kinda long.

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bad room // i hate high school, man

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