So when #tomhiddleston greets you with the biggest hug and says: “So great to see you again”. And you’re like “Well yes, but you don’t remember me…” and he says, “yes, of course I do, it was about two years ago for Crimson Peak and we had a great conversation about love…” You’re like 😱😱😱😍😍😍 And then he smells soooo good too! Damn. Watch my interview with him about ❤ on YouTube. Link in bio ↗️#hiddlestoned #hiddlesarmy #kongskullisland #kong #love



Keanu talking with Kjersti Flaa about taking his shirt off and dieting (for 47 Ronin)

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jeremy renner talks to kjersti flaa about rogue nation


An absolutely lovely interview …

“ …. I think romance might go out of fashion but it doesn’t go out of flavor. … no, I think you will always be in love with love …”

Keanu speaking about taking his shirt off, about diet, fighting his inner deamons and about love …


Zac and Dave’s interview with Kjersti Flaa


Interview with Tom & Brian by Norweigian Kjersti Flaa - the complete version.