flag argentina


It is truly painful to see how no one in the mother fucking world is talking about Venezuela. But they run to fill your dash with any other post if it’s about any other country. @alice-harley-quinn , a Venezuelan, gave us the idea to hang a Venezuela flag upside down in protest for the corruption, genocide and dictatorship. I don’t have their flag ( I’m from Argentina ) so I decided to paint my hands with their colors.

If you don’t know what is happening, I will tell you: (…) There has been a wave of anti-government protests and dozens of people have been killed in protest-related violence since April.(…)

People are living in a corrupt country and want to call into elections, but the President Maduro blames the opposition and the own people for the economic crisis.

There’s an article here where you can quickly read what is happening. 

Please, spread the world. Let’s help Venezuela. People are fucking dying. Getting killed when protesting for a better place to live. Don’t turn your head the other way and pay attention to this. They need us. Spread the mother fucking world. Let their voices be heard!