flag of mexico


September 16th

¡Feliz Día de la Independencia! / Happy Mexican Independence Day!

things i saw at this years pride festival:

a tv with an xbox set up with just dance 4 with like six people playing

a person in an inflatable pikachu suit dancing nearby

people taking off their shirts and splashing each other in the fountain water bc it was hot out

karaoke with a really fucking sizeable crowd (the dude singing went “chubby guys can be sexy see” and was dancing while he sang)

an obligatory babadook sign

a person with an asexual flag who directed me to where they sold more pride flags than just the bi and rainbow ones. we got our picture taken together.

a woman wearing a shirt that depicted a rainbow bear hugging a baby bear the colors of the trans flag with the text “mama bear” and wow what a fucking family am i right

couples of all shapes and sizes and colors holding hands

a lot of people with rainbow mexico flags (texas yall)

a lot of people handing out flyers for things glued to popsicle sticks so they could be used as fans which is hella smart advertising

little trans kids totally decked out in beads with their parents

sexual stuff i saw:

one (1) guy in a leather puppy mask (wish he hadnt been there bc wow dude i dont need to know what gets you off)

two (2) guys in lowkey bondage gear who were literally just standing there talking to people

one (1) guy wearing a shirt that said “come in me bro”

its fucking 2017 can we stop pretending pride is a fucking orgy fest based on like 10 pictures

acting like gay men are perverts who prey on children how original