Profiles in IMDb Greatness: John Hawkes

I love the Internet Movie Database. I got distracted during The Night Of trying to figure out who the racist black guy was, somehow forgetting that I’ve been doing a recurring post series for over a year now about a site that would tell me this very thing. Turned out it was Bodie from The Wire! Yay Bodie! As such I enjoy looking over random performer pages and arbitrarily judging the scope and quality of their careers to determine if they merit entry into my vaguely defined IMDb Hall of Fame. Today’s enshrinee: John Hawkes

Here’s a guy I should have covered a while ago, so good. There is a potential problem here in that he did get top billing in a film (a really great one too) but I think I can cite the case of Paul Giamatti in Sideways and say John Hawkes is still among the perfect character actors that can blend in to most projects. And I get to make the rules anyhow so yay me. I don’t know who decides what image to use for an actor’s IMDb page but I think this one was chosen to get people looking at his page until they realize he isn’t actually Sean Penn.

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“Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”

“Seize the present; trust tomorrow e'en as little as you may”

“Cogli l’attimo, credi quanto meno possibile al domani”

Quinto Orazio Flacco/ Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65 a.C.-27 a.C.)

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Mentre il peso dello zaino mi ancorava saldamente al suolo, la testa vagava come un aquilone tra le nuvole, e intanto il cibo mediterraneo generava appetitosi cortocircuiti con la Storia. Melanzane fritte e Federico di Svevia. Aglianico e canti ebraici di Oria. Carciofi alla giudia conditi con le Satire di Orazio Flacco. Vino flegreo e canti tribali di Vinicio Capossela con la Banda della Posta. Lampascioni sott'olio e Simon Pietro in viaggio verso Roma. Perché il viaggio, insegna Calvino, passa anche tra le labbra e l'esofago. E chi viaggiando non camba dieta, non ha capito nulla. È come se chiedesse polenta taragna a Ischia, o pesce in rifugio.
—  Paolo Rumiz, Appia, p. 26, Feltrinelli