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(This was originally intended to be a part of my future podcast. More information coming soon. Also the amount of spoilers in here are minimal. If you haven’t watched Arrow, what are you waiting for).

When I first heard The CW would be making a Green Arrow TV series not using the actor who portrayed him in the CW’s previous superhero incarnation Smallville (about Superman), I was extremely hyped. Green Arrow is a semi-famous character in the DC universe, but I knew it would translate well to TV. From the very beginning, it exceeded my expectations. Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a silver screen performance made on the small screen. Additional characters John Diggle (created for the show), Felicity Smoak, and Detective Lance were also standout characters who made that show great, along with minor characters Yao Fei, Slade Wilson (name ring a bell), and Shadow. The seasons main villain, Malcolm Merlyn, was as charismatic as Oliver Queen and extremely convincing as a corrupt businessman with intentions of evil. His intentions even led to the demise of his own conflicted son Tommy, who was also Oliver’s best friend. The major flaws I had with the first season were few, but the standout problem was with the appearance of the DC character The Huntress. Her characters costume as well her story arc and acting were very lackluster. I also did not like the dissolved significance of Yao Fei, as his influence on Oliver’s path seemed very important than later portrayed. Overall, I give Season 1 a 9.5 out of 10.

Season 2 saw major upgrades to minor characters from the previous season: Roy Harper, who went from an annoying secondary character to a very important character and perfect for the little brother dynamic he has with Oliver and the arrow team. The other character is Slade Wilson, who many comic book fans know is Deathstroke. Slade went from being one of Oliver’s earliest mentors to his fiercest rival to date this season in a unique turn of events. The introductions of Black Canary and Solomon Grundy were all done extremely well. The problems I have with this season are higher than the prior one. For starters, the inclusion of The Suicide Squad was not executed to perfection (not using the full capabilities of Michael Jai White??)The return of my least favorite character from Season 1 (The Huntress), and finally, of great importance, poorly executed integration for the newest CW superheroThe Flash. This take on Barry Allen is more Peter Parker than Barry Allen. Also, the comic books depiction of how he received his powers did not fit with the scope of the Nolanesque realism of Arrow Season One and even with the introduction of super powered beings in Season 2. The source of the powers in the season was based of this super serum called Mirakuru, which granted the user plausible super strength and speed, not over the top a la Superman. The Mirakuru would have been a better connection and tie in to the origin to the Flash’s super speed, in my opinion, as it would have connected the shows even more and made his super speed less fantastic. Another problem was they brought The Huntress back for another episode (where’s her talent/I don’t know). Besides these strong disdains, I gave this season a 9 out of ten, slightly less than Season 1, but still damn good television.

What I love most about this show is the way it intertwines events of the past with flashbacks with the current episode theme. In life, many answers of the present and future lie within the past. Enjoy Season 3 of The Arrow and Season 1 of The Flash everyone.