I Injured Myself While Trying to Spread Joy

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I  Injured Myself While Trying to Spread Joy

Pairing: Pietro X Reader
Prompt: Can you write something with this i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW” pietro x reader :)
Warnings: Slight violence (but not to each other)

( this one is short but sweet <3 )

    Days like this were rare.

    You leaned your head on the cool glass window, peering across New York City. Tiny, delicate snow flakes danced as they fell to the ground. Everything beyond the glass barrier that separated you from the outside had a thin, white blanket covering it. White puffy clouds covered the blue sky, as the bright sun shone through. 

   It was an off-day for everyone, and frankly, you weren’t complaining. No training sessions with Natasha and Steve, no engineering and chemistry lessons from Tony and Steve, and no researching and filing documents with Fury. 

    A sigh escaped from you and you reveled in this peaceful moment, closing your eyes. You felt your muscles relax for the first time after years since you joined the Avengers program, and your thoughts were beginning to quiet down. Everything just felt perfect. 

    Until you heard a scream. 

    Your eyes flew open, just in time to witness a large object falling from above on the other side of the window.

   No, not an object. A body

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Worst hits of Shitz 1/?

1-3. Someone you call best friend is dying and she decides to use ‘she’ as a general or gender specific pronoun referring to an alien and you must comment on that with disbelief. (1x6 FZZT)

4-5. Making fun of a woman for sounding like a woman. (1x9 Repairs)

6-8. No one was actually making fun of him, nice of him to use a gendered insult for no reason. (1x12 Seeds)

9. Of course you did. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with Watson, especially Joan, but it is part of a pattern of him not really seeing Jemma as an equal. (1x16 The End of the Beginning)


Dollis Brook Viaduct
The highest the underground gets above ground

Now that I’m stumbling back into the world of RP after an extended absence, I am looking to create more contacts for Seraph, whether it be new friendships, rivals, business contacts, or whatever else unfolds during interaction ^.^ 

Though she is a human – and a selfish, at times horribly hard to handle one at that – she remains quite friendly and curious (sometimes overly so) toward other races, horde and alliance alike. Except for goblins. Too many business deals gone awry, y’know.

That being said, I would love to send out starters, prompts, or even get into some in-game RP with any of you who feel up to it! Seraph routinely travels between Dalaran, Twilight Highlands, Western Plaguelands, and Stormwind, but can be found wandering any part of Azeroth as she pleases. 

If you feel up to it, leave me a message or find me in game! <3


First shot at a planted tank. It’s not much to look at yet, but everything seems to be doing well! A week into cycling and the nitrate levels are starting to take off (which is a good thing right?). Eager to see how my betta, Spectre, likes it when it’s ready!


East Finchley Station
Charles Holden & L H Bucknell


Worst hits of Shitz 2/?

1-4. This whole exchange just rubs me the wrong way. The first 2 seem pretty toxic masculinity endorsing, as in LF’s gadget making skills are not properly “manly” enough for him. And when you combine 3&9 it’s clear his self pity moments are not rare. 9 immediately put me off LF and he just got worse. (1x13 T.R.A.C.K.S. & 1x1 Pilot)

I kinda talked about 4 briefly with @becketted once and she kinda made the point that  LF is kinda lashing out about having such a blah ‘fake dating’ trope experience and I guess that’s what makes me uncomfortable about it. She was being suportive of his actual skills but he doesn’t wanna hear it and it’s urgh. ( 1x13 T.R.A.C.K.S.)

5-8,10 Ignoring and denying Skye/Daisy’s definition of her relationship status with Miles, downplaying his relationship with Simmons. Thinking Daisy(Skye) should have owned more towards her friends of 1 month than her long term boyfriend. 10 is a bit iffy but the ‘how could she do that to us’ is idk, presumptious? Self-centered? I’m not really sure but it bothers me. (1x6 FZZT)  

9. You were chosen to super secret school for super geniuses at a super young age, now you’ve been chosen for a special group inside a special spy agency, your ‘genius’ is not in any way unappreciated.