my mom ( @jeonrps ) bought me a vintage kermit plush & this is the first thing i did 



[TRANS] 알라딘 Fansign Post-It 170223

Q: Jungkook-ah! How old are hyungs mentally?
SJ: 20
YG: 35
NJ: 26
HS: 25
JM: 21
TH: 20
JK: 21

YO! FINALLY I came out of mah shell and did a fan art. And of course it had to be about Yurio and Otabek. So yeah, first fan art of many (Y) 

I’ve literally been itching to do a Yuri on Ice fan art since episode 3 came out (YES, FOR QUITE A WHILE).

Background for this fan art could be that Yurio really wants Otabek to be in the anime intro, so he’s now styling his hair (?).

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