flag of europe

Adding a crown to the Coat of Arms of Poland after the fall of the Soviet Union, and at the end of the communist era in Poland, c. 1990. During the period of Soviet control, the Polish eagle was stripped of its crown as it was a connection to Polish monarchy and nobility, which did not sit well with the leaders of the People’s Republic of Poland. Any and all connections to the former class system were eradicated by the Soviets.  

The whole GOP are gutless cowards. They know full well how badly Trump is fucking up the US and fucking up the world. But they’re willing to let that happen, willing to let the US burn, just to ensure they have the best chance at retaining the presidency. They don’t give one single fuck about anyone but themselves. They don’t even care about their own country, despite their protestations otherwise. All they care about is power and holding onto it, no matter the cost. Even if that cost is the country they claim to love. The entire GOP can go fuck themselves.
—  A dude I know. Making a very good point, I suspect.