fl shows

fl talk show where candles’ pup gets a dna test to see if its iron or veils’ child and it turns out to be irons and veils almost murders the talk show host on air


Jacksonville, FL

Last day/show in Florida was awesome. We played Rock on the River festival and we’re able to hang out all day and watch other great bands like Joywave and Young The Giant. Thanks to x1029 for the support and spinning Color! Can’t wait to come back.

📸 @britobrien

Axle, Clumber Spaniel (3 y/o), 2015 AENC Dog Show, Orlando, FL • “He’s from Colorado, but is enjoying Florida. The squirrels are a lot friendlier here. He said, ‘I want one of those’. Then he saw the flamingos – I think he wants to stay here.”