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Clouds parting, sunrise, and morning fog at Candongao Peak, Cebu, Philippines


Pili Pin Us (Pilipinas)

Pinterest asked me to do a Philippine specific set of images for their Philippine campaign app launch. This was something personal for me obviously, being that I’m from the Philippines. The set of images I made.

1st Image:
2nd Set:
From L-R T-B: Philippine Flag, Boxing Gloves (with a cropped Pacquia label), Sago’t Gulaman, Batibot Chair, Terno, Dirty Ice Cream, Carabao, Pintado, Buntings (Fiesta), Street Food: Isaw, Fishballs, Betamax, Balut & Snorkeling

My Stages of Development in the HL Fandom/ LUNAtico/ Heneral Moon Fam
  • stage 1: the movie
  • -got excited
  • -feels for filipino history started coming back
  • -started recommending it to everyone that passes by
  • stage 2: tumblr
  • -revived my tumblr again to check out posts cause i can't get enough
  • -encouraged to watch the 2nd time
  • -saw fics
  • -saw ships
  • -questioned myself
  • stage 3: the feels
  • -mabinaldo, freaking mabinaldo 24/7
  • -watched the 3rd time cause i questioned my mabinaldo feels
  • -started making fic series
  • -recommends everything HL in tumblr to friends that now question our frienship
  • -gained awesome new friends *points at you, reader*
  • -felt the need to swim in holy water
  • stage 4: RIP everything around me
  • -acads? tae, wait. heneral moon fandom first
  • -screams at P10 and P5 coin put together
  • -screams at wheelchair
  • -screams at Philippine flag
  • -gresca? OOOOH
  • -makes gresca fic
  • -maya na acads pls lang
  • -*sees pacoven post* OH MY GOD TAMA NA PLS MAAWA KAYO SA ACADS KO
  • stage 5: God knows what
My thoughts on Miss Universe

Let’s see what happened:

  • During both parts of questions (for the top 3 & 5 finalists) the translator for Miss Colombia poorly translated the questions and answers. It was clear her spanish wasn’t the best. Therefore translating the answers so poorly and even twisting the words as if she was trying to make her look bad. Not only that, but the translator kept interrupting Miss Colombia as she gave her answers. Huge mistake by the organization of Miss Universe given that these answers are counted in for judging the winner.
  • Then fast forward minutes later, host Steve Harvey announces Miss Colombia as Miss Universe. 
  • 4 minutes and 20 seconds later, Steve Harvey comes back on stage to announce that the winner is Miss Philippines. This is a red flag given the huge time frame and questionable the way he left to the side of stage (the card on his hand could have been easily switched during this)
  • The judges/producers/assistants already knew who the winner was, why wasn’t he interrupted immediately after he announced the winner?
  • Imagine being told you won something, something you have worked for all your life, your biggest dream, imagine being so happy and excited, to be told a few minutes later that you are not the winner. Imagine how heartbreaking that is and having a camera on your face with millions of people watching you. That’s a humiliation.
  • One of the judges, Olivia Culpo, tweeted “THE WINNER IS COLOMBIA #MissUniverse2015 ” (X)
  • Miss Philippines is a beautiful woman and none of this is her fault.Though in my opinion, Miss Colombia did better in every aspect of what the competition takes. Also her answer for the question about U.S military isn’t truly a representation of how citizens of Philippines feel about the situation. Her answer was rather a “fake positive” response for her sake. Whereas Miss Colombia gave her honest great response (even though she was interrupted and translated poorly)
  • For me what Steve Harvey did wasn’t a “human mistake” since he had time to read the card before announcing the winner and if he did make the mistake he could have said it right away instead of going to the side of the stage and allowing Miss Colombia to be crowned. 
Okay so people have filed for presidential candidacy here in the Philippines

And some of these candidates are

Well let’s just


I’ll be honest this one’s pretty normal for the Catholic overpopulated Philippines 

Ah yes let’s all burn flags that;s a great display of diplomacy and mental and emotional stability (although I can’t honestly blame the guy with what China’s been pulling lately)

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried (good god no) 

I feel you Arturo I also wish we had more seasons than “it’s too hot I’m gonna die” and “fuck it’s raining FUCK IT’S FLOODING” 

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I trust this guy in particular