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204. Regulus knew his brother always seemed to wear that yellowish color that meant either a red or green he could never see (colorblind, he found out, only to shut himself up because Blacks are not weak) ever since he came back from Hogwarts, but he didn’t really see why it seemed to make his mother choke. Excitedly Sirius would start, “Didn’t you hear Reg? I’m a–” only for mother to cut him off with a sharp, “that’s enough young man.” Besides the friction that always seemed to be there, nothing really changed around the house, and Regulus really did not want to start more conflict. So… he let it go. 

When the hat called out a brilliant “Slytherin!” just like he knew (like mother and father knew) Regulus heard a loud cheer from the center of the room, (’Sirius was headed in that direction’ he thought, letting hope grow because how long? How long since Sirius had-). He let his feet guide him to the cheering table decked out in that yellowish color. 



The confusion pushed him to the far left side of the table where he sat desperately scanning up and down the table, he was so sure Sirius was here. He wouldn’t skip out. He wouldn’t-

Regulus picked and picked at the food, he never ate too much. The proper amount only. He sat and cheered with the others of his house when a new member came down the steps. 

Midway through the meal he heard the bright bright laugh that meant Sirius! 

Regulus snapped his head up, letting his eyes fall on-

The table, under the hanging Gryffindor signias. But that didn’t make sense. Sirius was definitely the type to play up those interhouse rivalries, he probably hates the Gryffindors.

It didn’t make sense.

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