I am disgusted with my dash, and really just people in general, right now. 

I’ve seen so many people put on a grey mask and cross lines that should NEVER BE CROSSED. SAY THINGS THAT SHOULD NEVER BE SAID. BE COMPLETE ASSHOLES TO PEOPLE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW. 

It’s fucking vile, and it’s making me feel physically sick. Two lovely, amazing, kind bloggers were pretty much attacked for NO REASON tonight.  And it was fucking out of line.

Hiding behind a screen and belittling someone’s feelings and experiences and calling them dramatic is wrong. You, asshole anon, have no idea what fucking happened. After someone puts themselves out like Ismene did, NO ONE should fucking say that she’s dramatic. 

AND LAUREN DID NOTHING WRONG. OKAY? SERIOUSLY. I want to rip every single person that sent her a nasty message a new asshole. Because they are fucking vile. If you’re reading this, and you said something mean to Lauren, YOU ARE FUCKING DISGUSTING. If you fucking told Lauren to kill herself, you are the worst of the worst, and I have no words to display how absolutely nauseating your behavior is.

People like those filthy anons make me ashamed to be a human. Because humans can be fucking cruel and disgusting and I want nothing to do with that. 

I am disgusted beyond words. 

Lauren and Ismene, I think you are both wonderful. You are both fucking head and shoulders above these disgusting human beings, if I can even call those monsters that, and I love you both. You don’t deserve these asshats coming at you, you deserve sunshine and happiness and sunsets on the beach and AMAZING LIVES. None of this bullshit. I am so sorry that you two had to deal with that. It was vile.