I was going through my GoPro videos from my trip to Florida and I came across the day we went out on the boat. I forgot to screen shot any photos I liked from the boat day and I found this beautiful video of the water. I took a screenshot and didn’t touch this photo at all. Sometimes I brighten the photo a little bit so you can see the photo but this photo is untouched and unedited. This beautiful body of water doesn’t need any special editing attention. The deep blue colors are magnificent and I’m so happy I got to experience it in person!

Nine to Five (Part 4)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Father Stiles AU. All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny. 

Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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The strawberry blonde giggled as she swiped through the photos on your phone, making little comments; his hair is nice, his eyes are wow. Lydia insisted that you finally showed her photos of your boss, since it’s been over a month working for him, she was getting impatient. Stiles had added you on Facebook not too long ago, and you let her browse his page as long as she didn’t like anything from five years ago.

“He’s cute…. No, no, he’s fucking hot.” You rolled your eyes, grabbing your phone back and locking it; putting it back into your bag. You just got home from Stiles house after an awkward encounter at the front door and Lydia was waiting for you to return with cold pizza and wine. She complained that she ordered the pizza at six o'clock but you completely forget to text her you’ll be late due to Stiles working until after eight.

“Lydia, he’s my boss.” You whined, flinging your head back resting on your comfortable brown cushion sofa. “He’s my damn boss and all I can think about is running my hands over his chest and taking him right then and there.”

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